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The In-N-Out 100×100 Burger Challenge

– I’m trying to be classy here, but … – We are trying to be classy. – It’s hard. – Today we are here to try
a 100×100, from In-N-Out. – Oh my god, I know 4×4
at In-N-Out, those are four patties and four
cheeses in-between the buns. Then it’s hundred? – Hundred. – Oh my god, this is not a good idea. (rock music) – [YB] Oh my god! – [Evan] I love it. – [YB] I’m just amazed how this looks. It’s just like burgers over burgers. – Should we use utensils? – I was thinking of using utensils, but now that we have gloves, we might as well shove it in our mouths. Pure protein right here. – [Evan] You have proven yourself throughout BuzzFeed videos, that you’re a big eater,
you can eat all day. – You know I didn’t
realize that I eat a lot, until I started eating with people really. I realized people eat
smaller portions than me. And I’m like, “Oh, that’s it?” – Do you exercise at all? – I try to go to the gym
everyday, and also I have a husky. And when you have a husky, you
have to exercise them a lot. So I think a combination of
that, I end up running a lot. – I’m almost coming to
an end for my first 4×4, and I’m pretty overwhelmed. – It’s cause we’re talking,
we have to eat fast. (rock music) – I’m gonna read off some In-N-Out facts, cause what better way to make this video than reading In-N-Out facts. A customer in Las Vegas
once ordered a 100×100, which is when the 4×4 max
rule came into effect. This is when In-N-Out was like, all right guys, we gotta stop this. – I think 4x4s are pretty, a lot. That’s true. Double-double usually
is the standard a lot. – There’s an In-N-Out University, where they train their
managers, but new managers. The managers at In-N-Out
make six figures a year. – What? – You’re so unfazed. As you’re eating this, you’re
like, “This is no big deal.” This is probably my last. – What? No.
– No? – You have to eat the same amount as me. – How many did you eat? This is my 12th. – Well this is my 16th. – (mouth full) 14! – You’re breathing so hard. How do you feel? I’ll accept the defeat. – I never claimed that I could beat you. – I don’t think I want
a burger for a while. I’m kinda very over it right now. I could eat more meat, but the
cheese is making it very … – It’s taking over. – Yeah, it’s too much cheese. It tasted really good, we
made a dent on each side. – Huge dents. Should we give this glorious
burger to our co-workers? – Yup. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “The In-N-Out 100×100 Burger Challenge

  1. You made it wrong!!!! It’s called the 100×100 because there are 100 patties and 100 slices of cheese only one lettuce one tomato two buns etc.

  2. I know I may get a little hate, but once I see big food portions like that as challenges I get mad when people throw the rest away. Like…y'all can't donate it or share it amongst other people? But tbh now I'm salivating looking at all that meat.

  3. This girl skip meals look at her
    She skip meals to keep in shape people who eat a lot and skinny skip meals
    People who eat a lot and have a big size means they don't skip meals

  4. Damn girl! You can eat. I bet other women hate you because you eat that much and stay really thin. Their just jelly 😉 love the videos your in.

  5. i like watching evan do things with yb because she always looks graceful and he always looks like he's almost about to die.

  6. YB is like the luckiest girl in this world she brings out "can eat as much calorie rich food as one wants but still remain sexy" alive… Super jealous

  7. 13 and eat more than a 35 year old man who is a roofer for the past 12 years and I COULD EAT OVER BALF OR MORE granted i did find out if you eat steak it takes around 12 hours to digest i didnt know that and went basicaly into a steak high so

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