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The Inflammatory Meat Molecule Neu5Gc

[Music] for those of you who’ve been following my work since the beginning you remember back in 2003 I covered this landmark paper and the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences human intake and incorporation of an immuno genic non human dietary sialic acid if you take autopsy samples you can find proof of a molecule called new GC in human tumors you can see it’s stained Brown here in human breast cancer melanoma ovarian cancer brain tumors now this mystified researchers because human beings are genetically unable to produce this substance but other animals can maybe the researchers proposed human beings absorbed it from eating other animals to test this because it’s found in animals and animal products the researchers had to first eat vegan for a few days to clear their system no animal derived ingredients in foods or drugs or shampoo and then they basically drank a glass of diluted Pig mucus and within days this invading meat molecule could be found losing from their bodies and their saliva urine even their hair clippings because a new GC type compounds are not found in plants and new GC is not synthesized by microbes the dietary source of new GC must be foods of animal origin the metabolic incorporation of this molecular Trojan horse if you will from animal products may possibly be contributing to the higher rates of cancer and heart disease among meat-eaters this is what they think may be happening comes into our mouths from animal products in our diet incorporates itself into our cells leading to chronic inflammation directly and the formation of antibodies which that can then lead back to more inflammation which may partially explain the increased risk of cancer and heart disease noted in those consuming animal products in contrast vegetarianism decreases the risk of cancer and heart disease although you know saturated fat in meat and dairy parks is the usual explanation for that fact maybe we should start looking into the association between UGC in the incidence of both cancer and ischemic heart disease and hey what about autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis maybe that’s why you terian diet seemed to improve rheumatoid arthritis maybe that’s why you don’t see rheumatoid arthritis in other great apes maybe the incorporation of this reactive kin alien molecule into inflamed tissue such as arthritic joints could potentially be aggravating arthritis but you take you no animal products away and you know within weeks rheumatoid sufferers may feel better [Music] you

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  1. According to Wikipedia (not a great source), Neu5GC is found mostly in beef, lamb, and pork and to a lesser extent in dairy products and a trace amount in fish. It is not found in poultry.

  2. There was also a study on rats where saturated fat caused a bacteria associated with IBD, B. wadsworthia, to multiply in the gut.

  3. See this article:

    "Non-human Molecule Absorbed by Eating Red Meat and Dairy Generates an Immune Response Against the Molecule. (Study by UCSD Researchers)"

    "Very low or undetectable" levels in eggs and fish other than salmon.

  4. LuniaVideo, judging by your reply to Ricky Anthony, you are not even worth talking to. Nonetheless, I will address your lame arguments. Neu5gc is a sugar made by non-human mammals, so it will be present in cows regardless of whether they are grass or grain fed.

    Bacteria can use more than just sugar. The bacteria I mentioned, Bilophila wadsworthia, thrives off of bile (hence its name). If you care to educate yourself, read "Western diet changes gut bacteria and triggers colitis in those at risk"

  5. I get it from broccoli and sprouted peas…and the same way Popeye did, with spinach!!! The same way elephants do with greens, the same way Gorillas do with greens, …where did a cow get all those huge muscles? Again greens in from of grass and wild herbs, unless you have ever seen a cow eating a lion or another cow?
    EVERY FOOD source has protein and you need much less than you think.
    Trust me if you eat enough calories you will get plenty of protein…

  6. *FACEPALM* from fruits, veggies, nuts, and seeds! this propaganda that you will be protein deficient on the vegan diet is bogus. For years, the meat industry has been plotting and advertising to make people think that they need more protein than they actually do, and that the only way they can get that protein is from animal products. If you do research, you will see that you will get enough protein on a vegan diet without all the side effects of meat and dairy.

  7. Plant toxins help to manage pathogens and thus reduce disease & inflammation. Plant toxins help the body rid itself of defective cells thus reduce cancer. Humans have extensive machinery to detoxify plant toxins, unlike dog & cats who are more carnivorous. This is why dogs can die from chocolate but human die for chocolate.

  8. You have in the photos red meat animals, which is what Neu5Gc comes from, and processed meat.  It's not in poultry and fish.

  9. If your immune system responds and attacks it, it's not human food. Human Beings are the dumbest animal on the earth, modern lack of health being the evidence. Then teaches their young to die of eating the same nonfoods…

  10. Neu5Gc content table http://www.pnas.org/content/suppl/2014/12/26/1417508112.DCSupplemental/pnas.201417508SI.pdf

  11. I started developing arthritic-like symptoms and I'm only 33!!! my finger, my joints started to get painful. i was eating meat on a daily basis. now i only eat meat 2x a month, if i'm being completely honest, and my arthritic symptoms have decreased by about 90%!!!

  12. That would obviously mean that vegans would have NO arthritis AT ALL, right? That should not be hard to prove. I have a feeling that it isn't that simple. In fact both my wife and I are developing arthritis in our hands. She is vegan, I am not.

  13. A very recent studie debunks Neu5Gc!!!:

    "No Increase in Colon Cancer Risk Following Induction with Neu5Gc-Bearing Rabbit Anti-T Cell IgG (ATG) in Recipients of Kidney Transplants"

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