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The Lower Back Fat / Love Handle Myth (BUSTED!!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, Athlean-X.com. Today we’re going to bust the low back fat
myth. You see, the low back fat is really the love handles, the area that you can grab
that sort of works its way around to the back side here, is a common problem for guys especially. For men it is really the first place for body
fat to come on your body and the last place to lose it. Even being at a low body fat level
and anybody out there that’s watching can still have a good amount of fat right here
on the backside here of the lower back – last place to come off. If you were going to attack the problem though
with exercises like a hyper extension – you see people do these all the time – is that
going to help you in the long term? I’m going to tell you; no it’s not. The main thing you
have to do is continue to work on your nutrition and your diet. Diet and nutrition is the only way you’re
ever going to rid yourself of love handles. You can do as many crunches, or as many side
bands, or as many whatever you want to do – don’t do side bends – to try to get
rid of that fat and it isn’t coming off unless you learn how to do three, four, or five sets
of keeping your mouth shut when you’re around bad foods. That’s the first thing you’d better prioritize.
However, there is some real value in strengthening your lower back and learning to get a stronger
low back. One of the best ways to do this is by deadlifting. See, we’re big advocates here, not just because
we train athletes, but because we know how functionally strong you can become by learning
how to dead lift and hip hinging and learning and developing proper strength in your lower
back. Your low back, as you can see here, can become
extremely active by just doing the dead lift itself and increasing your strength on a lift
and by virtue of the fact that this is a heavy compound movement you’re metabolically calling
on many more muscles to participate in this exercise and therefore having a bigger bang
for your buck at the end of the day when it comes to what exercises you’re performing. So whether you could do a hyper extension
here, or do some deadlifts and start increasing the weight you’re lifting on this exercise,
you’re much better off going for the deadlift. Over time that’s going to help you to start
burning more calories even at rest so you can now start to get leaner in combination
with that diet. Now, we’ll leave you with one other point
here. Some people who want to create an illusion of a change in their physique can actually
do it with other muscle groups; not the low back. That area is usually entrenched in a
lot of tissue that makes it very difficult to create an illusion. If you wanted to create the illusion of wider
shoulders you can work on your side lateral raises and build up your deltoids and do it
– you don’t carry much fat in the delts. You hardly ever carry much fat up here. So just by creating more muscle growth and
size there you can create a little more definition. You see people all the time that aren’t very
lean, but still have some definition up here in their shoulder. It’s not going to happen
when it comes to your low back. It’s just too entrenched in this body fat
and this tissue that’s around there. The best option is to attack it through your nutrition
and work on those big lifts. All right, guys. I hope we dispelled this myth. Again, nutrition number one, nutrition number
two, and nutrition three through ten. Then start getting rid of those spot reduction
type exercises and instead trade them in for the bigger, more compound lifts and you’re
going to have much bigger bang for your buck. In the meantime, if you’re looking for a way
to start nailing your nutrition day in and day out I will give you my Athlean-X Factor
Meal Plans as part of our Athlean-X training system. It’s all available over at AthleanX.com. Guys, if you’ve found this video helpful make
sure you leave your comments and thumbs up below. In the meantime, let me know what you
want to see. I will do my best to bring it here. Washboard Wednesday is not just about
your abs. It could be anything around your entire core
and that covers a big area here, especially when you’re training like an athlete.

100 thoughts on “The Lower Back Fat / Love Handle Myth (BUSTED!!)

  1. Hi. I have a thorn back muscle according to the doctor i went to last year.Are these exercises dangerous for me even if i do them correctly ? I got injured in kickboxing gym btw.

  2. Lots of peoples say do this to lose fat do that but bottom line is wat he said in start of the video keep an eye on your diet that is it.

  3. I watch your videos every day and learn a lot each day. You explain so well and you include many of the common but also specific questions we all have while training. Amazing guy

  4. Hey Jeff. I have two slip discs, L4/L5 and L5/S1. There was a time when I couldn't even move when it actually happened but I'm quite OK now, apart from the mornings when I wake up with a stiff back which is almost every day. Do you suggest I can still do deadlifts? I know that you also suffer from a herniated disc. I can do Squads now, with almost the same weight I used to use before but I'm advised not to do deadlifts as it is very dangerous for my back and can result in a disc prolapse. What are your thoughts on it? Almost all body builders suffer from some kind of disc problem so it will be great if you can do a video keeping that as a topic and suggesting exercise to avoid in legs etc. Thanks for all the knowledge.

  5. I'm sitting here trying to learn with my girl and you start twerking in your deadlifts and showing of lol. Just kidding, thanks for tips, definitely gonna follow your advice!

  6. I’m only ten percent body fat and my BMI is 80 percent muscle my diet is clean asf but I still have that and I can’t get rid of it even with clean diet i don’t know what to do about it please help 😂

  7. Jeff do you believe in more even fat reduction by warming up fat cells through exercise? I asked this on your other love handle video but am really curious. I've read this in a study (that I dont have a link 2) and have seen it myself. I talked about the study and what I exactly did to see more repid definition in my legs than ever b4 in my other comment (it was diet + lots of sprinting and deadsquats with bb & 25s).

  8. you are the best! you always organize so well my ideas of trainning at home that is amazing! I am hoping some day a video with you and Thomas Delauer <3 OMG

  9. Never being able to eat tasty food and no enjoyment of eating food OR a bit of lower back fat and enjoying eating… I'll take second option. Diet for a short time if needs be.

  10. Had a discectomy 6 months ago, looking to get back into the gym, any advice out there about the best/ safest way to strengthen my lower back? Thanks

  11. Should I still do deadlifts if my back is already wide? I have that back fat and want to get rid of the fat there without adding more muscle. I know I need to lower the body fat, but will doing deadlifts add more muscle to the back fat?

  12. i'm a 24r old guy and I have the worst love handles for my size and age. I work out 3 times a week, i'm 171lbs, pretty average build, no belly fat, not a lot of body fat in general, i'm pretty toned, but my lower back is loaded with stupid fucking fat. nowhere else in my body is there an excess of fat except my hips.

  13. "Three, four, five sets of keeping your mouth shut when you're around (cut scene) fat foods." im curious what was said in that cut 🤔😂

  14. “3,4,5 sets of keeping your mouth shut when you’re around bad food” I bursted out laughing! I feel targeted😂😂😂

  15. I have and always have had love handles even when i was at 10% body fat. Running 5 miles no sweat and eating heavy vegetarian (4-5days per week) still had back fat.

    Question: will glute medius workouts help to hide back fat? I have a skinny butt so my back fat looks extra bad, if i workout my side butt that should help hide the love handles, right?

  16. Question that keeps going round is “ does wearing extremely tight clothing (jeans etc) aid towards love handles??

  17. What works for you guys? I’ve had lower back fat forever and it’s all I wanna lose. I do fasted cardio, seems to work a little but not all the way, I have a relatively good diet. I eat junk food occasionally but 95% of the time I have a great diet

  18. At the moment I have veins in my chest and can see most muscle fibers, striations in my legs and still the freaking love handles won't go away !

  19. Thank you, Jeff! Super simple advice. And thanks for busting that myth. I think women struggle with the same issue. At least I do.

  20. Is fasting once or twice a week ok? I do a lot of vitamins and supplements. Diet and nutrition is on par, no carbs, a couple cheats here and there. Exercising and lifting at the gym has been going great!

  21. Football and jogging in the terreng wil hit your lower back very good. At least intense football

  22. will doing wide lat pulldowns and training the side obliques create a illusion to making love handles look proportional to the body frame and then actually stepping into phase 1 of loosing the lower belly fat…with jump rope and running and of course ab crunches and repeat this. ect ect . for like 12 weeks …?

  23. Best advise I have ever heard about losing Lower back (Love Handles) “Practice keeping mouth shut (Bad food intake) also, walk / run, more and consistently (my advise). 😎

  24. I don't want to appear bold, but I've done some research… What you have on your lower back is called skin, as far as I could find out… You need to train really hard to get rid of this bitch 🙂

    Keep up the brilliant work Jeff!!!

  25. Hello everyone, i have a question or two. I lost over 200 lbs and put on some muscle putting me at 190lbs-200lbs. The lowest i could get was 179 to ship out to bootcamp. From bootcamp till now i have went from a xl shirt to being able to fit a medium nicely and dropped several pants sizes. I did not start weight training till last year and it has been two years since joining but i still weigh 190lbs-200lbs. I still carry a lot of fat in my arms, back, butt, thighs and a little in my chest. I paid out of pocket to get loose skin and fat on my stomach removed in an attempt to make it easier for taping and now have a flat stomach but it did not address the taping issue and i have a very thin neck. So if I’ve been dieting and exercising well enough to keep it off for three plus years but cannot address those issues, is getting surgery for every area my only option? Is it still possible for me to lose more fat and then try to fill in the skin? Why would i still be carrying this weight before and after the weights? My strength has went through the roof but i slimmed down to this point and didn’t gain any size or weight and still look relatively the same, i just don’t understand

  26. But what if I can't dead lift because my lower back is weak and has pain? Would it be better to start with hyper extensions, planks, and then work my way up to dead lifiting heavy? I already have a hard time dead lifting because of my extremely long legs

  27. Those romanian deadlifts, arrrggg. Whenever I do them it never really feels like my hamstrings are getting much out of it.

  28. My lower back fat is the bane of my life at the moment. I seem to be losing fat everywhere except lower back…. I got some reassurance when he said it is the last place to lose body fat. Guess I just have to wait…

  29. I've been skinny fat my whole teenage life. I'm no longer a teen and I've finally started training (stopped this month due to exams or I will fail), and even though I slowly and gradually build upper body muscle and get some newbie gains, I still can't lose the waist/lower back fat… Once the exams are over and I have more time and a clear mind (just my job to deal with, not work and studies), I'll try my best to put more effort in working out. I might involve some cardio by playing soccer (even if it's simply taking shots by myself). I hope I'll finally get rid of it.

  30. Bro you are talking more and showing less…..if you do both at the same time talking and showing images then will be better

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