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The Microbiome Diet: Populating Friendly Bacteria For Optimal Health – Saturday Strategy

We have over a hundred trillion bacteria cells
in our body and they can either be your best friend or your worst enemy. Today I wanna
show you how to turn them into your best friend. If you’ve done yoyo diets, I’m talking
about the paleo, the DrewCan, the bread diet, the cookie diet, the Atkins diet, whatever
diet you’ve done and you’ve gone on this weight loss roller coaster over and over and
over again then this video is very important for you to watch. You see today, I’m gonna
show you four recipes out of a book that I’ve just read called the microbiome diet. It’s
by Dr. Kellman and in Dr. Kellman’s book he lays out the best food, the best diet for
your microbiome. We’ve been talking about the gut for a while now. 95 percent of the
serotonin comes from your gut that’s that happy molecule. Your gut biome changes every
20 minutes that’s why it’s absolutely crucial to give it the food that it needs
that loves your body back. See most of us feed our microbiome and the gut nasty food
that shape shifts your gut biome and then requires you to crave that nasty unhealthy
food that you’re constantly sabotaging your diet with. You have these erratic cravings.
These up and down moods and everything is in the gut. So here’s some quick facts about
microbiome. You have three pounds of bacteria in your body. Bacteria outnumbers your cells
nine to one! Our good bacteria helps us utilize all the nutrients from the food that we eat.
Our good bacteria has influence on our immunity, our mood, our hormones, our metabolism and
a lot of other things in our body. So if you’re addicted to chocolate, cookies, bread, ice
cream, things that you know you probably shouldn’t be eating all of the time, guess what? It’s
not your fault. It’s actually not you, it’s that bad bacteria that’s teamed up against
you. They’ become bullies on the inside and they’re actually forcing your cravings.
They’re forcing you to eat that stuff so as soon as we feed the allies that good bacteria
in your body the cravings will slowly start to drift away. So how do we start changing
it? Well we got to start changing what we’re putting in and Dr. Kellman states it’s so
gracefully in his book on microbiome diet. Number one you got to eat a lot of fresh fruits
and veggies. Number two is to eat a lot of prebiotics. As you probably already know like
most people do, prebiotics are the food that feeds your probiotics. And what are they?
Number one Jerusalem artichokes, asparagus, carrots, garlic, jicama, leeks, onions, radishes,
tomatoes and other soluble fibers. Fermented foods are absolutely imperative as well because
they’re loaded with probiotics. We got kimchi, sauerkraut and the different things that I
personally absolutely love and I know you probably do as well. And lastly he talks about
probiotics. Probiotics are one of the most important things that you can take on a daily
basis to start feeding your good gut bacteria. So we spent a lot of time recently coming
up with the ten best bacterial strains on the planet so that can really start to feed
your good friends in your body and you can really start to absorb the nutrients that
maybe you’re not absorbing now. You see the average person eats 4,000 calories a day
in America but they’re still hungry, they’re still starving. And the reason they’re starving
is because they’re not getting the enzymes, the nutrients, the aminos, different things
that are in the food that we eat. So they continue to eat meat, they continue to gain
the weight but they feel like they’re hungry all the time. I want you to feel satisfied.
I don’t want your brain to be turned on thinking about what’s coming for lunch just
after you finish dinner because what does that do it doesn’t allow you to be present.
And I know if you’re watching this maybe you have kids, maybe you have a friend that
you see once in a while, maybe your significant other and the best moments that you’ve had
together is when you’re not on your cellphone checking it, you’re not thinking about what
you have to do that weekend. You’re right there in the moment, awareness is an all-time
high. You’re totally resonate with that person in front of you and you’re communicating
on an authentic level. I want that for you and something tells me if you’re watching
this video you want that for yourself. So let’s make that happen. Probiotics is the
last thing on the list. Now let me show you four recipes that we’ve prepared in the
FitLife kitchen with Sheree and David and we’re gonna show you how to make them step
by step so that you can start fixing that good gut bacteria. Let’s do this! Alright,
so let’s try our blueberry and kale smoothie. So here’s the recipe breakdown, half a cup
of chopped up kale. You can remove the ribs or if you want the ribs and make a little
bit better I usually do, half a cup frozen unsweetened organic blueberries, fourth the
cup of avocado, one teaspoon of almond butter, ¾ cups of apple cider or kefir. I prefer
to go half the cup of kefir today but ¾ is usually the recommended dose, five ice cubes,
two tablespoons of plant based protein and this is the blueberry kale smoothie. Alright
so here’s the smoothie let’s try it out. Hmm. Why I’d never think that kefir, it’s
so good. A blueberry loaded with good fat I feel the energy with this too. Super good.
Next stop is our veggie loaded frittata and here’s the ingredients, six organic eggs,
two tablespoons of cold water, one teaspoon of snipped tarragon, half a teaspoon of sea
salt, half a teaspoon of pepper, one cup of sliced onions, two tablespoons of olive oil,
one small zuchinni cut into one inch slices, half a pound spinach or Swiss chard, salt
and pepper to taste as needed and you can also add organic or goats sheep’s milk cheese
if you want to. Let it sit for 5 – 10 minutes ‘til its firm, eat it, let’s see what
frittata taste like. Ah, it’s cooked to perfection. Look at this thing looks absolutely
amazing. Ever airplane yourself? Hmm, so good. Wash it down with the smoothie. Hmm. Citrus
berry salad, so here’s the recipe breakdown, half a grapefruit, cut in half the center
not the stem on the end, one orange, half a kiwi, a fourth cup of blueberries or raspberries,
one eighth cup of fresh mint leaves, six Brazil nuts. Now what you wanna do is grab a section
of the grapefruit, squeeze the residual juice, save it in a cup because you’re gonna use
this for the salad dressing. You’re gonna do the same thing with the orange, cut it
in the center, not the stem though, the section on it. Squeeze the shells and add the juice
to the grapefruit juice. Orange and the grapefruit sections together is going to be your salad
dressing. Cut the kiwi in half, peel it, slice it into four thin slice and add the grapefruit
and the orange slices. We put it in a nice bed of spinach, baby spinach you can add some
micro greens to this if you want to. These are the greens that we have in the house.
We’re gonna add berries and fruit together in the mix absolutely amazing! And then we’re
gonna add the chopped mint leaves. The mint is gonna add another element of flavor to
this, put the juice over top, serve the nuts on the side, and lightly crush and sprinkle
them if you can we just decided to put them on the side. Alright so let’s try it out.
Hmm, hmm, wow. What is this? That is super good. I love the dressing. The orange, the
grapefruit together. Hmm. Alright and here’s the microbiome snack. This is real easy, two
organic eggs, four asparagus spears, stems removed, three tomato slices, three radishes
sliced in half. We hard boiled the eggs which took about 10 minutes, place in a steamer
basket with a pot for just enough water ‘til its overflowing the basket. Place the asparagus
in the steamer for about 5 – 7 minutes and we assemble the eggs and other ingredients
on a plate and then we served it. Let’s see what it tastes like. Hmm, little tomato
action hmm. Really good snack, little protein from the egg. Alright so at that time, who
won the juicer? Remember next week if you wanna win the juicer scroll down to the bottom
of this blog post, leave a comment below about how your life is changed by implementing some
of the strategies and tips that we talked about on FitLife TV. This week’s juicer
winner is Lorraine Cannistra! Lorraine has been eating more fruits and vegetables and
has reduced the number of prescription drugs that she takes from fourteen to three. That’s
amazing! Lorraine is a true demonstration of the inner transformation that takes place
when we realize that everything that we put into our body makes us who we are. Lorraine
we’re sending you a brand new Kuving’s juicer. Take this juicer and use it to bring
your health to the next level and keep as posted. Congratulations Lorraine! So awesome
video this week my friend, if you enjoyed this video give it a big thumbs up, like it,
love it, share it. If you’re ever in San Diego my friend visit the FitLife TV team,
come have a green juice on us. Maybe we can share a glass of Organifi, whatever it is,
I appreciate you. Thanks for watching this video this morning and we’ll see you next
week. Remember we’re in this together! First we’re gonna use some asparagus right here.
Got to eat some asparagus here. Hello baby radish. Hi baby radish. How are you today?
Hmm, I love you. And it’s basically a much better book because we have meal plans, we
have videos, everything that Dr. Kellman he’s probably too lazy to do. He’s probably sitting
behind his computer. My rusty spoon.

100 thoughts on “The Microbiome Diet: Populating Friendly Bacteria For Optimal Health – Saturday Strategy

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    And ofcourse the probiotics…here he goes again…"buy my supplements" Drew Canoly

    Eat you damn veggies, fruits and complex carbs

  2. Drew you are speaking to the choir, I have been dealing with IBS fo15 years now and when you say that bacteria make you crave sweets omg,  I have brain fog,  no energy. OMG I had it all. I was told that I had some sort of bad biofilm. didn't even know the Microbiome book exist. thank you for videos

  3. 🍋🍅HELP Drew! I am ready to juice and get my gut biome in order! I have been implementing many tips and strategies you have given us over the last 9 months I've watched consistently. I am ready to take it to another level. Your videos are so informative and inspiring. Love you buddy and anything that can help me, please give it a thought. I want to help myself so I can continue to help others and reach many more. thank you to you and your awesome team!!

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    Drew I know it is not your angle but can you also give some information about pet friendly food for their gut?
    I just buried my friend Fancy 14 years old because she ate most of her young life vet recommended dry food. I am not making the same mistake with my other rescues. Now I feed them pet friendly real food and they are so happy and healthy. It was so hard to see Fancy full of tumours and the vet bills were insane.
    She was to die at 9 years old… we kept her well and alive another 5 years when we switched to healthier canine food. 
    Thank you so much and keep those wonderful videos coming. I am almost 90 pounds lighter since I left commercial human food and so much happier too … hey my dogs prefer happy humans than miserable ones so they benefit as well…

  5. I suffer from UC for about three years now. I have been learning to eliminate foods little by little and substituting with other foods that works for me. I have been taking probiotics since I been diagnosed but some work others did not. I found one for now that I use and feel great after taking it. But I need to learn more about what foods I can eat without feeling that I'm giving up other food. I did download your book I will have to review it and read it to see what I can learn from it. Your videos are great and very helpful.

  6. I just started watching your videos; this would be about the 4th one.  I am reaching out because I'm tired of being un-well.  I'm seeing a new Dr. which has discovered a number of things that older ones have not.  I found out that I have Hashimotos Thyroiditis.  I'm also deficient in Vit. D, and DHEA is great, but Progesterone really low.  I did not grow up in a healthy-eating environment, so I'm slowly learning, along with my husband, how to make these changes for better health.  I have no real clue how to juice, what to buy…nothing!  I have made a couple thrown together blended drinks with healthy ingredients (that's as far as I've gotten), but I am struggling.  I have seen your videos on Tumeric.  I have no idea how to use it?  What form to buy it in?  I need to add this to my diet.  What is the easiest way to start incorporating it in TODAY?  Is there a resource for getting some good green drink recipes (other than the massive amount that comes up on Google)?  Anything to get me going in the right direction would be so appreciated!  Until then, I'll keep informing myself.

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  10. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's about 6 months ago.  The best part about it was the fact that I immediately decided I was going to beat it.  As an organic farmer I know the pros and cons of what we eat, but opted for the convenience.  I have since radically changed my way of eating and started practicing what I preach.  I am making broth from pastured animals, fermenting my own food, no sugar no flour no exceptions.  Haven't started juicing yet, but I can see it in my near future.

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  15. Serotonin coming from your gut is not a or the "happy" molecule because the serotonin that is used by your central nervous system is produced by your central nervous system (brain) and stays in your brain. By 'happy' molecule I think you are refering to the fact that serotonin is linked to our mood, not that it makes people happy. A deficiency in serotonin in the CNS can lead to depression. The serotonin that is produced in your gut does not go to your brain because it is blocked by the blood brain barrier. http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/232248.php

  16. A question to Drew , the microbiome needs fiber and not just one kind of fiber …and fiber means carbohydrates and carbohydrates means extra pounds. so how do you deal with this equation?

  17. Believe it or not: The egg, tomato, radish and asparagus snack is better served if you dice them into small cubes (1cm cube) and mix it together.
    Michelin chef secret is that the shape and size of cut of the food affect its sensation/texture when it is eaten. Very innocent to think it is a decorative presentation, but it also serve a great purpose. There is a big difference between spaghetti and macaroni when it comes to sensation and experience.

  18. The food combination recommended here is actually quite terrible! Eat a bite of fritata and then wash it down with some smoothie??? One thing i think that needs to be understood about the microbiome is the digestive process…. protein, specially of animal source, requires acid in the stomach to be properly digested, and carbs require an alkaline environement, which is why when you mix those two you end up with putrefaction which os the bad side of fermentation. I totally agree with the prebiotics and the food list recommended on this video, but if you want to heal your gut, i recommend you start learning how your own digestive process works, and on that level, sorry to say, but this guy has it all wrong! Food combination is something to be aware of! Specially mixing animal (eggs in this case) protein, and fruits (blueberries).

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  26. I would love to wina juicer. I am 28 years old, 5'3" and 300lbs. I have been fighting fat my whole life. I have never been able to get the weight to stay off no matter how hard I worked. It wasn't until 2016 after having my beautiful daughter Lily and being hit with the reality that I'm pre-diabetic and have hypertension and now asthma. I realized I'm going to die if I can't get this weight off. I want to be here for my daughter and I don't want my weight hold her back like I let it hold me back. So I've been frantically trying to get the weight off buy cutting calories and trying to eat better but my junk craving are unbearable and I keep relapsing. 😞 Just when I decided to give up a person in my weight loss group told me that I should look into the studies on cultivating good gut bacteria. I was truly inlightened. I switched to the Microbiome diet and couldn't understand why this wasn't common knowledge. That being said I have been having the hardest time getting in all my fruits and vegetables. If I won this juicer it would quit literally change my life. Thank you.

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