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The One Fruit You Should Eat Every Day! Dr Joel Fuhrman

There is a fruit that is extremely high in
nutrients, full of antioxidants, including flavonoids, anthocyanins and antioxidant vitamins
who’s antioxidant content gives both cardio-protective and anti-cancer effects, such as, reducing
inflammation, reducing blood pressure, preventing DNA damage, and inhibiting tumor angiogenesis. The consumption of this fruit has been linked
to reduced risk of cancers, diabetes, cognitive decline and also improves memory and motor
coordination. Its high levels of phytochemicals help
protect our cells from damage and they also contain chemical compounds called polyphenolics,
that clean up the damaging build-up of toxins over time which could help to prevent Alzheimer’s disease. This study found that people who eat at least
two servings of this fruit a week have a 25 percent less chance of developing Parkinson’s
disease and men with the highest intake of flavonoids reduced their risk by 40 percent. So now lets hear as Dr Joel Fuhrman reveals
what this fruit is and why we should eat them everyday! Subtitles are available for this clip….I
think a lot of people know today that berries are very low glycemic, they’re rich in polyphenols,
anthocyanins. They have very powerful anti cancer effects
that are surprising even the scientists working with them in these cancer reversal studies
on animals. They have even been shown to have beneficial
effects against ageing of the brain because you know, the brain doesn’t produce its
own antioxidants. Our body cells and our tissue cells within
our body have its own antioxidant response elements that remove toxic radicals and remove
hydrogen peroxide and there is a whole bunch of effects that our body has to keep free
radicals down. But the brain doesn’t do that that well,
the brain can build up free radicals and age itself. The brain needs a chronic ongoing exposure
to certain beneficial antioxidant chemicals that penetrate the brain well and these dark
compounds in berries penetrate the brain better than other phytochemicals do and have a beneficial
effect of protecting the brain against dementia so berries are a superfood and in spite of
the fact that they have sugar in them they are still low glycemic and one of the reasons
they are so low glycemic is because those compounds slowly absorb into glucose and they
also have a beneficial effect on gut bacteria as well.

84 thoughts on “The One Fruit You Should Eat Every Day! Dr Joel Fuhrman

  1. The last piece of raw fruit my great-uncle ate was a quarter of an apple smeared with peanut butter back in 1957. His only vegetables are potatoes and, very occasionally, steamed peas and carrots swimming in butter. He eats meat and dairy daily, and is not particular on methods of food preparation. His breakfast always consists of bacon and eggs, buttered toast with jam, or cornflakes with whole milk sprinkled with sugar. Lunch is usually ham and cheese, salami, tuna fish, or egg salad sandwiches. He normally has meat and potatoes, or pasta and meat, or stew with meat, or steak, or something-with-meat for dinner. He has a propensity toward all things tinned—especially sardines, beans, and prepared meats—which he says he developed from his time in the army during ‘The War’. He’s not big on desserts, but he likes ice cream and pie, and he has anywhere from 10-20 cups of coffee a day with cream and sugar. He avoids water, and apart from the coffee, drinks only milk, beer, wine, brandy, and whisky. He’s been a heavy smoker since 1939 (aged 14). For most of his life he has smoked 2 packs of full-strength cigarettes a day (recently cut down to 1 packet mainly because of the cost), several bowls of pipe tobacco, and on weekends, a cigar or two after dinner. At 94, he is still trim and in surprisingly good health, apart from a need to support himself with a cane due to a leg injury he sustained during his years of working as a labourer in the construction trade. His teeth were a mess and he has now been fully fitted with dentures. He is always grumpy, ornery, stressed out and in a foul mood—except when his soccer team wins, or when he cleans up at poker. Among his few saving graces are an inquisitive mind (he is remarkably mentally agile for a man of his limited education), a wry sense of humour, and his generosity in all things (which he takes great pains to conceal). How he’s managed to survive and thrive on his diet and lifestyle is a wonder to his doctors. Over the years, he has buried four general practitioners and two specialists. Oh, and he hates berries…

  2. I eat a Fuji apple first thing in the morning every day and I've been doing this for almost five years. Fujis are crunchy all year long while other apple varieties get mushy.

  3. Love your channel. This one was hard to hear when Dr Furman started talking, listening in my car. Not had that problem before.

  4. My grandpa just turned 98, 2 weeks ago…… he still mowes his yard (on a riding lawnmower) and jokes around. His secret? "Cook everything in bacon grease"

  5. It’s science. That’s what science is. Fact, not superstation 🙈🤥🙄😬✅💪. Eating meat is heart-attack, High blood pressure, stroke, cancer…. 51%😮😵💀⚰️, Short life. When you get plant-based ✅, no meat, or or chicken, or fish, or milk (Pus🤢🤮🤮), or piggies, 4% cancer, or less. It’s a fact, it’s science, Page after page after page…. 🦍’✅’💪😬😬😬 no cancer. Number 1 strongman 🦍✅💪😬.

    ‘The Leaky Gut Theory of Why Animal Products Cause Inflammation’

    NutritionFacts.org YouTube it. It’s science.

    ‘The Exogenous Endotoxin Theory’

    NutritionFacts.org YouTube it. It’s science.

    ‘Carbs vs Fat: The Best Fuel For The Brain?’
    Happy Healthy Vegan YouTube ! Brilliant !!! Twins, identical.

    ‘Fukushima Nuclear Radiation Has Contaminated ENTIRE Pacific Ocean’
    Protect Mother Earth YouTube it please, really serious…

    Markus Rothkranz Really brilliant !!!!!!…

    My vegan story and high blood pressure resolution!
    'Chris P' YouTube !!!! Brilliant !!!! 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮

  6. I am so tired of diets that go to the extremes. I agree that we should eat more vegetables and fruits. But a bit of meat is not going to kill you. I have a friend who is a strict vegan and fasts two days a week but he has absolutely no energy to speak of, so I think he is lacking some nutrients in his diet. I think if you don't go overboard in the food you eat, it is ok to eat a little ice cream on a hot day or a piece of pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving!

  7. Mr. Schmidt
    Perhaps I did not make myself clear. I did not mean to say veganism is extreme… But you have to say there are diets out there that do not make sense, like eat according to your blood type, or eat only one fruit few days in a row and nothing else.. When I go out with my friend, I eat vegan too sometimes.

  8. 1) Blueberries.
    2) Raspberries.
    3) Goji Berries. …
    4) Strawberries. …
    5) Bilberries. …
    6) Acai Berries. …
    7) Cranberries. …
    8) Grapes……
    9) Maqui berry
    + Cherries!!!

  9. As "America's super fruit," cherries offer the vital nutrition for a long and healthy life. … Eating cherries leads to a boost in antioxidant activity in the body — even after just one-and-a-half servings of tart cherries, commonly known as sour cherries.

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  11. When I was a small boy in the 1950's my dad would take me out to the lower mountain fields to pick blackberries. I still pick them today during the months of August and September. I freeze large quantities of these berries, enough to last into the new year. I sprinkle half a cupful of blackberries onto my cereal each morning. Best of all, I don't have to pay supermarket prices!

  12. Dick : I am aware of it. But when you pull a spinach plant out of the ground or plug a tomato to eat, they are being killed too. In theory, you are still killing living things.

  13. He did not mention them orally, but the subtitles also mentioned walnuts as having similar properties as the berries. Walnuts are low in Carbohydrates, and have numerous mineral content. Sugar is insignificant, and low in calories, although you still have to take it easy, they also have the good cholesterol lowering type fat.

  14. I buy frozen berries. They're cheaper and better because they're frozen almost as soon as they are picked. I just put some artificial sweetener on them and I can't get enough of them.

  15. I can't believe what this Mary Lockwood is saying. I am flabbergasted that she is so naive. Being vegan does not cause tiredness or ill health of any kind, that is, if you are eating healthily on a vegan diet. In fact, and it is well proven that it will change your life for the better. The fact that you are also helping animals and the planet are super-duper positive by-products.

  16. You know what beats them all, tart cherry syrup. Berry’s are good but all of the research I’ve done keeps coming back to montmorancy tart cherry concentrate. Life extension has tons of research on it.

  17. If you miss Holy Spirit conviction, you miss repentance; if you miss repentance, you miss saving faith; if you miss saving faith, you miss Christ; if you miss Christ, you miss heaven; and if you miss heaven, you are on the road to hell to pay for your own sins throughout eternity.

  18. Unhealthy diets are the leading cause of ill health worldwide, with 800 million people currently hungry, 2 billion malnourished and further 2 billion people overweight or obese. The world’s science academies recently concluded that the food system is broken. Industrial agriculture is also devastating the environment, as forests are razed and billions of cattle emit climate-warming methane.

    “The world’s diets must change dramatically,” said Walter Willett at Harvard University and one of the leaders of the commission convened by the Lancet medical journal and the Eat Forum NGO. The report, published in the Lancet and being launched to policymakers in 40 cities around the world, also concluded that food waste must be halved to 15%.

    Avoiding meat and dairy is ‘single biggest way’ to reduce your impact on Earth
    Read more
    “Humanity now poses a threat to the stability of the planet,” said Prof Johan Rockström at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Sweden, another author of the report. “[This requires] nothing less than a new global agricultural revolution.” Farm yields in poorer nations must be improved to create a sustainable, healthy world, the report found.

    The planetary health diet is largely plant-based and allows an average of 2,500 calories a day. It allows one beef burger and two servings of fish a week, but most protein comes from pulses and nuts. A glass of milk a day, or some cheese or butter, fits within the guidelines, as does an egg or two a week. Half of each plate of food under the diet is vegetables and fruit, and a third is wholegrain cereals.

    Willett said these provide the ingredients for a flexible and varied diet: “We are not talking about a deprivation diet here; we are talking about a way of eating that can be healthy, flavourful and enjoyable.

  19. All very good and true yet we would do a much better preventing Alzheimers and improving brain function by avoiding heavy metals such as:
    * Mercury (Hg) used in dental amalgam (silver fillings), soft drinks (found in high fructose corn syrup), cigarettes
    *Aluminum (Al2)fused to make kitchen pots and pans, canned food and drinks, coca cola eg. (= processed foods)
    *Lead (Pb) used to "join" old copper pipes in public water systems)

  20. I think it's safe to say that the more vibrant, deep, intense, striking, dazzling, etc. the color of the fruit, vegetable, or even seed, bean or nut to a certain extent (grains to a very small extent), the more nutrients, esp. bioflavinoids, are in the plant food.

    So, by this standard, rainbow chard would prob. be healthier than green beans, although green beans are still healthy… Blueberries would probably be healthier than bananas. Purple kale would prob. be healthier than red delicious apples. Etc.

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