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what I’m about to tell you is one of the most important things you will ever need to know about healing anything in your life and it’s the one thing that most people don’t want to think about as I’ve been saying this from the very beginning but people just don’t want to hear this part I wake up every morning and I get at least 200 emails from people saying what do I take for diabetes what do I take for heart disease what do I take for IBS what do I tell you for Crohn’s disease what I take for celiac disease you name it and it’s driving me crazy and the answer has always been the same the answer is not what you take it’s what you stop doing that gets rid of the problem in the first place you know when I showed that list years ago when I first came out with heal yourself 101 and it shows this list of conditions heart disease diabetes whatever it is what I was saying was if you have these any of these conditions there is no magic pill no magic herb no magic personal magic water no magic anything that will get rid of that if you don’t stop doing what’s causing the problem in the first place let’s say there’s a fire burning somewhere let’s say it’s inside your body or your house or anything okay you say somebody what do I take to put out the fire and the person says water right put out fire with water well you could bottle the water and call it a fire extinguisher but the problem is no amount of water in the world is going to stop the fire if you keep pouring gasoline on the fire at the same time and that’s exactly what people are doing with their lives when they bread pasta sugar milk cereal cookies in their drinking and smoking and having stress in there just it’s killing them and unless they stop doing what caused the problem in the first place it’s not going to go away you can’t just take something you got to take responsibility for your life the all that stuff all those conditions all those diseases they are just symptoms that’s all they are you don’t walk down the street and catch diabetes from somebody you don’t walk down the street and catch heart disease or cancer from somebody that is the result of what you’ve chosen to in your life and in your body and in your mind and everything that’s what it’s negative stuff that eats away pulls your energy and kills you over time you need to stop doing the stuff first all that other stuff that the the stuff you take that step 3 that’s not step 1 and if you don’t stop doing what’s causing the problem it’s not going to help much I have four friends personally that I lost to cancer who smoked pot like crazy who drank cannabis oil like it was going out of style and they still died of cancer I know at least a dozen people that had cancer they tried drowning themselves in alkaline water because they were told it was going to heal them and it didn’t they still died of cancer you know these people take Moringa there’s people taking everything you name you name it people are told take this it’ll get rid of that it doesn’t work that way the people that healed themselves from those conditions while taking something I guarantee you almost all of them stopped doing what was causing a problem in the first place then they took a bunch of stuff some of it worked problem some of it probably didn’t but the point was that stuff at the end it’s like rebuilding a house rebuilding a car rebuilding your body it’s all the same first you gotta stop the bad stuff you can stop putting shoe polish in the gas tank of your car it doesn’t run very well on that then you have to strip it down get rid of the rust and the bad stuff and then you rebuild it with good parts the same with your body you have to go through the first two steps first you have to know what’s bad for you before you can stop doing what’s bad for you then you got to clean the crap out that was created the mess created in your body and in your life and it’s the same by the way with relationships money problems pretty much anything anything that’s messed up in your life you got to kind of do the same steps you got to stop doing what got you there in the first place you got to clean up the mess and then only put good stuff back in but right now we’re talking about your body okay physical health conditions yes herbs and plants and all that stuff is important but that’s the last step don’t think that you can just keep doing the things that you’re addicted to and this is human nature human nature is to see what we can get away with to go as far as we can with before we have to like change it’s human nature everybody wants to cheat but you can’t cheat nature it doesn’t allow that you have to at some point honor the laws of nature so until you stop pouring gasoline on your fire don’t waste your time asking for what kind of water to pour it on the fire that’s that’s a good first step you got to realize that most of your problems are the result of years of your the decisions you made of the diction’s you had of what you put in your body and you have to stop that you got to recognize the pattern and stop it and not some of you will say well what about the children what about the ones who were born with hell you know cancer and diabetes and heart disease with blah blah blah okay what a child can only be as good as the building blocks that was made with was the mom built on bread sugar pasta cereal cookies crackers coffee sodas or was she built on fresh fruits and vegetables nuts and seeds and healthy things that’s one two was the child vaccinated and as it have like chemicals in it that could cause autism three you know they found out in medical studies recently where they’re linking childhood type 1 diabetes with milk that’s right that white stuff that comes out of a cow an animal that has hormones that make it grow to be 2,000 pounds on a short amount of time that’s what the milk is for it’s for a calf not a human being milk that you buy the store is basically nothing but hormones fat and sugar sugar being lactose which were intolerant to fat being saturated fat and cholesterol which clogs the insulin receptors so the sugar can absorb by the cells so you have high blood sugar and then of course the lactose sugar just adds to the problem and then you have your hormones like igf-1 which makes cancer grow like crazy you know that’s what makes a tiny calf grow to be a 2,000 pound cow a cow in a short amount of time that’s not meant for humans and humans are giving infants whose pancreatic islet cells the kidneys aren’t even formed totally yet they can’t handle this stuff and you wonder why children are messed up and then there’s the chlorine and the fluoride on the water there’s the the parents having the relationship issues the money fights that stress stress kills I mean you need to add up all these little things and you got a tie little guy I can’t handle this stuff it’s the result of the environment you’re in the choices you make and what you absorb you have to start recognizing what’s bad for you and get it out of your life distance yourself from it and clean up the mess and then put the good stuff back in the herbs and the good food the fresh fruits and vegetables that is the third step not the first step don’t think you could bypass the first two by just taking something and having and having your problem go away it doesn’t work that way you don’t have to buy my products it’s not what this is about I don’t even care a matter-of-fact people say I do this for the money I sell my herbs and things for the money if I was in for money I’d be doing some completely different matter of fact most of my money has even come from this it comes from other things I was in the entertainment business I know investments and things like that the herbal stuff is such a hassle I started by doing it for myself because I wanted to you know experiment how it could be healthier and cleaner and it worked wonders and then assume that my friends wanted to try it they loved it they got better they like their friends pride and then pretty soon I just started going worldwide selling it but it’s a hassle I mean thousands of herbs coming from all these places having it tested in labs to different labs and then you got the FDA checking it out twice a year and then you have like warehousing and fulfillment and it’s just it sometimes I figure like it’s not worth it but then I see so many people getting amazing results with it but again you don’t have to buy my herbs get your own if you want I tell you how to get your own I brought where is it here my book free food medicine they had worldwide edible plant guide it shows you how to get how to recognize the wild plants growing in your area what they look like here’s all the medical conditions here’s the you know what plants are good for those what poisonous plants look like that that you should avoid it’s got everything in here or you can buy it is a $2.00 app for your cell phone or get or get the two pound book you know and that will show you my whole thing is to self empower you so you don’t have to ask people like me so I don’t have to like get 200 emails every morning I want you to fix yourself that’s why I wrote the book heal yourself 1:01 and i have it for free online the information is free I was in it for money I wouldn’t be free ah I want you guys to fix yourselves that’s the point so people like me aren’t going to be burdened with people’s problem because I’m just going to say the same thing over and over if you email me and say what do i how do I fix this I would have to go to your house follow you around for a week see what you have in your cupboards and your refrigerator see what you what you drink what you smoke what you you what you how stressed you are the people your worth of things everything I’d have to take everything it would take thousands of things into consideration but I don’t have time for that and I don’t want to do it I’m not a good babysitter so that’s why I give you guys the information to do it yourselves you can get your own herbs but some people don’t want to do that plus some there are some poisonous plants that look like certain plants so you have to be able to tell the difference and then way if you know the difference you selected pick them and dry them and you have to prepare them a certain way some plants you just can’t pick and eat like creosote chaparral it’s toxic so it’s got a liver toxin which takes three months of drying before the volatile resins dissipate and then it’s okay to use but you have to know this stuff so I did all the work for you I put the herbs together for you that’s really I’m doing this to help you guys because it is kind of a nice feeling to wake up in the morning and get an email saying I would be dead right now if it wasn’t for you I don’t have cancer anymore our relationship is healed because of the your advice and for those of you who are who doubt that any of this works check out the testimonials those of you who are doing this write your testimonials on here or anywhere on anyone my sites let people know let me people know I mean Wayne Dyer I think it was said the ultimate ignorant is the rejection of something you know nothing about but refuse to investigate the ultimate ignorance is the rejection of something you know nothing about and refuse to investigate don’t cut something down until you try it yourself until you actually do it the results speak for themselves unless you have been there and you experience it it’s not real and you just got to do it you just got by yourself you know what they say that do you know the saying the definition of insanity is what it’s continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results so stop smoking and drinking alcohol and doing drugs and eating bread and pasta and pizza and sugar and milk and animal products and then getting a disease and then thinking you could just take something some magic stuff it’s going to make it go away what I sell is stuff that helps clear up the mess once you stop doing what cause the problem and it helps rebuild you with the proper vitamins minerals vitamins and it’s like it’s like rocket fuel for your car it’s the optimal stuff that your body needs to function right because there’s no more magnesium in the soil so you knows stuff like that there’s things that you need so you’re not lacking certain things but the real work is done by you not me not some stuff but you and the real work is up here and it’s in it’s your inner strength to say no to the things that you know are bad for you to say no to the alcohol and the cigarettes and the drugs and you know the only thing you’re supposed to be inhaling in your lungs is air the only thing that you should be drinking is stuff that’s found naturally in nature and I don’t mean animal products like from a cow you’re not a cow drink something that’s meant for humans like water just stick with the design that nature intended and do your best to clear up the mess you’ve created and then try to only do good and this is means with the energy also that you give people the whole reason I’m doing this in the first place because I really don’t need to be selling the health products I’m doing well enough without that the real reason I do it is because like I said I want to feel like I am doing something really cool and helping people get out of the ruts that they’re in because the more negative people are on there are in the world the more misery there is and it just brings you down nobody wants to be in a room with the miserable person but the more positive people are are the more the world it feels good it gets like a healing energy and I want that more of that I want more people to heal themselves coz that helps me ultimately to there’s just good energy all and so the sooner we can help others the sooner the world will be much better place so you know you got to do your bit and this is kind of what I’m doing here with the health stuff I’m in the entertainment business I like to be goofy and funny and make silly videos and films I like to you know be flashy and sexy with Kara and stuff like that’s what I like doing the health stuff is such a I mean it’s you know it gets a little old after a while when you get all these people emailing you the same thing how do I get rid of IBS and Crohn’s and celiac is equal stop eating bread and sugar and milk and processed food and dead cooked stuff and start eating fresh fruits and vegetables and things that you’re intended to be in your body oh but I can’t do that I’m so addicted to bread you know it’s not my problem I’m telling you what to do so I made it easy for everybody it’s D like I can’t spend my whole life answering people’s questions so I wrote all these ebooks an e-book on pretty much every health condition you can imagine from A to Z at Marcus ebooks calm ma RK us and and it tells you the three things what causes the problems the things that you should look for the main reasons why people are having these problems any other things are bad for you they should stop – how to clean up the mess you’ve created and three what good things to put in that helps boost you back to the optimal self that you could be kara and I are not telling you to be like us we want to be like us because this is what we like we want you to be the way you want to be but you can’t really be you in your element unless you’re healthy and happy and free of your burdens and your problems so that’s why I wrote the Prosperity secret heal yourself 101 and the light instructions for a new life and things that help get you out of the rut you’re in so you can not worry about things anymore and be free of your burdens and you’re not supposed to spend the last 30 years of your life slowly decaying through your own cried stubb but you kiddie like that’s not life you’re supposed to be full of life until the day you die you’re supposed to be able to all your senses your sensory being you know to touch and feel and and hear and see and make love and sense life to its fullest your last day that’s what you’re supposed to be doing not worrying not slowly withering away that’s really what I want to do in Cara and I are here to inspire you to find your dream your element to help you get there so you can be free and not be a burden on the world and then the world just gets lighter and that’s what this is all about so anybody who tries to take what I say out of context they’re doing the world an injustice so please it really helps for you to go thumbs up my videos leave positive comments tell the world this stuff works this what this is about people need to have hope they need proof that it works the more positive stuff we could put out in the world the more happiness the more freedom oh my god what a beautiful world that would be and if we do it one person one soul one light at a time you know it’s step steps in the right direction so let me recap this stop doing the things that are bad for you clean up the mess and then only put good things back in you can’t put fire out with water if you’re still pouring gasoline on the fire come from a place of love and start living start really living and that’s all really I’m trying to do is to help you do that I love you I want the best for you so please make a difference in the world

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