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100 thoughts on “The Try Guys Diet Like Pregnant Women For A Week

  1. Thank you for discussing the issue with medications! I have serious health issues and that means I depend on roughly 40 pills a day. I cannot safely have children anymore since several medications cause birth defects, with no alternatives. I managed 2 children when I was much younger since they warned me if there was any chance at all, the younger the better.
    3 months after meeting my now hubby I dropped that bomb on him that I wanted kids right now lol Didnt scare him off and we've been married 14 years.
    People don't understand the implications of a pregnancy when someone has health issues… I had to stop all medications for 3 months to be able to try getting pregnant. Lucky for me both times I got pregnant on the first month but what if took 6 months? I'm glad you guys brought the issue up 🙂

  2. Ned: isn't following Ariel's diet
    Ariel: Visibly upset
    Zach: "Sounds like you're fuckin up bro!"

    The most frat boy I've ever seen Zach be haha

  3. NED: I’m already bored of Wall Ball


  4. Keith: “We cannot have shellfish/ seafood because we are pregnant”
    My mom, telling me her diet during her pregnancy: “I craved and ate a ton of raw fish and shrimps when you are still in my belly”

  5. Zach: Being pregnant is great!
    Cut to Zach feeling the worst out of all of the try guys bc he can’t take his pills

  6. Hey this is what being vegan is like and being a child , and lactose intolerant I’m both a child and lactose intolerant so fun

  7. i feel like spitting on that bitch, every woman “ but we are so more special “ “ we are way smarter “ “ pregnancy is so hard “ kys then, also who rly knows i bet like 50% of thees are not rly proven at all. like this fem explained it, you should avoid to breath and live at all “ while pregnant “

  8. Zach really made me tear up, seeing him struggle and still try due to his disease and suppress the need to take his medications made my heart soft. I, then, cried thinking that there are mothers out there who are willing to go through all that because of the love they have for their kids <3 props to all mothers out there

  9. Dude I can’t even go 20 minutes in the morning without feeling side affects of not taking my mental health pills. I’ve tried so many things and these are the only ones that work. I feel like having to change my meds because of pregnancy would be so bad. If they didn’t work I’d get extremely depressed and really anxious. Now I’m getting anxious about getting pregnant and I’m only 15 lmao

  10. The crazy thing is that Zach touched a subject that really isn’t talked about enough related to pregnancy. It’s really hard when you have to sit and re-evaluate your life like that. I’m pregnant rn and it’s a struggle balancing my mental health along with making sure I don’t do anything to harm the baby. Wish this was more of a common topic

  11. My mom’s doctor recommended small amounts of wine while she was pregnant with me. I turned out fine….I think

  12. Watching this again after having a baby i really feel zach, i couldnt take anything for severe depression or massive chronic migraines and it suuuuuucked

  13. Seriously – it is exactly 100% true what Zach said about medication. As a Teenager growing up was really rough because I was constantly being swapped on meds and things that would trigger really bad meltdowns or panic attacks, or even make me almost contract a eating disorder. It's extremely crucial to be on the right medicine – it can truly be harmful. Even worse when you're without them. Thankfully by the time I have turned 17 (I turned 18 last month on the 28th! 🙂 ) I was completely off medication and everything calmed down. I had less meltdowns with anger episodes, I had less anxiety and panic attacks. The only thing that stuck with me – is my severe lack of intake despite what people think – I would actually starve myself in the fear that if I ate. I would gain more weight because growing up – it's hard to accept your body when everyone else around you shames it. It would be the same exact way of thinshaming, thinking you need to gain more and more weight to be just right. You have to go through years and years and years of growing that self-love and self-respect back. You have to go through friends and heartbreaks just to figure out yourself. In the end you really have to surround yourself in people that aren't toxic and are your biggest supporters. It's a hard journey – but I believe in you.

  14. It's really lovely they tried so hard to relate and understand what women go through with pregnancy.. not many men can empathise or even try to understand.

  15. I'm currently pregnant for the first time so I feel all of this 😂 I literally Google everything before eating or drinking something, also already suffer from anxiety and depression so pregnancy just makes it much harder to deal with but it's all worth having a baby at the end 🙂

  16. Eugene – "to all the moms out there"
    Moms worldwide – "oh thats nice, he's making a toast😊"
    Eugene -" im gonna pour one out "
    Moms worldwide – " good for him😄😌"
    Eugene – " into my mouth"
    Moms worldwide – confused 😕😞😏😤*angry*
    Eugene – attempts pouring glass into mouth Eugene fucks up and it goes up his nose, and everywhere
    ( you had one job Eugene, you totally missed! like where were u aiming? Thats right, you weren't ! 😂)
    Moms worldwide – "yes, revenge", *lmao-ing*🤣
    Eugene – * 😂😝 *
    Try guys – * 😂 🤣👌 *

  17. Okay… I followed every rule expect the cheese one because I'm Hispanic I need to have my cheese and my doctor has told me countless times that my baby is 100% healthy and fine .. 🤷

  18. I'm sure somewhere in the comments, it mentions what Zach was getting at about his chronic pain: high risk pregnancy. My sister was high risk because of diabetes, and the monitor the eff outta you and prefer to induce a little early, going by her experience.

  19. ok but I can't be the only one that's scared that they don't know how to actually cook food but are all adults? Like, whats going on there?

  20. I'm 7 months pregnant and I felt what zack was saying. I have generalized anxiety and major depressive disorder and can't take the only medications that are safe for me. I'm paranoid and on edge every single day about my child being okay. My husband is military, so I'm dealing with this alone. It is by far the hardest thing I've ever had to do, and no one understands that. I can't wait until January 3rd.

  21. Im pregnant and i eat hotdogs and salami but all cooked so idk where they got the u cant eat hotdogs because u can well i cook my own hotdogs at home maybe somewhere else u cnt and u can eat salami and pepperoni but cooked dont just shove it in your mouth raw

  22. Me:starts thinking about not being able to drink when pregnant and how it's going to suck

    Me one second later: remembers I'm a lesbain

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