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The Various Types of Healthy Foods for Heart Patients

Hi! I’m robo-Suzie and today I’ll talk to
you about The Various Types of Healthy Foods for Heart Patients.
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But back to our topic. You might be aware of the fact that eating
unhealthy foods may increase your risk of heart disease, but at the same time it might
be quite difficult for you to change your own eating habits instantly. Eating healthy
foods for excellent heart condition means filling your bowl with lots of fresh fruits
and vegetables and it also means avoiding high fat and salt foods. This article will
highlight on a few types of healthy foods that you should consider to improve the condition
of your heart. Whole Grains. Those who eat a lot of whole brains can reduce
their weight and they also do not suffer from chronic heart problems. Whole grains such
as brown rice, corns, oatmeal, millet and barley are even recommended by the cardiologists
for their patients. In fact, whole grains are full of essential ingredients such as
antioxidants, phytoestrogen as well as phytosterols that are sufficient to offer protection to
the patients who are afflicted with cardiac diseases. Raisins. The recent studies have revealed that consumption
of raisins that contain adequate amount of antioxidants allow people to prevent the growth
of harmful bacteria that are responsible for inflammation and other types of gum diseases.
According to the studies, those who suffer from gum problems also suffer from issues
that are related to heart. Therefore, if you choose to eat a lot of raisins regularly,
you can actually protect both your gums as well as your heart to a large extent. Tomatoes. Tomatoes contain a high amount of chemical
ingredient called lycopene that usually works with minerals as well as vitamins to prevent
heart disease by all possible means. When the tomatoes are cooked properly and they
are served to the heart patients then these patients get high amount of lycopene but at
the same time, they may not get adequate of vitamin C. If a tomato is cooked the total
amount of vitamin C that is present in it, is reduced to a great extent. Apples. Apples have been beneficial in the reduction
of death that can occur due to chronic heart diseases and other associated problems. Flavonol
compounds such as epicatechin, kaempferol, epigallocatechin and quertine are present
in the apples that prevent bad cholesterol to get oxidized as well as trigger multiple
events that often lead to the development of plaque inside the arteries and they also
prove to be effective to prevent inflammation of the heart. Plus, an apple contains soluble
fiber called pectin that reduces cholesterol level and the apple also contains an adequate
quantity of vitamin C that seems to be good for the heart. Pomegranates. Recent studies have revealed that pomegranates
are helpful in reducing the growth of plaque inside the arteries and they are helpful in
reducing blood pressure levels of the patients to a great extent. According to other studies,
pomegranates have higher amount of antioxidant ingredients than other fruits such as blueberries,
cranberries etc. Popcorn. Popcorn contains a type of antioxidant called
polyphenol that helps you to improve the condition of your heart to a great extent. Plus, it
is a type of whole grain and if you eat popcorn on a regular basis, you can reduce the scope
of heart disease to a large extent. That’s it! Thank you.
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