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The Woman Who Constantly Smells Of Fish

FAYSAL BASHIR: She usually smells sort of quite oniony. It’s quite a strong smell.
For some reason I thought it was called ‘fishiyatitus.’ COMM: Radiographer Kelly Fidoe-White has an unusual metabolic condition with a rather
unpleasant symptom. KELLY FIDOE-WHITE: The main scientific name for it is Trimethylaminuria. It’s also known
as Fish Odour Syndrome. COMM: The condition affects her on a daily basis and it first become apparent when she
was at school. KELLY FIDOE-WHITE: There was more than one occasion where I would say “Oh, I’ve had
fish paste sandwiches for my lunch.” When kids would say, “Oh, you smell of fish”.
That was quite difficult to deal with as a teenager. SANDRA FIDOE: The fact that she was bullied about it made it ten times worse, I think,
for her and certainly for me, it bothered me. KELLY FIDOE-WHITE: I was spending a stupid amount of time in the shower. Red hot water,
scrubbing until my skin was bright red. COMM: Kelly’s condition, shorten to TMAU, isn’t caused by poor hygiene. Her body is
unable to break down a compound found in food that contains a substance called Choline,
meaning a lot of ingredients are off the menu. KELLY FIDOE-WHITE: One of the things that they say to you is, “If it smells going
in, it’s going to smell coming out.” So, things like fish, seafood are all triggers. COMM: The body disposes of the compound in sweat, breadth and urine, emitting a pungent
odour that can resemble rotten fish, onion and faecal matter. KELLY FIDOE-WHITE: As far as I know, this condition affects between 300 and 600 people
worldwide. It’s not a very well known condition at all. A lot of GPs have never even heard
of it. COMM: In fact, Kelly diagnosed herself. KELLY FIDOE-WHITE: From watching documentaries about it, things just started to fall into
place. It was like, “That sounds like it could be me”, and ultimately I ended up
being tested and it came back positive. There is no magic pill that you can take to make
it better. I personally take a cocktail of medications. KELLY FIDOE-WHITE: That’s the pills that I take. We don’t know whether they work
or not, but I try and keep on top of it as best as I can. KELLY FIDOE-WHITE: There is very few other symptoms at all, but of course you’ve got the side effects of anxiety, social isolation, it’s hard. COMM: To limit the amount of people she is exposed to, Kelly took a job working nights,
but it’s not been easy. FAYSAL BASHIR: You could trace Kelly’s smell up the corridor. ASHA FEROZ: Certain people had made comments. What was upsetting was how people were dealing
with it and at that point she was, she wasn’t herself. FAYSAL BASHIR: I have had many complaints about Kelly’s smell to me form variety of
staff within the department. It’s hard when you get these complaints as Kelly is a good friend. COMM: Finding love gave her a much needed confidence boost. KELLY FIDOE-WHITE: Michael has helped me to cope by making me see the funny side of the
condition. MICHAEL FIDOE-WHITE: I didn’t really noticed her smell straight away, when we first started
seeing each other. I don’t believe she tried to hide it. Kelly’s confidence has definitely
improved over the years. She still doubts herself a little bit now and again, you know.
I think the best way of me helping Kelly with the condition is to be supportive about the condition. KELLY FIDOE-WHITE: I’m sure he won’t mind me saying this but he is, you know, he produces
his own smells anyway. COMM: Kelly is now open with friends, colleagues and patients. KELLY FIDOE-WHITE: I’m more chilled out about it now. I can’t say that if somebody
complained tomorrow, I wouldn’t still find it a little bit cutting. But I deal with it
by educating that person now. COMM: Feeling confident enough to speak out about her condition, Kelly hopes she will
inspire others to feel comfortable in their own skin. SANDRA FIDOE: She is compassionate, she is hardworking, she is innovative really in her
job and her home life, I think. MICHAEL FIDOE-WHITE: I’m very proud in the way she copes with her condition. I’m very
proud of her as a person, full stop.

100 thoughts on “The Woman Who Constantly Smells Of Fish

  1. Better than a cancer. I remember my schoolmate have this when i first encounter him it smells so bad you'll wish you didn't breathe at all. I almost puke x_x

  2. I feel so bad for her because I can understand how people think she is dirty because she doesn't do anything about it. I have a little similar ( but a lot better ) situation. My hair gets greasy in maybe a few hours after I washed it so people think i don't wash it much or they confront me by – oh God, i haven't washed my hair too, how long haven't you? That is so so so frustrating,underwhelming and upsetting because I can't control it. I wash my hair in the morning every single day while others do that once a week or once a few days. That's why I never judge by looks or smell if I don't know the person…. ( sorry for my English, it is not my mother tongue )

  3. She looks beautiful and nothing should hurt her she’s so beautiful whoever makes fun of her go rot in hell I would be her friend💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽👭👭👭

  4. Everyone says how they wouldn't judge her if they met her and didn't know about her condition
    now be real and honest you probably would it's just how is humans are ……judgemental

  5. I noticed this on myself it started 2 days ago my hands smell like fish and my breath smells bad (but not like fish) but I told my parents if I smelled like fish and they told me no, my classmates never told me that I smelled like fish, is this normal?, btw I was never diagnosed with fish odor syndrome

  6. And the people that gets bullied for being Stink and has nothing to do about it are the main people Or kids that are cleaner than the people that are bullying them.

  7. There is a website, for TMAU and there are multiple stories on there. And I suggest to go to a doctor instead of diagnosing TMAU yourself.

  8. I once had a woman sit next to me at a park, and I swear every one of her pores was giving off the worst garlic smell ever. I know she probably can't help it but I almost threw up on the spot, had to move somewhere else

  9. Don’t let people talk to you or about your condition because if I was wrong I would love to be your friend no matter what half of them people up here just hating so don’t let that bother you be you ❤️❤️❤️

  10. I'm not hating or anything but I think this girl has this in my school. I feel bad for her because when we're getting ready for P.E it constantly smells of fish when she comes in. So people always gets annoyed and says it stinks while she's just looking around with like some sort of sad or embarrassed look. ☹I think everyone knows it's her now…..

  11. She so super clean but still smells and prolly gets judge without people knowing that she is cleaner then them

  12. I had a girlfriend like that, but she was beautiful. And I love eating fish. I married someone else that smells like flowers

  13. She should just move to Newfoundland. Every man woman and child in Newfoundland smells like a rotting carp in the hot Nevada sun.

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