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The World’s Hottest Chip // Paqui’s 1 Chip Challenge

Julia we got a package hi JT and Julia hope you enjoy Nik & Jay was this the one ship challenge made with the hottest peppers in the world oh I’m not needless we use everyone else yeah let’s feed us everybody else hey Don because we didn’t really plan this ahead we’re gonna go for a walk to grab you some milk and ice cream I just turned a load around [Applause] mm another how many vegan milk all right is there a healthy junk food by real like you really at all yes sir what is it mmm tasty and protective now it’s an unboxing video guys I feel like I should have gloves yeah yeah yeah don’t pick your eyeballs or your price I wouldn’t touch any of this now you have to Oh No right away oh boy you’re sure you know you gotta get on a plane I’m sweating oh there’s a second wave oh and that’s really sick man that’s right like in the back ear throat do you eat spicy stuff a lot mm-hmm I always go for the hottest thing to probably getting played oh wait oh my god I even go subscribe to the edgy veg James is a real trooper for doing this on to the next person I’m just a guy all right James evac have a safe trip back Canada will and next time I’ll bring Candace [Music] [Music] it has like five star for the key level I don’t want to take that you generally prep your Paulo and look your wine this challenge on sweet you got me milk let me go [Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] it feels like I’ve severed my cup did you like this for fun it’s rough cakes is so hot right now I’m so glad that we’re just feeding this to people I don’t have to do this can you see husk oh yeah all right cool thank this guy however young white hot things oh you really big Charlie oh you mother cheers we ran around yeah 100 you Peter mother oh that’s horrible man oh my heart is Palace been there oh I’m okay you oh it’s like creeping up you’re rubbing on one guy it’s really good hey guys I do have some ice cream for you Oakley No okay all right guys we got more people Michelle Taylor Sebastian I’m gonna cry oh my god good I’m just crying because I just let my knees finally have a baby you look great you don’t even seem affected by it you’re the biggest thank you pretty good I learned that ice cream really helped oh you’re cold and struggling oh no really open oh not getting better no matter what I’m doing I’m on the same anyway so are we gonna do this Julia Sebastian when you think we are too busy we got one ship left and we’re going to blindfold ourselves interesting grab tips out of the bag I have to get this because honestly we’re all here to watch you sweat 18 not me oh man this ships big – it looks just like it to read out going in oh my god you got it no I don’t know it’s freaking me out okay don’t take your time there’s one of games actually dreaming their breakfast why are you smelling in here it’s not good shepherd oh I don’t know all right ha whoa whoa oh are you okay look at the rest of it he wanted where am i inside Burma inside he’s not going there is where no because we didn’t buy any he took some here neat you talked about though yeah Charlie you killed the pepto [Music] yeah I’m waiting for two bills everyone says it bill that’s a really powerful stuff I kind of think I eat more of it okay just one senator we could crank Kaylie with it we should I don’t think it’s bad bad it hurt at first but yeah comment below if you’ve tried it and don’t forget to thumbs this video up because it helps us out a lot we actually give a big thing to the Cruz brothers for sending these to us yes their YouTube channel they’re not Kruti there’s a very polite people it show love to all the other people in the video they are all brave enough to try this I’ve heard that Pocky is going to be coming out with another hot and chips I’m gonna go to be best eyelids are burning all right goodbye this kiss is the greatest thing that we’ve ever tasted alright harvest pal I thought I rolled up with worse than there ah here we are Oh

100 thoughts on “The World’s Hottest Chip // Paqui’s 1 Chip Challenge

  1. I managed to eat a chips bag of Paqui Haunted Ghost Pepper.. It only got spicy after I drank water. In the video, they ate the chip made with the hottest pepper, which is super hot.

  2. Not Gonna Lie, a tears like literally want to going down from my eyes…But Right when Julia said " Should I Try it? ", and I saw JP's expression..I Laughing Hard😂😂. Love you Both guys😘

  3. To get a SINGLE box of these now you have to pay at least $73 on Amazon and they originally retailed for $5…………

  4. The best thing about this channel is how everything is real. Like, when you usually see people eating spicy things, everyone's reactions are so extra and chaotic just to exaggerate and that becomes annoying but so far in every spicy video I've seen on this channel, the reactions are realistic and calm and that makes it truly entertaining.

  5. There is a chocolate bar called coffee crisp it's good you should try and get one and make it big please. P.S I'm form st John's Newfoundland

  6. Did anyone actually do the challenge… like ya know, eating the whole chip? Did I just miss It? Funny video! Much Love 😁💙

  7. I absolutely love this video, a prank you could do with that chip is get three small bags of Doritos Place one of the hot chips in one of them or all three and reseal it then play a pranks on Friends saying the challenge is who can eat them faster and then just wait for the reaction @HealthyJunkFood

  8. I'm a new subscriber . I have really been enjoying your videos. The humor, the chemistry, the love for what you do and each other. Also I feel like in another life we would be friends. Yall are awesome! So much love to yall!

  9. Rip people who can't eat spicy stuff.. aka me
    Julia: should I eat it?
    JP:(brighten ups! Doesn't look depressed anymore)
    Me: you really want her to try it…

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