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93 thoughts on “The Worst Food for Tooth Decay

  1. Studies like the one from General Mills are the reason it’s so important to look beyond the headlines, and it’s why I dedicate so much time to pointing out research flaws and red flags. The lesson is always check the primary source—or just let me do it for you! To find how I do it, watch the Behind the Scenes video: https://youtu.be/1mbzjeCd_-8

  2. That's why you drink water after you ate sugar and you will not have any problems. Acid is the problem! Unripe citrus fruits will destroy your teeth!

  3. So angry at these
    companies! They have been duping us all along! Read "Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us" by Micheal Moss.

  4. what sticks to your teeth, after you swish with saliva? sugar or flour? gummi bears or cookies? coke or potato chips?

  5. Again. MEat and sweet bad for teeth and all health ..saturated and trans fat Proteins from animals excess plant oils with sugar

  6. Did you know that a whole plant based diet can help to heal small cavities? Stay away from those refined sugars and always rinse your mouth with water after drinking and eating. ♥♥♥

  7. Always wanted to know more about how fruit fairs though, all of this is not surprising. Is fruit any better than sucrose?

  8. It's got more to do with how well the food adheres to the teeth than the sugar content. I drink sugar water all the time when exercising any my dentist didn't even realize it before I told them.

  9. Almost all breakfast cereals are made of roasted, acrylamide and AGEs laden ingredients. AGEs are now even linked to cause PCOS and worse! Avoid them all.

  10. I really like fruits in the annona family like atemoya and custard apple, but some studies say they are neurotoxic (while yet others investigate whether they have anti-cancer properties?). I wonder if you can do a video making sense of whether these fruits are safe to eat? Thank you.

  11. Many thanks for this video, I have a question though, what do you think about K2 supplementation for vegan? A French health expert (your paleo-glutenfree French doppelganger ) had showed the need to supplementation of this except if we have the chance to consume natto.
    Many thanks from Taiwan

  12. How did that General Mills study pass peer review and get published?!! The design flaw is obvious and fatal.

  13. I remember when eating a sugary cereal straight out of the box like chips became a trendy thing to do in the late 70s / 80s. It was revolutionary, in more ways than one.

  14. It seems like the USA has the worst of the worst of foods! There is no popular traditional cooked breakfast in the USA, is there? Look at other countries and their traditional breakfasts, for example India and how far from packaged-and-processed they are.

  15. no longer can we count on these greedy, profit-driven companies to look out for our health. We must take this into our own hands and read the labels carefully and make YouTube videos about them so people know they are being duped by these corporations!

  16. Even though I no longer typically eat boxed cereal for breakfast, I do eat a lot of fruits and grains in the morning. It makes a lot of sense why my mom always told me to brush after breakfast now! A hopefully helpful habit I should keep.

  17. They removed sugar ….. from the box ! Manufacturers are experts at misleading; which is why as consumers we must make the effort to be informed. Thank you to Dr Gregor for helping people in this; as his videos are informative and backed with evidence.

  18. Please explore the real interesting questions: how bad is fruit for one's teeth compared to 1. sugary processed foods 2. starch-based whole foods 3. lactose-holding dairy?

  19. I’m glad I gave up on cereals. It was a hard process and don’t want to look back. Thank you Dr Greger ❤️🙏🏻

  20. Doctor, I want sinus treatment video PLEASE. I want to know if I should proceed with the nose sprays or maybe try other treatment too. Life with sinus is so stressing.

  21. I ate nearly half a box of frosted mini wheats (one of the most cariogenic/demineralizing cereals) daily for multiple years straight as a kid, and I did not develop any cavities! Genetics and oral hygiene habits are crucial factors.

  22. I still sometimes eat sugary cereals, I can’t lie, but this is interesting!
    I am 34 never had a cavity but I have always rinsed my mouth with water after each meal unless I can brush. I hate the dentist so anything I can do to avoid going I’m gonna do it!

  23. Great video—thank you! If you read cookbooks published 1918-1940, you’ll notice that calorie sufficiency was once a very real problem for most homemakers. Cookbooks targeting the working class emphasized the “energy content” of fat and sugar as low-cost ways to enable their husbands and children to work (pre-labor laws) or go to school on a very restricted diet. High-fat, sugary breakfasts were encouraged. Glad to be here now…

  24. Hello!!! Let me start by saying I am a mega huge fan, I have your book and your cookbook and am obsessed with them both, along with your channel, Instagram, and podcast. I love getting as much information I can that is backed by science and you are the man at that!! With all that being said, the reason for my comment is to ask about celery juice… more specifically the 'Medical Medium' theories on celery juice. I dont tend to believe people who dont have a lot of science/proof backing what they say, not saying he doesnt, I just dont know his theories and background well enough to hold him credible. I am interested in learning the facts about juicing celery and the pros and cons if you are able to provide me with some knowledge ✌😁

  25. Did you know the average life expectancy is only 0.7 years more than a hundred years ago if you factor out early infant mortality ? If you lived past the age of 40 hundreds of years ago you had a good chance at living to todays averages . That means infant care and antibiotics are the main reasons we live so long. If our diet was optimal (WFPB) we likely would average out at least 90 to 100 . All the crap we eat not only kills us younger, it makes our "health expectancy" much shorter. My parents were fortunately intelligent enough to not feed us this garbage for breakfast.

  26. It should be illegal for food companies to make their own studies or even choose which researchers to conduct a specific study. A company should however be required to conduct studies to check for potential dangers of their product. Such studies should be requested by the company through an impartial body. The study should then be assigned by that body to an appropriate research team looking to conduct studies within that field. After the study has been completed the company should be responsible for telling it's customers the risks associated with using their products. If they don't they should be held accountable for any damage caused to an individuals health that could have been avoided with knowledge of the results from such a study.

    I'm just venting… I know I'm naive and idealistic.

  27. As a dentist, I really appreciate these videos. Can you please do one on gummy bear vitamins. So many of my patients say their doctors recommend them for the kids.

  28. My son eats sweet cereals dry for snacks. He needs to watch this, and I'm going to share it with him. We both have the kind of "soft" teeth that are more prone to cavities.

    When I saw the title of the video, my first thought was that you were going to say "raisins." I've heard that dried fruit, because it sticks to your teeth longer (like caramel) is really bad for cavities. Same sugar issue, or different sugar there?

  29. Tried "plant based", "daily dozen".
    Feel better, eating steak and eggs.
    I trust my feelings, more than these studies that change every year.
    I also hear vegans aren't doing too well.

  30. I haven't eaten dry cereal in years. I just eat old fashioned oats and yes, I do put a little coconut sugar in it, but not much and certainly not as much as those other cereals. I can't believe people still eat this stuff. Please do more videos on dental health and maybe some foods that are good for dental health as well.

  31. Another thing to take note is gum bacteria, even if you eat healthy if you don't manage to kill/remove bad gum bacteria you will still get tooth decay.

  32. I'm sure this is the case, if one doesn't brush afterward. So try a measurement of acidity after brushing after eating this? Somethings missing here.

  33. You should rinse your mouth with water after eating any food. Thinking sugar is bad for teeth will stop people from eating natural sweet fruit. There is a reason fruit has a high water content naturally once ripe to eat. Having a dry mouth and drinking acidic soft drink is what is most harmful to teeth.

  34. OH DEAR! Im just bought two boxes of Trader Joe's Honey O's which I have for breakfast. But I brush my teeth afterwards.

  35. ANY food that is low water content will stick in between your teeth. Oatmeal is one of the worst too. Same with bread, biscuits etc.

  36. But but he's cherry picking studies to show that meat is worse for tooth decay than processed and sugary plant-based cereals… oh wait 🤔

  37. Jeez how do scientists even put their own name on garbage papers like that? I'd be embarrassed. They must be getting paid bank.

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