Kac Para Yarismasi

Arthritis Diet and Exercises

like and subscribe for awesome food creations!!! hand tossed dough prebaked at 550 for 5 minutes super meaty spaghetti sauce veal, beef, tomato, oregano, garlic, thyme, bottle of red wine, cheese, olive oil, balamic vinegar, anchovies spaghetti of your choice I am using a vegetable and protein infused healthy spaghetti more sauce on top asiago and romano or a hard salty cheese of your choice after another 10 minutes of baking you have this beauty i added some oregano for delicious tasty flavor you would think carb on top of carb would be bad it is wonderful. That is why I used a lighter weight vegetable infused noodle it tastes so good with such a savory meaty and garlic flavored sauce everything is balanced if anything you could even add more cheese You need to be careful when making a pizza with heavy toppings hand toss your crust and leave it thick I knew I needed a thicker crust to support the weight and the moisture of the sauce I usually prefer a thin crust but it would have fallen apart in fact it probably wouldn’t even come off the pizza peel and slide into the oven even with this thick crust I had to grab the dough and pull it off the peel by hand this is incredibly filling one slice is like 3 slices of regular pizza I’ll just think of it as three times the fun or 3 times the value this is an incredibly budget concious pizza because I am using leftover sauce the only new ingredient I bought was a ball of pizza dough and cheap noodles I already had leftover cheese I love when I can be creative while being frugal and making good use of my resources kids sometimes it is cool to be responsible lol love you all thanks for watching! I am going to save the rest to share with my wife. I am stuffed.

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