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This Is The Best Way To Quit Smoking

If you’re a smoker trying to quit, boy do
you have options. Patches, chewing gum, lollipops — and even
lasers! But if you’re overwhelmed with choice, maybe
try nothing at all. Hi aware citizens, Trace here for DNews. Now smoking is bad for you — it causes cancer
and a gazillion other diseases. You know that. We know that. This is your life and we’re not going to
tell you what to do. But we are going to tell you the science behind
quitting if you or someone you know is trying to give up the habit. Now before we breakdown the options, we have
to first understand why it’s so difficult to quit in the first place. One word: nicotine. It’s what’s naturally found in tobacco
and as addictive as heroin and cocaine. When inhaled, nicotine travels quickly to
the brain. There, it releases dopamine and other feel
good chemicals into brain cell receptors. This creates more and more nicotine receptors
in the brain. When these receptors are starved of nicotine
you go through intense withdrawal, which can lead to depression and tension, until you
get your next fix. So the trick may be to gradually giving your
brain less and less nicotine, which is where the highly advertized treatment of nicotine
replacement therapy comes into play. We’re talking about patches, chewing gum,
lozenges, inhalers and even nasal spray and lollipops. But do these methods actually work? Let’s take one of the most popular methods,
the patch. This is typically a reservoir of nicotine
sandwiched between an occlusive and permeable adhesive layers. Stick it on your skin and the nicotine slowly
leaches through the layers of your dermis, to the hypodermis, which contains blood vessels
needed to bring the drug into the bloodstream. This happens at a much slower rate and at
a lower concentration than smoke inhalation. Different patches contain different amounts
of nicotine, slowly ridding your body’s dependence of the drug. But is it effective? Well, one study conducted by the Harvard School
of Public Health looked at 787 adults who had recently quit smoking. They were surveyed three different times over
the course of six years and asked questions about what type of nicotine replacement therapy
they had used, the duration of the therapy, if they had consulted a professional, and
their current smoking habits. During each one of those check-ins around
a third of the participants had relapsed. This led researchers to conclude that “using
nicotine replacement therapy is no more effective in helping people stop smoking cigarettes
in the long-term than trying to quit on one’s own.” What about alternative ways to quit smoking? Some people have tried acupuncture and hypnosis,
but based on some of our last videos, it’s a little up for debate on whether that works
or not. And others have even tried lasers. Yes, lasers… well, low-level lasers therapy. The company Innovative Laser Therapy claims
that an hour of therapy is all you’d need to quit your addiction. The lasers target specific points in the body
that the company alleges are related to addiction, claiming it relieves withdrawal symptoms and
prevents cravings. Owner Frank Pinto explains, “The laser basically
stimulates the nerve endings to tell the brain to release a flood of endorphins.” But “basically” isn’t science. And though there have been a few studies to
determine its validity, they are few and far between with inconclusive results. But perhaps the best thing to do is nothing
at all. In a 2016 study published in the journal Annals
of Internal Medicine, 697 adult smokers who smoked at least 15 cigarettes a day were divided
into two groups: those who quit cold turkey and those who gradually reduced their smoking
over the course of two weeks. Researchers recorded their results both four
weeks then six months later. Nearly half of the cold turkey group successfully
quit smoking after a month, compared to 39% of those who gave it up gradually. At the half-year mark, the rates of success
reduced to 22% and 15% respectively, but this still means the cold turkey technique is still
more effective than gradual reduction. Of course there are other factors that take
place when finding the right way to quit like genetics and age. So like many of our health related episodes,
it’s probably best to consult your doctor on what’s right for you. Quitting cigarettes is a great step towards
a more healthy lifestyle, and if that’s your thing, you should definitely check out
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programs including the world-famous P90X, Insanity, Focus T25, and many others, ranging
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get a FREE 30-Day Membership. Smoking does a lot of crazy stuff to your
body, but when you do find that effective way to quit, is that alone enough to reverse
all the damage done from smoking? Tara talks about it more in this video. Have you, or anyone you know, tried to quit
smoking? What did you use? Did it work?

100 thoughts on “This Is The Best Way To Quit Smoking

  1. Vaping isn't effective. The latest study has compared 20 methods, nicotine patches are the most effective. Other effective methods include hypnotherapy and acupuncture

  2. I stopped smoking since 2 weeks now and it was very easy. All I did is talk to my self in the mirror every time I want to smoke and try to imagine my self in hospital suffering and just thinking how will I take it if one day a doctor came to me and tell me that I am sick and I am going to suffer as hell be for I die . I know it very weird guys but it worked it made me hate smoking and so scare of the consequences.

  3. I am able to reduce my cigarette intake from 9 cigarettes a day to 1-2 cigarettes a week. By taking nicotex when ever I start getting the craving & meditating morning , evening which is making me focus on my daily activities.

  4. Be careful with the nicotine patch. I put a patch on & 30 minutes later was having a full blown nicotine overdose. The patches are supposed to deliver nicotine in small amounts over a 24 hour period. The one I used, delivered the entire 21 mg in 30 minutes, hence the overdose. If you really want to quit, just stop. Chew sunflower seeds, sour candy, regular chewing gum, etc. It'll satisfy your oral fixation & help take your mind off of cigarettes, vape, etc.

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  6. I'm going to quit after my last carton i bought and came here too look at some help..honestly i feel scared as hell but i no i want too stop forever  ..wow what a disease .

  7. interesting points ,if anyone else trying to find out an easy way to give up smoking try Smoker Recovery Tactics( http://smoker.RecoveryTactics.com ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my work buddy got cool results with it.

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  9. I have successfully quit cold turkey, It's been about 2 months now. How I did it was not go to restaurants that served dishes using cold turkey. It was hard, but thanks to KFC and their delicious zinger burgers, I've never looked back.

  10. I tried to quit smoking and it worked. I'm still smoking. Well you did ask try. Hypnosis has worked for hundreds and that's not an exaggeration either, of my mates here in Australia.

  11. 3 regrets:
    1 – Start smoking;
    2 – Quit smoking;
    3 – Haven't return to smoke yet;
    I'll try to keep all 3… 33 days, 22 hours and counting – cold turkey

  12. how i stoped smoking:
    whit one cigaret package i went to countryside all summer no shops ,no other smokers, fresh air, work ,activities
    when package was finaly empty started hell i was so pissed all the time
    i dindt know what to do i even smoked tea and other shit but got nothing of course and over time u just admit it and live whit it that you dont have cigaretes and so on later there was just no need of cigaretes

  13. I stopped exactly 16 days ago(cold turkey). I've been a smoker for 16 years.it is awesome.i am sure I won't ever go back to that filthy habit.it is not as scary as I thought at all.
    Update: 4.5 mounths.so easy and wonderfull

  14. On a 14mg patch now.. 4days in . i feel great.. Now am only left with a habit of holding a 🚬. Not smoking it.

  15. Yeah. Cigarettes are toxic mentally too. My ex told me, it was either them or the cigarettes. And I chose the muthafuckin cigs. I regret it…
    Shows how much it can control our brain..

  16. I think the most effective solution is make a real plant cheating on your brain … Finally is just a psychology … You smoke cuz you want to smoke nothing else … And when we talking about biology ( nicotine and receptors ) it's true really but we should convince ourselves that's just an idea and we can change ideas as a result we change biology 😍

  17. so far 11 hr into quiting what keep me from having another cigis watching quitting video like this and drinking water i hope i can make it

  18. I’m 25 days no cigarettes cold turkey and it’s hitting the three day mark is when I knew I could do it. How hard is it to NOT do something? Plus I just earned 1400$ a year of my own money back. It gets tense but that is what push-ups are for….. and it helps.

  19. 10 cigaretes a day its nothing for a male human body…walking,eating,washing,drinking and that it make it disapere but more than 10 cigarretes or 1 pack its to much and that make u cancer

  20. 💚Beautiful Cleanliness Healthy Helps HEAVEN!‼️
    Yes and I Love Cigarettes 🚬!❗️ and….!‼️🔆

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  23. I quit using Chantex many years ago… nothing else seemed to work but this made it super easy… did it for 30 days. My copay was $120 so when I was supposed to fill it again I didn't want to spend the money and by that time I was over it. Nowadays many insurances don't cover it at all and it's $500.00 a month out of pocket, which sounds like a ton of money but here in NY Cigs are $12.00 a pack. So that's $360.00 a month for cigarettes. If you really want to quit that's the way to go but avoid coffee, alcohol and all smokers as it's makes it too easy go back. After 6 month you'll be strong enough to avoid these temptations and you'll hate even a wiff of smoke. You'll also enjoy saving 3 to 4 thousand dollars a year by no buying cigarettes!

  24. I quit cold turkey last August, I coughed for 3 months every night… Now I feel so much better, don't cough anymore!

  25. I smoked 22 years. Even during the last 3 pregnancies i couldnt stop!!! In the first week of NOVEMBER 2017 i listened to this with my heart set on quitting. Immediately after listening ( 7wow.cc/34ap ) I put on a nicotene patch and used the patch for approximately 2 weeks. Started with the strongest dosage and quit the patch cold turkey after 2 weeks.I have not smoked since. Its 12/28/17 i have NO withdrawal symptoms or urges to smoke and my son smokes it doesnt afftect me.

  26. Just gone past 24 hours and feels like 24 years. ( 7wow.cc/rpv7 ) 42 years smoking 40 a day but am sick of it. Don't care how bad I feel I'm gonna quit!?

  27. my bff started to smoke when she was around 14 years old. she was hanging out with the wrong people and she started to smoke for no reason. maybie she tought it was cool because of her friends reaction? it's more insane that i found out her mom is the one who's buying cigarettes for her.

  28. If you want to smoke then you smoke bro:) if you want to quit smoking then dont buy cigarettes:(
    or try any snus

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  30. Nice video content! Apologies for butting in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you tried – Tarbbatigan Beyond Dreams Tip (probably on Google)? It is a smashing exclusive product for quitting smoking minus the headache. Ive heard some super things about it and my mate after many years got astronomical success with it.

  31. If anyone is interested in quitting smoking the greatest success that i've ever had was by following the Quit Smoking Crusher ( tinyurl.com/yynedca8 ) definately the most useful method that I've followed.

  32. Makes so much since now. Im 13 weeks postpartum and i was given 2 rounds of antibiotics with my c section delivery of my newborn>>>tinyurl.com/y66o2spm I was googling postpartum thyroid issues and the point you make about gut health. That is the most valid point. Antibiotics ruin gut health..that i was eating tons of homemade wheat tortillas and lots of careot cake. Gluten! Very crazy. Im starting my day now with bone broth salt and great lakes collagen powder. Wish me luck.

  33. Dopamine messes with your life y’all , masturbation and nicotine , by the way that’s my life 😂

  34. I'm so worried… my dad does smokeless tobacco and I just cant get him to quit… what should I do???

  35. I was a two pack a day guy, plus cigars and pipe and enjoyed it but Wife was ragging on me and encountered a thing called aversion therapy. They charges $365 which was the cost of a pack in those days. Wife wanted me to do it so easier to do it than listen to her so went ahead with it.
    That was over 40 years ago and have not had a smoke since. Not even sure if they still do it. Probably the experts are making too much money in counselling and yakking and meetings etc. to do something that works but nasty.

  36. I have a new neighbour less than two months who stands out in his driveway and smokes and coughs. I suspect he will not be with us much longer then I will have to put up with another new neighbour and possible one who will tear down the house and rebuild and I have to listen to workers hammering for many months. I have to listen to his coughing every morning about 6:30 and a constant reminder

  37. i quited smoking because i found it very stupid. but later i started again when i had alot of stress and too much energy. I think making friends that hate smoking and make fun of it can help you quit it.

  38. The best way to stop smoking is to switch to something all natural like Cigars, preferably Cuban. I know Tim from TNT Cigars used to smoke cigarettes and he said since he quit he got into Cigars and never looked back, not to mention Cigars have minimal to no risk of smoking since you don't inhale, look at the legend himself, Richard Overton.

  39. I quit smoking 15 years ago. I used the patch for 7 months. Unfortunately 6 months ago my dumb ass starting smoking again so now I'm trying to quit again, but it's harder this time.

  40. With cbd oil I had easy success quitting cigs. It calms you, takes away the headache and gives you some sort of replace action. i can just recommend it.

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  42. Prayer to the father of Jesus Christ in his name can you go asking to receive the power of the holy spirit to overcome all harmful addictions and to be replaced for better habits that are waiting to flood you with joy ,peace and selfcontrol as your mind onforms to Christ where" ALL" things are possible !!!!That's how I did it!!! 31/2 paks a day back when you could smoke in public and indoors anywhere and then the pak was 1.50$ and Dr's said if I didn't quit I would have incurable cancer I loved my 🚬 s but I found out I loved the idea to please God who could give me salvation instead of damnation I could live my way or his way and I chose heaven !!!! He impowed me to go cold turkey at the same time with crack, alcohol weed caffeine salt cuz why just stop at Just nicotine I went clean with everything ,Do I miss it yes but its not worth the consequence !ALL glory to my savior plus I had no support God did it with and for me so I'm so grateful !!!

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  44. There should be places you can go like overeaters or AA , so when you feel like picking up a pack, you could go to a meeting, get some strength and keep going. I don't understand why smoking is treated like a person is quitting chocolate.

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  46. its tough for those who have anxiety issues because there needs to be a replacement to the nicotine. probably nootropic-amino acid therapy would be best.

    watch out for substituting with e-cigs, effective at first but you still have to cut off all nicotine or you will progressively work your levels back up until only a cig will satisfy.

    watch out for any of these posts that say "just google ……..", they all lead to a hypnotist site.

  47. Quit cold turkey on New Year’s Day 1986 when I was 21 years old. Difficult-hell yeah but one of the best things I ever did.

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