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Tia Mowry’s Chicken with Maple Bacon Glaze | Quick Fix

– Hi guys! So today, I’m so excited
because I’m gonna be sharing with you, one
of my favorite recipes from my cookbook, “Whole New You”, and if you guys wanna check it out, make sure you click the link below. (upbeat music) So, let’s get this party started. I am gonna be making
my pan roasted chicken, with a bacon maple glaze,
doesn’t that sound great? You know, this is one of my brother’s, well, both of my brothers’,
like favorite recipe, and I really think it’s
because of the bacon. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love bacon, so that is what we’re
gonna start with first. So, I have a pan right
here in front of me, and what I’ve done is, I’ve just cut up my bacon into strips, I’m
just gonna throw it into here, (sizzle) and you wanna hear that nice sizzle, we have a sizzle going on! I love the smell of bacon
cooking, ah.. so good! Okay, this is just gonna
take a few minutes, and while my bacon cooks, I’m gonna start seasoning up my chicken, and what I’m using are
some chicken thighs. I’m gonna keep the bone in, and when you cook your
chicken thighs with the bone, it just adds so much flavor! (bacon sizzles) I’m gonna go ahead and season this, I’m gonna add some salt. This is not only one
of my favorite recipes in my cookbook, it’s my brother’s. I feel like all of my recipes
are my brother’s favorite. I always love cooking for them, and when I made this
for them, several times, they just absolutely loved it, and not only that, my husband loves it, my son loves it, we all love this. So, I think you’ll love it too! My bacon’s looking good,
it’s really nice and crispy, and what I’m gonna do
is, transfer my bacon on to this plate here, that
I’ve lined with a paper towel, and don’t throw it away, because
we’re gonna use it later. I’m also gonna leave some
of the bacon fat in the pan, because guess what? I am going to add my chicken to this pan, and what I love about that is, the bacon fat is gonna give this chicken, so much flavor. I’m also putting my chicken, skin down, and cooking my chicken this way. My chicken will have a
really nice crust to it, and don’t touch it, that’s the key to getting a really nice crispy chicken. Just let it kind of hang out for a while! I wrote this book out of inspiration. I wanted to inspire and to share my story. I have something called endometriosis, and what that is, is it’s a
highly inflammatory condition, that can cause infertility. To kind of get rid of
inflammation in my body, my doctor told me to eat foods that wouldn’t cause inflammation. So, for a whole year, I ate these recipes, that are in my cookbook, “Whole New You”, and I was able to get
pregnant with my son, Cree. He is definitely my miracle child and I remember telling my
doctor, “I’m pregnant”, and her exact words were,
“It’s because of that diet.” So, I’m not a doctor, but you know, this worked for me, and
if you are struggling with infertility, it may
work for you as well. Now I’m gonna move on to my maple glaze. I’m gonna add some maple syrup, of course, which is gonna add some
sweetness to this dish. Soy sauce, to give it a little salty kick, sherry vinegar to give
it a little tang-tang, (laughs) if that’s a word! I notice that I come up with these words, I’m like, maybe I should
have my own dictionary, Tia’s dictionary, and then I’m
gonna add some Dijon Mustard. All right, that looks nice! I like it, I like it a lot, I like it a lot! If you guys can figure out
what movie that is from, (sizzling) we’ll be like best
friends, I like it a lot! You guys know what movie that’s from? No, Dumb and Dumber! So, I’m just gonna take my chicken out, and put it on this plate,
I’m not done with this, because I’m gonna put
it back into the sauce, and let it finish cooking. Oh, yes, yes baby yes! There we go, I’m just
gonna set this aside, and now, I’m gonna add my onions, and again, I’m still
using the same bacon fat. That’s just gonna give
this dish loads of flavor. Alright, so I’m just gonna cook this, until the onions get really nice and soft. With this book, a lot of
the recipes are dairy-free, and gluten-free, but you are
not missing out on any flavor. I am telling you, I am
all about flavor, honey, and food tasting great and
delicious and making you happy. My onions are looking good,
fabulous, sexy, wonderful, all right! (laughs) Now, I’m gonna add some water and then, I’m gonna add my maple glaze. Mmmmmm! This is looking good! I’m just gonna bring this up to a simmer, now I’m gonna put my
bacon back into my pan. (laughs) We have our bacon, we
have our onions, and then, I’m gonna finish off my chicken. I’m gonna put it skin side up, because we want the
chicken to be really nice and crispy, still on top, and also we have to finish
cooking off the chicken. Ah, this is smelling so good! So, I’m gonna let this cook
for another 25 minutes, until the chicken is cooked through. My chicken is ready to eat, yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy, and look here, you can see that the chicken skin, it’s still nice and
crispy, the way I love it. Let’s taste this, you
know you can serve this, with a side of veggies, like green beans, or my brothers love when I
serve this over some rice, or some mashed potatoes, look at that, (laughs loudly) and then what I’m gonna
do is, I’m gonna top it, with some fresh parsley, yummy! Let’s give this a taste! Who doesn’t love a great chicken dish? Make sure I have some chicken
there, with the onions, and the bacon, and the maple sauce. (upbeat music) Oh! Oh my gosh, ohoho.. mmmm.. This is so good, and I love that the chicken is tender, because you’ve cooked
it really nice and slow. This is definitely a winner, you guys, this is so good. I hope you guys try it out. If you do, let me know in the comments, and make sure you subscribe! I’ll see you next week, bye bye! (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Tia Mowry’s Chicken with Maple Bacon Glaze | Quick Fix

  1. Hey Tia, I am a new subscriber and I love your channel. My sister is a brain cancer survivor, she was placed on a puree diet. There are not alot puree option in the hospital, and she doesn't like any of them. Could you come up with a tasty puree meal that my sister may enjoy?

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