Kac Para Yarismasi

Arthritis Diet and Exercises

Tips On Living An Active Life : How To Diet For An Active Lifestyle

Okay, we’re talking about weight management
here folks and we’ve talked about the importance of burning calories, the fact that fact that
we have to burn more than we consume, the next important thing is dieting and hydration.
The body needs certain essential nutrients to do what it does. It’s our job to give it
what it needs. We control the course of what they make the minds on the body, you know
we put it through all kinds of rigors and it needs what it needs. So we have a problem.
The problem is that the food we eat, the source of this food is depleted. So let me give you
an example of what I’m talking about; in order to get the nutritional value that we used
to get from a pound of spinach back in the 1950s, we have to consume 70 pounds. Can you
visualize 70 pounds of spinach? That’s a lot of spinach to eat. But to get the same value
of nutritional value we used to get from 1 pound we now need to consume 70 pounds, why
is that? That’s because the source has been depleted because instead of man evolved from
being gaderus to being to farming the land and farming the same land over and over and
over, it ruins the soil and the nutrients are just not there. So bottom line is the
nutrients are not in the food that we’re consuming and the body is in the state of starvation.
So what happens is what we call cravings. The body pushes you, pushes you because it
needs something that it’s not getting. So for example myself, I remember getting up
in the middle of the night going to the refrigerator, I’m driven, it’s craving. Have you ever felt
that you have a taste for something? But you can’t figure out what it is, so you try something
it’s not that, you try something else it’s not that. It’s your body telling you something,
it’s trying to tell you, hey this is what I need and you’re not giving it to me.

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