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Titan Vegan™ Protein – How Do I Take It?

– Here’s some commonly
asked questions we get about Titan Nutrition’s Vegan Protein. Question number one. How much should I take? A serving size of our
vegan protein in one scoop is 20 grams of protein. However, the amount you should take is gonna be determinate on
the total amount of proteins that you’re trying to achieve in a day. Question number two. When should I take it? There’s no right or wrong time to take our vegan protein. We recommend, of course, getting most of your
proteins whole food choices. A good time to take a supplemental protein would be after a workout, but you can choose to take vegan any time you wanna increase your protein intake. Question number three. How should I take it? vegan protein was made to be mixed just in water, both the Chocolate Mousse and the Vanilla Chai
are excellent flavors. However, you could choose
to put it in a smoothie and mix it with berries, peanut
butter, whatever you like. Question number four. Should I cycle? There’s no need to cycle
your vegan protein. You can take it daily,
or whenever you need to add a supplement to meet your daily protein requirements. Question number five. What happens if I skip? Meaning what happens if I miss a serving of my vegan protein. So long as you hit your
daily protein requirements, nothing happens if you skip one serving. Just make sure that in the day, you’re gonna hit those total
protein macro-nutrients. We hope this answers some
questions about our vegan protein. If you have other questions about any Titan Nutrition products
please find us online at titannutrition.net or
on Facebook and Instagram. (inspirational music)

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