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Top 10 Ridiculous Fad Diets

When many people think of diets, the first
thing they think of is losing weight. While that is often true, not all diets are
solely about taking off pounds. A diet is really just the way that someone
tends to eat on a regular basis, when and what foods they eat and how much. Some diets are undertaken for moral reasons,
such as is the case with people who sustain from eating delicious, succulent cuts of meat
that make your mouth water. Others believe that their strange diet will
make them healthier, even if they aren’t concerned about losing weight at all. Of course some diets are mostly about losing
weight, and those are usually the strangest. 10. The cookie diet. The cookie diet sounds really stupid when
you first hear about it, because it doesn’t seem like you are going to have much of a
chance to lose weight eating confections. However, the diet plan is actually supposed
to be quite good at causing you to lose weight. The idea is that you eat several specially
formulated cookies throughout the day to control hunger and keep your caloric intake small
and then have one mid size meal. While it does help people lose weight, the
problem is that it does so by keeping people on a caloric restriction of around 1,000 to
1,200 which isn’t exactly enough for a human to get by on in a healthy manner. Many people supplement the lack of proper
nutrition with multivitamins, due to not getting the right nutrition on the lower caloric plans. 9. The ramen diet. This one is popular among college students
mainly because it is easy and cheap and many young people eat far too much of it. Unfortunately ramen has pretty much no nutritional
value, unless you count an incredible amount of sodium, reaching as much as 3,000mg in
some flavor packets of ramen. To make matters even worse, ramen noodles
are really high in fat, especially saturated fat. While some people suggest leaving out the
seasoning packet and mixing ramen noodles with something healthier, the noodles themselves
still contain an incredible amount of sodium. Really people would find more bang for their
buck just buying a dollar box of actual pasta instead. 8. Raw food. One of the crazier diet fads that seems to
enjoy a resurgence on a semi-regular basis and has a strong steady following is the raw
food diet. This diet isn’t really focused on losing
weight at all, and isn’t particularly a moral choice either. The raw food diet is usually undertaken by
people who have become convinced that eating food in its raw, natural, unprocessed state
is the best for you. However, this makes their diets extremely
limited, focused mostly on fruits and vegetables with certain select kinds of raw fish, meat
and dairy products as well. The main problem with this diet isn’t necessarily
nutrition but that you will be spending an incredible amount of time in the kitchen preparing
everything, as the diet is highly specialized. 7. The Atkins diet. The Atkins diet is too famous to leave off
this list, and is probably the most controversial item here. While some people still defend it, it is not
nearly as popular as it was during the height of its fad popularity. In fact, while the Atkins diet may not be
as popular as it once was, many people still embrace a low carb diet. The problem the Atkins diet was looking to
solve was the fact that most carbohydrates people were eating were mostly white flour
and white sugar, not very good for you. However, the Atkins diet eliminates enough
carbohydrates in your diet that it can actually be bad for you. A better approach that some people go for
is to use some of the ideas in the Atkins diet, but still eat carbohydrates, just stick
to good ones made entirely from whole grains. 6. TV dinner diet. Another popular diet plan is the TV dinner
diet; many people buy them by the cartful because they are quick and relatively cheap. More importantly to those watching their weight
however, is that the TV dinners make portion control a lot easier and make calorie counting
simple. The problem with these dinners is mainly that
the sodium content is usually astronomical. Much of the time you’ll be lucky to find
one that has a sodium count per serving that is less than a 1,000mg and oftentimes it will
be much higher than that. Unfortunately, it looks like these frozen
meals aren’t a very healthy choice. 5. Nothing but liquids. All liquid diets are occasionally prescribed
for medical reasons; however, it is usually for a very short period of time. Of course some people saw the potential for
weight loss and a new diet plan was born. While some companies will peddle various products
for a liquid diet that helps you lose weight, the main problem is that it is a yo-yo diet. Specifically this means you may lose a lot
of weight while you are on it, but will find it hard to not put the weight right back on
after you stop. Worse yet many people who try to follow such
a diet plan over an extended period of time develop health problems; it is not good for
you long term. 4. Fruitarianism. Fruitarianism is perhaps the strangest and
most restrictive diet plan in the world. Vegans themselves are considered to be pretty
extreme, taking their diet beyond just the table and into other aspects of their lives
as well. However, fruitarianism is so extreme that
even vegetables are not allowed. The idea being that unless something can be
removed from a plant without doing harm to the plant, they will not eat it. Some are so extreme that they won’t even
eat seeds or anything that might be able to create another plant. But if you thought that was extreme, some
will ensure they only eat fruit that fell from a tree and will refuse it if it was picked
by hand. The diet makes it very difficult to get proper
nutrition and would be very difficult for most people to maintain. 3. Dairy diet. Some recent studies have supposedly pointed
toward large amounts of dairy in a diet being great for weight loss; however, the studies
are quite misleading. Essentially the studies found that those in
their dairy group lost more weight, but those in the dairy group were getting the nutrients
from taking calcium supplements, not from actually eating dairy products. To make matters even more absurd, the study
was supported by the National Dairy Council, which is like Coke supporting a study saying
that soda is good for you. The truth is dairy products have some useful
nutrients but should be consumed in moderation like all foods, as certain forms of dairy
products in large amounts can have negative effects. For instance, large amounts of cheese are
not particularly great for your cholesterol. 2. Chocolate cake diet. This one isn’t exactly a fad diet; however,
with this recent research it’s probably not long until a company markets their own
special cake diet plan to fit this new idea. Essentially new research found that those
who eat a confection such as chocolate cake with well balanced breakfast actually lose
a pretty good amount of weight. The idea behind it is that eating the sugary
confection in the morning helps speed up the metabolism, and makes you less likely to crave
the sweets later in the day. And because you ate the confectionary early
in the day, you don’t really have to worry about gaining weight from it, your body should
have it all digested well before the day is over. Perhaps this one is a decent idea, and it
would be as simple as pairing a small confection with a balanced breakfast in the morning. 1. Baby food diet. One of the most bizarre fad diets is the baby
food diet, many point to a fitness trainer named Tracy Anderson as the originator, although
she has denied it recently, the diet also does not have an official set of rules. However, supposedly some in Hollywood have
cottoned on to the idea and made it into a fad. Usually the diet involves replacing a couple
of your meals with baby food and keeping your third meal low in calories. The other variation involves eating normal
meals but eating baby food instead of snacks that might otherwise be high in calories through
the day. Nutrition experts have pointed out that baby
food is actually meant for babies, and won’t necessarily have the right nutrients for a
grown adult. They also feel that with the wildly varying
calorie content in baby food, and the fact that the taste and texture will likely never
satisfy an adult, that they can’t see anyone keeping up with the diet for more than a few

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Ridiculous Fad Diets

  1. No hamburger helper diet? I lived off of hamburger helper for a couple of years when I was a kid. My father was not a cook

  2. You keep mentioning sodium levels in the food. Wasn't it you that said there wasn't any scientific proof that excessive salt was an issue in health?

  3. My favorite crackpot diet plan is the “Paleo Diet.” It’s based on the theory that the historical diet of people who had a 25-30 year life expectancy is somehow better for us than what people eat who live for 80-90 years.

  4. for a while, in my early 20s, id get some of those Gerber Peaches for shameless snacks during the day.. i cant specifically remember growing tired of them, but theyre like peach pudding- theyre incredible.

  5. We bigfoots never go on diets, I just eat deer and squirrels and stuff that the campers leave behind when I scare them away

  6. The time of day that you eat has absolutely no affect on weight gain, eating right before bed or first thing in the morning or in between is no different.
    If you put in more calories than you burn then you will gain weight, if you burn more than you put in then you will loose weight and time of day has no bearing on that what so ever, it's a myth.

  7. Would eating dog food be healthier for a person than eating cereal? 50 pounds bag of dog food is cheaper than 50 pounds of cereal. What the calorie count on dog food?

  8. The "TopTenz" diet. Daily small portions of the bizarre, outrageous, and often funny content. Supplemented with curiosities and spiced with a healthy dose of facts.

  9. You forgot Breatharian, the idiots who think they can live on air and sunshine only. Every person who claims they do this has been found sneaking real food. Oh, and low-carb diets have been around for a long time; they used to be called "banting".

  10. I can 100% get behind the chocolate cake diet. It does seem logical and absolutely delicious. *i tend to eat about 10 chocolate chips per day for my chocolate fix anyway lol

  11. I think keto is crazy. Might work for some people short-term, but my issue is that people on the diet act like anyone and everyone should do it. I guess it's partially because I'm a vegetarian so anything low-carb just sounds sad.

    Ugh, just thinking of the fruitarian and dairy diets make my stomach hurt.

    Ramen isn't healthy BUT it does have protein like most noodles. A package of top ramen has about 8g. Definitely not enough to sustain a person, but it's worth noting.

  12. Fad diets are another way that someone or some company is making a lot of money. The bottom line is that people just need to actually "diet", which means eating healthy meals with not too much of any one thing. That along with some sort of physical exercise and the majority of people will lose weight and keep it off. Too many people enjoy the spending of money and buying special items for their "diet". They make it into a big production and shortly later we hear reasons as to why it didn't work out. There are a small amount of people that do have genetic issues, etc. and have great difficulty losing weight and keeping it off but those people are actually not common at all. Diet that works for almost every person on earth?? – Controlled portions with physical exercise. Period.

  13. I had to go on a liquid/baby food/mushy diet for almost a year…it was hard for the first month and then it was super easy.

  14. Baby food diet? Baby food is expensive enough as it is, when you feed it to a baby. Now imagine adult-sized portions of it!

  15. I was on an all-liquid diet for a couple of days after I had my gallbladder removed. I almost felt like jumping for joy when I was allowed to eat solid food again.

  16. Chocolate cake diet?🎂 COUNT ME IN!!!😁 Just kidding. 🤣 I have to admit though, it sounds like something from a wonderful dream.😊💤💖

  17. 1000 calories a day is perfectly fine for someone trying to loose weight. In fact it's necessary with many weight loss diets.

  18. Keto diet, yeah let's restrict ourselves from carbs and fruit (How did that Atkin's Diet work out from a few years back)

  19. This guy thinks Atkins is too carb restricted. I've been keto carnivore this entire year. I've lost 75 lbs and feel great. As for raw food, 3 raw eggs with 4 oz raw beef liver. Major energy boost. Make sure the raw liver was frozen for 2 weeks first just to be extra safe.

  20. Natalie Schafer (aka Lovey Howell on Gilligan's Island) used to do an 'ice cream diet' when she wanted to lose a few pounds. She would eat nothing but a quart of ice cream every day for 4-5 days, she claimed she'd usually lose about 10 lbs. that way.

  21. Most idiots engaging in fad diets are also on the cognitive dissonance AND confirmation bias diets at the SAME TIME!!

    Bloody cheating bastards!

  22. So the Atkins diet is a more stricker version of Keto, carbs in wheat and starches convert to sugar, it's a diet that all type 2 diabetic patients are put on in the USA to control blood sugar.

  23. A low carb diet is in no way unhealthy for you. There are essential amino acids, without them you will die. There are essential fatty acids, without them will die. There are no, none, nada essential carbohydrates.

  24. Non GMO, lol nothing is non GMO. Everything we have bred over the years to be farm raised has been genetically modified, whether selectively bred or scientifically altered. You’d have to forage out in the woods all your life to be non GMO

  25. I knew someone who did a chocolate cake diet and it worked but they were trying to gain weight after recovering from a eating disorder ( the diet was literally to eat chocolate cake with every meal and was approved by a nutritionist)

  26. My mother is a cancer survivor. She no longer has functioning salivary glands and has been on a liquid diet for 9 years. This consisted of shakes made of frozen yogurt, carnation breakfast essentials, whey protein, and flavorings. She has to take a salt supplement daily. This has maintained all her vitamins and mineral at a healthy level.

  27. What instant noodles contain a straight 3 grams of salt that's almost a tablespoon isn't it? The UK doesn't have saltines but apparently they dont shy away from the noodle form

  28. Eh. I lost 250+ pounds on a TV dinner diet. No BS. Breakfast: cereal with milk. Lunch: sugared energy drink. Dinner: TV dinner. Total of 1200-1300 calories per day for 20 months. I'll take the weight loss and stuff the sodium.

    I'm not a doctor, as anyone can tell from my diet recommendation. 🙂 I do have some general wisdom for anyone wanting to lose weight: get comfortable being hungry. After a while, you'll get the sense that it's not the worst thing you can feel and you can get over it.

  29. I had a neighbor who believed in the cabbage soup diet (you eat cabbage soup for two meals a day) to lose weight

  30. I add salt to my tv dinners because it's not bad for and is tasty. Stop with the lies, you yourself even did a video on the bogus evidence.

  31. Interesting to see that keto and carnivore are not on this list. I have done both over the past year and have benefited greatly from them. I expected both to make a showing though.

  32. A better description of Geographics: we explore unique and unusual places and dig up interesting facts about them.

  33. Can someone photoshop a picture of Simon wearing the infinity guantlet, but all the stones are replaced with the logos of channels he hosts plase and thankyou

  34. Please everyone, try the can-o-tuna diet! Remove tuna from can, feed it to your favorite cat, then eat the can.

    You wont gain fat on this diet and you'll make cats happy but stay away from salvage yard magnets!

  35. A recently disgraced comedian had a routine about giving chocolate cake to his kids for breakfast. "How ridiculous!" he thought at first when his daughter asked for it for breakfast. Then he ticked off the cake's ingredients. Flour. Eggs. Milk. "That's nutrition!", he rationalized.
    My first husband very often had chocolate cake for breakfast. With a cola to wash it down.

  36. Diets are for using weight or health issues. There are a surprising amount of health issues that have issues with certain foods

  37. You are behind on what's healthy. Cholesterol is necessary for survival. It's produced by the liver and is used in every cell.

  38. My diet is whatever my stomach doesn't want to churn at. I eat a bit of meat, sometimes snack foods or fast food, but mostly fruits and veggies.

  39. "Dr." Atkins died young (in his early 40's IIRC) & basically morbidly obese (over 400Lbs I seem to recall/DAMNED sure wasn't muscle)…I NEVER understood why people were SO obsessed with emulating his eating habits, clearly they never bothered looking into it whatsoever~

  40. I'd rather be a drug addict than a fat arse, if i had the choice to be addicted to speed/crank or cheese burgers! i know which one would be more sociably fun & actually exciting life choice.
    your probably more chance of dying younger been addicted to cheese burgers than crank, just look at Elvis vs all members of The Rolling Stones & Beatles

  41. New science seems to show that a majority unprocessed fruit/vegetable diet, with minimal grain/oat and meat(90ish % plant based – no more than 10% weekly calories from meat) is a great way to improve overall health

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