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Top 5 Science Stories of 2014! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

2014 has been a fantastic year for science in
pop culture. We have movies about Alan Turing and Stephen Hawking and interstellar travel.
But it’s also been a great year in real science. We’ve uncovered some of the biggest Dinosaurs ever and landed a robot on a space rock moving at Mach 100. Here are my top five science
stories from 2014. Number 5 is an incredible discovery that may
turn out to be nothing at all. In spring, a team of researchers running the
bicep or background imaging of cosmic extragalactic polarization experiment published results
showing gravitational waves rippling through the cosmic microwave background radiation
— the afterglow of the Big Bang. These results, which would basically prove
that cosmic inflation occurred in the early universe, were heralded as one of the biggest
discoveries of the century. Unfortunately, the team behind the data recently concluded
that cosmic dust may have tampered with the results, enough to invalidate the findings.
Star stuff got in the way. For number 4 all I have to say is that we
made a paralyzed man walk again. In a world-first, researchers have enabled
a man whose spinal cord was partially severed by a knife attack to walk again, though it
is heavily assisted walking. The doctors did it by taking cells from the
man’s nose which allow for nerve pathways to regenerate. They injected these cells around
the injury and then used nerve tissue from the man’s ankle to close the gap. After
three months the man’s thigh started putting on muscle. Two years after, he walks using
a frame. Amazing. The number 3 story is that we’ve found the
biggest dinosaurs ever. Just look at these bones. These are the bones
of possibly the largest dinosaurs to ever live, belonging to a group called the Titanosaurs. The first of these Dinos, discovered this
summer, doesn’t have an official name but may have weight as much as 14 African elephants
and stood as tall as a 7 story building. The second dinosaur, dubbed Dreadnoughtus,
may not have weighed as much as the first, but the specimen was in good enough condition
that it is the largest land animal whose weight can be accurately calculated, based on the
bones. Here’s a chart for some perspective At number two, we landed on a comet! Just last November, the Rosetta mission to
land a robot on the surface of comet 67p succeed, returning data we’ve never seen before. It’s amazing because the mission took over
a decade, traveled over 6 billion kilometers, and landed a tiny robot on a rock moving 135,000
kilometers per hour. The data it returned will tell us about the formation of our solar
system. Finally, the top science story is a depressing
one, but important. The debate is over on climate change. Adding
to the building consensus, another study this year put the likelihood that climate change
is being driven primarily by human emissions at 99.9 percent. This is critical because not only are we certain
that climate change is happening, we are certain that it’s primarily our fault. The science
is in. Now that we know the source of the problem, we owe it to the only home we’ve
ever known to come up with the solution. That means taking action. To quote Carl Sagan, “We can do science,
and with it, we can improve our lives.” Each year, we reduce our ignorance of the
universe just a bit, discover even more questions worth asking, and move humanity onwards towards
knowing what we don’t know. This year has been another giant step forward in that regard,
and next year we should learn even more. Why? Because Science. I’m back from the future! Or… Vegas. Either
way, looks like i’m just in time for nerdist news wtfridays! It’s a new year, and if you’re like me
that means you’re resolved to working off the disturbing amounts of junk food and rolling
around in front of the dragon age: inquisition start screen because even pressing buttons
on a controller was too much exercise-holiday time. If motivation is what you need to get
your butt back in gear, take a look at this dude. Oh yeah, ryu’s hurricane kick…i could
probably do that. Not a day goes by that i don’t wish i was
chilling in hyrule, cruising around on epona, and crushing mad moblins instead of living
in dumb ol’ hollywood and talking about movies and videogames for a living. Whelp,
turns out i’m just in the wrong city, because kotaku found an austin-based artist who’s
been turning the texan town into my favorite nintendo world. This hero who goes by “ez” has been hiding
crocheted bomb bags, wood-burned treasure chests, and even home-made fairy bottles and
sending locals on thrilling, zelda-themed treasure-hunts. The idea is for folks to pay
it forward – taking some loot, and leaving something else – like cash, or some art of
their own — behind. Pretty sweet idea, ez. After all, it’s dangerous to go alone. As you guys know, i’ve been at ces all week
long and i got to see some truly amazing stuff. From vr headsets to ultra hd tvs and beyond,
it felt like i’d stepped foot in the future. villain from dragon ball z. But did you know
he’s also a seriously kickass drummer? Because What, 9000? There’s no way that can be right! And finally, it’s time for your best worst
comment of the week! This week’s winner comes to us from our lively facebook community,
where johnny glosson hopped into our “ant man or ant-meh” episode by warning “people
who say meh are annoying.” You know johnny, i’m glad you meh-ntioned
it but it meh-be that you’re getting too meh-ntal about the whole thing. Still, we’ll
look through our meh-nu of words and see if there’s one that would be less of a meh-nace
to you. I’m not sure i have the acu-mehn and pre-game next year’s dia de los meh-uertos. What do you want to see more of on nerdist
news? Let me know. Because i care. Click on my head to subscribe to the nerdist
channel. You can find all the links to these videos below, kyle can tell you how lightsabers
work using the science, but before we go, watch this maniac roast a marshmallow over
a raging volcano.

86 thoughts on “Top 5 Science Stories of 2014! (Because Science w/ Kyle Hill)

  1. Whoa 99.9%
    Well i heard there are ways to make solar more efficient than nuclear, new tech to reuse nuclear waste
    So there solutions for conservation not only adaptation.
    I hope governments don't just pile money on adaptive cities to brace extreme wheater.

  2. Damn, lost me at the climate change claim. Oh well, as long as you don't try to hammer that B.S home (the verdict is far from decided one way or the other) I'll still check out your stuff 🙂

  3. I've been watching this show for a while now and I just realized that is doing the same thing as vsauce.

  4. Wait, Kyle, I just realized, are you a lefty? If so, I applaud you for your awesomeness (I mean, you're awesome anyway but lefties rock!) I've seen you use your right hand before though, are you ambidextrous?

  5. Didn't a team of scientists run an experiment that might confirm that the universe is some sort of hologram? They figured it out by finding the static in the hologram, if I remember right.

  6. Yes almost everyone agrees the climate changes. The question is why you think it shouldn't? Also do you really believe that only .1% of any change in climate is attributed to non CO2 factors.

  7. Yeah the debate is over on global warming it doesn't exist the earth naturally warms and cools and weather changes naturally also

  8. I love how the "Global Warming" theoretically began in 1930 but the Earth is not even warmer than it was during the Mid-evil Warm Period.  I thought this show was about science?

  9. For 2015: Have you heard that they're going to use every telescope to try to image the galaxy's supermassive black hole?

  10. Kyle, your videos are my favorite! You make me want to strive to learn something new everyday. Because of Because Science I realize there is much more I have a responsibility to learn about. Thanks for your enthusiasm!

  11. When you said the "space rock moving mach 100" was that an expression of exuberance or was that an attempt to be accurate? It's my understanding that mach 1 is the breaking of the sound barrier & rather than being a specific speed it has to do with the density of the medium being traveled through as that directly relates to the velocity necessary to break the sound barrier in that region. I don't understand the application of mach to space which doesn't, over all, have the density required for sound, as it is used on earth, to be propagated. Not that I am ultimately familiar with all of the expressions of velocity through space, just trying to broaden my horizons with a clarification. 🙂

  12. Anthrprogenic global warming, change, or cooling does not exist, and you're spouting propaganda. Up until this point, your video was spot on.

  13. Now we just need to get rid of all these idiotic anti-science Republicans who refuse to admit that we're fucking up the planet, so they can keep getting huge checks from Exxon and BP.

    Note: I meant the politicians, but it seems like there's still plenty of idiots who fully swallowed the idea that there's some kind of debate over climate change still. Just look at the comment section for this video …

  14. Well, you lost me on the Global Warming crock. 

    Sorry, while I have no doubt that the current spike in carbon is partly man made, the hypothesis of the results of this are not all that true. 

    For instance, how come there was more Carbon in the atmosphere  millions of years ago, you know like 100 times more?  What SUV's were running back them?

    In truth, our current level of carbon in the atmosphere is low based on the history on Earth.

  15. This audience doesn't need "man made global warming" tall tale from the old dudes that rule by fear… They think of themselves as very smart, sadly they can't accept their senility.
    Want to stop consumption? Then stop Capitalism, don't want to stop it? then just wait till it comes to its natural (train wreck) ending.

  16. Even if global warming is true then it's still not our direct fault. It's because cattle and other animals which are keep as livestock. Live organism generate more CO2 and other types of polluption into environment.

  17. It's been a while since I've done anything with paleontology, the reason we don't have as big creatures anymore is the decrease in energy density right? 

  18. 1970's, the science was settled and we were on the cusp of another ice age. Now they called it global warming until these record cold winters, then it became climate change. A "concensus" is a vote, not a scientific fact.

    Fact: every planet in the solar system was warming at the same time. The sun tends to do that.
    Now everything is cooling off again.
    Global warming models would have put the ocean levels up 15 to 20 feet by now, it's less than a 1/2 inch in 100+ years.
    Glacier ice has been increasing. Polar bears aren't drowning.
    They can't accurately predict tornadoes or hurricanes. How can they predict weather 10 or 20 years in the future.
    We're actually having fewer big storms. Sorry New York, but you've been through a lot worse. You just weren't prepared.

  19. So between all these people spreading information on the left or the right, I am extremely conflicted on whether or not global warming exists. How do I know who is right?
    If global warming is real (which I'm pretty sure it is) and we act like it isn't, we suffer much more than if global warming isn't real and we act like it is.

  20. Cool that people has come out with the solution of bringing paralyzed people back to the normal natural state.
    Shame on this fact is that it costs fuck tons and therefore for example, I have to sit in the wheelchair as doctors say "rest of your life".
    And even spasms which develops about 50% of the paralyzed persons, which in my case is extremely huge spasm, making my life hard as fuck, I can say it straight.
    Those spasms has broke my nose for instance 3 times while I've been asleep, of course waking on it when my knee kick me into face.

  21. Good theories except for your believeing the global warming hoax… What happens if we lower CO2 emissions? Well if what I learned in science is still true in this stupid common core fed world, then plants will begin to starve due to lack of their oxygen. In turn we all begin to choke because of lack of photosynthesis, all because these so called studies. Which by the way have been proven to have been completely speculated or just flat made up. It is called fear mongering, and it works, we can all plainly see how many people are so willing to lower the CO2, which by the way only comprises of about 2% of the atmosphere. But yes 2% sounds so killer… sigh when will people learn…

  22. please explain how co2 is a bad thing when we exhale it and is a natural prosess and needed for plants to survive and how cars put out more gasses than volcanic eruptions

  23. Hey Kyle, do you have any Climate Change specific video's? If so, let me know. I want to post them on my Facebook page.

  24. is there a top 5 for 15 and 16? love this stuff man, i watch movies sometimes and are blown away by just the science taking place

  25. watching this in 2017 and still nothing is being done about global warming we have fucked our planet completely it's to late and our planet is fucked

  26. If that paralyzed man just believed in the healing power of God then he could have been healed in two seconds instead of two years

  27. All fossil fuel consuming industries should be outlawed over the course of (blank)years to get us off of the unreplaceable fuels we are using which are causing global warming. Buuuut…. with the financial influence these companies have over our world, it will probably never happen. Wind, solar and water powered energy could replace all of our energy producing machines, giving us more time to solve other worldwide issues which are not being addressed.

  28. Did noone correct the very very wrong speed of the comet? 135000 km/sec? Come on, that's almost half the speed of light. How could that ridiculous mistake could have been overlooked. The correct speed is about 33 (!) km/sec

  29. Hopefully you learned tour lesson not to dabble in the world of politics when trying to create a show that is fact/science based. I enjoy your episodes but the end of this one was a big turn-off.

  30. Yeah anybody who denies climate change are completely insane, but please do not push ANY legislation at all based on that finding.

  31. I like how ppl thinking that climate change isnt real, "b/c of CO2 being from cows and such" too dumb to even realize that climate change isnt even caused by increased CO2 levels that are naturally occurring (which is actually carbon dioxide)…and is instead caused by carbon monoxide (albeit indirectly; as well as a few other things), which is almost 100% man made…there by discrediting themselves the moment they talk about it, without even realizing it… XD
    Educate your damn self's :
    CO messes with the amount of CO2 (etc) in the atmosphere which leads to this :

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