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Top 7 Keto Tips You Need

Hey and welcome, this is dr. Barry today I want to talk to you about the top seven key toe tips you need that I recommend the ketogenic diet is the Newest fad no wait. It’s actually the oldest diet known to mankind We’ve been eating this way for millions of years, and it’s about time we get back to it if you like the sound of this please click the subscribe button and click that little bell right beside it so that every time I Get a bright idea You’ll be one of the very first to know now let’s talk about the top seven key toe tips you need Okay number one is start now start right now start today. You don’t have to prep for this You don’t have to study up for this necessarily There’s going to be a learning curve with the ketogenic diet, but that’s okay. You can still start today It’s as simple as Trying to eat as few carbs as possible and trying to eat as much fat as you can in a day, okay Don’t worry about counting macros Don’t worry about buying a book just operate on those two principles starting today start right now as soon as this video is over Share it on your social media, and then start your ketogenic diet It’s really that simple you can learn as you go along the ketogenic diet is very Forgiving and so that’s what makes it possible to do this number two is you’re going to need to eat more salt Okay Salt has been demonized in Western medicine for what 50 60 70 years now There’s absolutely no recomment. No research and no science that backs this up You can eat as much salt as you’d like There’s research that shows that if you just let people eat as much salt a day as they want to They average out somewhere between 3 & 6 grams a day And that’s that’s probably the healthy amount of salt you need When you start a ketogenic diet? You’re is one of the most? anti-inflammatory diets That there is on the planet ok so if you have any inflammation in your gut if you have inflammation in your joints if you have inflammation in your skin that inflammation is going to get better and Inflammation causes swelling right and so when swelling gets better the water that caused the swelling That’s what goes to the tissues and makes them swell up that water has to go somewhere And you’re just going to pee that out called Diuresis and so most people notice on the ketogenic diet their face starts getting slimmer And they lose 5 10 15 20 pounds within the first week or two that’s not fat loss. I’m sorry That’s water loss, but that’s still a good thing because that means that you are improving the inflammation all over your body But as that water Leaves your body it takes salt with it And so you can this is part of the reason people have the keto flu they have cramps They have other things when they’re doing the ketogenic diet is because they’re still afraid of salt Stop being afraid of salt it is your friend. It is not your enemy Okay, number. Three is get rid of the temptations in your house And I know if you’re if you a part of a large family that may be Troublesome to throw away all the chips and all the crackers and all the bread also, if funds are limited if you’re on a limited budget that may hurt a lot and so refer back to Number one start now the ketogenic diet is very forgiving and therefore if you can’t throw everything away It’s not the end of the world, but it sure makes it easier when you’re having a bad day emotionally, and you want to reach for that comfort food if it’s not there if you have to get in the in your vehicle and Drive all the way to the grocery to get it you’re not gonna do that but if it’s right there in the cupboard You might just grab it so if it’s financially and socially feasible Clean out your fridge and clean out your cabinets that makes it so much easier to stick to this diet Number four eat until you’re full The ketogenic diet has nothing to do with decreasing your calorie intake it has nothing to do with decreasing your portion size That’s the old way of thinking okay? That’s the old way of thinking that basically for the last 50 years has caused the obesity epidemic Yeah, that’s right. Yeah, so stop cutting down on your portion size stop not going back for seconds Stop worrying about your calorie counts all those things are irrelevant and have nothing to do with this when you eat enough fat You’re going to trigger the satiation hormones in your brain and your gut tell you how you dude? You’re full stop eating and when that happens you’re done You can’t eat more fat unlike if you have a huge family size bag of Doritos You can eat the whole bag, and you don’t ever get that that hormonal trigger saying stop that you’re full So when you eat enough fat on this diet you’re gonna be full, so don’t worry about portions Don’t worry about any of that just drastically cut the carbs and increase the fat consumption and this diets going to work for you next is Your initial weight loss is fluid loss. It’s not fat loss so alive had I’ve had patients be like oh I lost 15 pounds on the ketogenic diet in two weeks, and so I just quit cuz I’ve reached my goal No, no no first of all the ketogenic diet is not a diet It really should be called the ketogenic lifestyle because this is the way human beings are supposed to eat This is the way I want you to eat for the rest of your life Okay, this is not a short-term diet if you lose 5 10 15 20 pounds in the first week or two you haven’t lost any fat maybe a pound But that that was water loss you haven’t reached any goal whatsoever in the first week or two With a ketogenic diet slash lifestyle, so don’t let that trick you remember we talked about how the ketogenic diet is the most? anti-inflammatory diet on the planet And so you’re going to have less swelling in your face you’re gonna have less swelling in your gut less swelling in your joints Swelling is caused by cells taking up extra water When you get rid of that water you’re going to pee off the water right and so that weight loss is water Water loss not fat loss. So don’t be tricked by the initial weight loss next is Learn to eat new things and I seem to have more trouble with my male patients on this than my female patients Yeah, I understand you’re used to eating chicken nuggets and ketchup, and that’s your go-to and that’s what you eat every meal Ok that’s dumb stop that okay Part of being a mature grown-up part of being a man part of being a woman is is loving to try new things Ok and so if you’re if you don’t love to try new things You need to get over that because that’s first of all all sign of immaturity Second of all it’s not going to help you on the ketogenic diets You need to take a trip to the grocery and just walk around the produce section and you need to look around and you need to find one or two or three new ketogenic vegetables that you’ve never tried and Try them remember you can salt them as much as you want you can use as many spices and herbs and pepper as you want Because those things are ketogenic they don’t they don’t mess up your your insulin level. They don’t mess up your fast They don’t mess up your diet You’ve got to try any veggies, okay? You’ve got to go to the meat section And you’ve got to look around and try new cuts of meat new kinds of meat you’ve never tried before If you’re not willing to do that then you’re probably going to fail at this lifestyle because you have to be a mature adult to do the ketogenic diet There is new research just out that shows that the human palate is retraining It’s absolutely proven that you can learn to like new foods, so if you’re a trick chicken strip and ketchup guy Dude, stop that okay. You sound like a 12 year old get out there and try some new foods I promise you’ll like some of them, okay I hope I didn’t make you mad, but if I did you probably needed to hear it anyway now Number seven is if you cheat if you mess up if you do grab that family size bag of Doritos What do I do most people’s impulse is to just quit give up or for the rest of the day? Well, I already did that I’ll just eat crap the rest of the day Another subset of people say. Oh my god. I just ate the whole bag of Doritos I’m gonna go run ten miles and then go to the gym and work out then I’m not gonna eat another thing for the rest of the day all those are Understandable reactions, but they’re inappropriate you don’t have to do any of that just act like it never happened okay, just pick right up Right right back up where you left off The ketogenic diet is one of the most forgiving diets that you’ve ever tried if you just pick right back up Where you left off? It’ll be almost like nothing happens now. This is not giving you a license to cheat This is just saying if and when you do cheat. Don’t worry about it. Don’t sweat. It. Don’t feel guilty don’t feel bad Don’t feel like a failure Just remember the ketogenic diet is mirroring the diet that our ancestors used to eat hundreds of thousands of years And so once every year or two they would find a honey tree right with where bees had, honey What do you think they did they ate all of it right and they would lay around in a sugar coma? For days around the base of the tree until they finally burned all the carbs off then they’d get up and go about their business Or once a year, and if you were Outside the tropics of capricorn the cancer Fruit gets ripe in the fall right and so that’s why it’s called the fallen fruit falls And you eat all that fruit and gain five pounds right before the winter That happens once a year though right and so it’s okay to cheat every now And then that’s not a big deal because our ancestors did it every chance they got If you had given them sugar and carbs every day. They would have eaten them every day, and they would be fat Just like we are But they didn’t have access to that they found the honey tree once every year or two they found the fall fruit once a year And for the rest of the year they ate the ketogenic diet, okay? And that’s why they were all healthy Lane and looked great in a bikini or a speedo I don’t think they had those back then but you know what I mean oh I’ve got a couple of bonus Ketogenic tips first is working out Does not make it okay to cheat a lot of people because a lot of times the calorie counts Remember refer back to calories being meaningless the calorie count on the treadmill or on the Stairmaster is black You could work out really hard. Oh, I burned so many hundreds of calories first of all 99% of the time those counters are wrong Yeah, don’t no no that does not give you the right to have a cookie you haven’t earned The the pleasure of eating half of the cherry pie that’s not how it works Working out is great if you want to gain muscle But working out there as shown in multiple studies is a terrible way to lose weight The calorie counting game does not work the calorie deficit game does not work We’ve been trying that for 50 years, and we all just got fat doing it Workout if you want to gain muscle workout if you want to keep your brain healthy and actually put off Dementia working out is great for your body and hundreds of ways, but it does not help you lose weight And it does not give you the right to eat a cheat meal. That’s not how it works my last bonus tip is consider Blending intermittent fasting with your ketogenic diet the two together I’ve had I’ve seen better weight loss and health improvement results in the patients in my clinic than any other diet I’ve ever seen a recommended in my entire professional career When you blend the ketogenic diet with intermittent fasting you get you you you compound the benefits you Multiply the benefits. They’re not just additive They’re synergistic They work, so hand-in-hand And it also is kind of effortless to fast if you’re on the ketogenic diet because the fat keeps you full right So if you’ve enjoyed this video, please share it on your social media share it on Facebook share it on Instagram I love making these videos And I’m sure you have friends or relatives who really need to hear this message Now if you’d like to support me in a more personal way. I have a patreon page There’s a link down below And you can give me a buck if you want to just to help me have more time to make these videos This is doctor Barry. I’ll see you next

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  1. You can do the Keto Diet! With these 7 tips, and the rest of my videos about the ketogenic diet, you can start to change your life, body, and health in amazing ways!

  2. Salt???!!! But, but…. I have high blood pressure and chronic kidney disease (ckd). A1c of 16 . Yikes! I believe in you. Besides , I stop eating Korean spicy noodles or any cups of crap. Im dumping all sugar and carbs as well. I’m 259 pds. See you in 3 mons. Wish me luck Doct. 🙃 🙏🏾👍🏽🙌🏾✌🏽🤗

  3. The doctor is saying that calories do not matter, yet on other Keto channels they say that calories do matter. Confused

  4. My best friends from childhood are Croatian. They would often invite me over for dinner. Dinner consisted of unbreaded pork chops and steak with either cucumber salad or shredded cabbage with oil and vinegar. Their dad, Milan, would use the salt shaker on chicken, pork, and steak that was fried in lard , paprika, and garlic. Copious amounts of salt he would use on the meat. He's never had heart trouble. Never obese. Early proof that KETO is the real deal.

  5. How do you get thru the cravings of the first few days?  I could chew on a table leg if it was sweet.

  6. Wow! “Eat until your full” on keto? I’ve not once heard that before, is always portion control and macros 5:25:70 with1400 calories for losing weight… this video is too good to be true!?? I’m on day 9 of keto and have been measuring everything i eat, I try the bulletproof coffee but I do feel hungry after a couple of hours after 🙁
    I guess I will be binging watching your videos to learn more!!!😃💕

  7. Thank you so much for the information it is fantastic and I will follow it because I am 315 pounds I want to get down to it at least 200 lb 😃

  8. Dr Berry… I need help i am carb stupid where can i learn what carbs and what foods to get rid of. I currently weigh 376 and i hate it.

  9. I ate keto in March and April of this year (2019), and never felt better than during that time. May, June, July, I was back to junky carb eating due to stressful factors in my life. However, it's now July 30 and I am back to keto – for life! I've never stopped wishing that I wasn't ingesting carbs; once I started, I couldn't stop. Like an addict. Day one and my brain already knows that I mean business. One thing I can't get used to is eating more eggs as they've been demonized. Thanks for all your great info, doc.

  10. Would you recommend keto to children? My 12 yr old is unhappy with her weight and I don't want her hating herself because she's over weight. I wanted to start her off small maybe 50 carbs at a time. What do you suggest?? Thanks

  11. It's insane changing the way I eat. Why didn't my doctors encourage this? I'm less bloated looking, I started seeing this 2 weeks in. I'm making this a lifestyle with IF. I'm a fan for life, please keep educating us.

  12. HELLO , Im learning for your videos a lot Thank you so much for trying to educate us, My husband not been feeling good lately, yesterday we went to the ER they find that in the last 3 months his sugar label is about 300, and we dont know that he was diabetic, and more health problems, Aug the 7th we have a Doc Appointment, to start take care the diabetes. I would like to know why a diabetic person has to eat every 2 o 3 hours, I would like to him start the keto diet, but if he has to eat that often he cant, really I dont understand and I dont know what to do. what you can recommencement me to do.
    thank you so much and hello from Murray Kentucky

  13. "I'm sorry if I made you mad but you probably needed to hear it anyway!" Love it, and love this guy! Brilliant!

  14. I started 3 weeks ago and weight loss aside, I am blown away at my (fibro) foggy brain being almost completely gone and I actually have a bit of energy! I have never been so excited to stay on a diet before. I pray these amazing side effects remain consistent because my rheumatologist is going to hear all about it 😀 I cannot wait to see more benefits down the road.

  15. So, in the keto groups I'm in a lot people say if you go over on your fat macro you are essentially wasting your time with regard to weight loss because your body is going to burn the fat your eating vs. your stored fat. Is this true and, is it also true if youa re under your fat goal? Similarly, what happens if you eat too much protein?

  16. Hi I have had my Gall Bladder removed and my daughter wanted me to try keto diet to much fat eating made me feel sick will this happen and should I preserver I feel I don't want to please advise

  17. i didn't eat salt……didn't salt anything….i used to crave…………..i'm eating SALT…………………not craving, even before the "keto diet" kicked in……i salted my chicken sauteed in salted butter……i'm not hungry, not craving….at lunch out, a friend tried to tempt me with coconut creme pie………………..ONE THING YOU MAY ENCOUNTER – overweight " friends" that see you losing, looking great, skin looking great, energetic, etc. may try to de-rail you…..they don't want to give up sodas, sweets, bread, pasta, etc to join you in keto, but will try to block your success…..the great thing is that CRAVINGS FADE!

  18. When I See dislikes I can’t help but feel they are little fatties that are junk-a-Holics. Discipline yourself. Mature adult is what the doctor said.

  19. I’ve stalled on Keto diet for two months. I had such a major weight loss at first in the four months at the beginning but now I’m super stalled. Hope it changes soon.

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  24. Long long ago fruit was not as sweet as it is now. Fruit trees have been bred to produce very sugary fruits. The same with milk, the Masai cows produce milk that many can tolerate, not the modern cows which produce huge quantities of poor quality milk.

  25. You just made my day thank you so much for your your video and tips you're not like the rest of them that make you feel but you have to go buy so much stuff and feel guilty thank you so much I needed to hear this

  26. I have COPD and get upper respiratory infections. Don't go to Doctors or hospital . For 12 years I have used MMS – Jim Humble- please check into it. It can save your life for $0.20 or a tad more. No Joke !!!

  27. I've been on this diet for like three months. I dropped about 9 pounds and leveled out. Not very impressed. I've lost more on other diets.

  28. Dr. Berry, please see my comment to Starrwizard below. I credit you with my weight loss and maintenance as well as my good health and I’m actually pretty sure you hung the moon. So I am greatly troubled that you liked his comment. You don’t subscribe to his theory of bleach solution, do you?

  29. Just do it! Commit, commit, commit. If you are not ready, then think it through. You’ll be glad you did. Dr. Berry has our best interest at heart. For realz.

  30. Ken…I love your style and I know you're not full of Bulls-it like most of the so-called Keto experts on YouTube. You are so honest and you elucidate very well. People can understand what you're saying and you don't try to con people. I just saw your site and now, I'm in your corner forever! Again…you're cogent and very honest! Darn right I subscribed. I'll watch you forever!!! P.S. Started Keto a week ago—-

  31. So, Doc, how does the human body lose (burn, if you like) fat? Once all the water is gone and there are no carbs left the burn; and KETO kicks in; what burns the fat and how does the by-product from this burning leave the body? I believe that this is a VERY important aspect of weight lose knowledge. Respiration is, of course, the answer (so long as we are reading the same physiology texts/web sites, eh?). So, my point is, exercise is as an important aspect of weight control as is what we eat! This goes to say, exercise to lose weight is a healthy way to do so; as is a CLEAN (low carb/no carb) diet. I feel that you down play this important aspect of maintaining a healthy weight is this video. Back in the day, when I was an Infantry Officer, I could eat anything and stay well within my BMI classification. Why, because I was very physically active and not only burned those nasty carbs but also any excess fat that was trying to stick to my organs. Obviously, I am a great believer in regular physical activity that was also a very big part of our ancestors daily routine of 3000 years ago. Their slim, fit bodies were not just a result of their keto life style. And that's all I have to say about that! Take care.

  32. I don’t get why a carrot, beet, potato, banana, onions, legumes are bad because they are higher glycemic indexed foods. All these are WHOLE FOODS, cancer fighting properties etc. An orange is considered bad. I know Keto works but can’t see me cutting out these LIVING foods for the rest of my life. Please explain how they’re bad. They aren’t unhealthy or processed in any way. Or am I wrong? Can these Whole Foods be implemented into a ketogenic lifestyle?

  33. Thanks so very much Doctor Barry. I watch every video you do. There is so much wisdom in what you say. Now if we will only listen. God bless

  34. I have been on keto diet for 3 months before. After 3 m months I started to losing massive amount of hair. I panicked and I started to eat sugar. I want to come back to the diet again but I am worried to lose hair.

  35. Evolution = delusion. Not trying to diss the diet, but the idea that we evolved over millions of years is delusional – that did not happen. Christ didn't evolve from a monkey or a lizard or some other critter from the ancient primordial soup and neither did you.

  36. "Start now.." That's what I did. I ran to the store and got some eggs, butter, and cheese to tide me over. I already have some veg. In the past, I tried keto but I never could stick with it long enough. I think I didn't have much motivation to make it through the hard times during adaptation. I think I might have the motivation now.

  37. I've just started the keto lifestyle I'm an old guy at 240 lbs and I boarder line pre diabetic , and I'm confused about doing this because you can eat bacon,bacon fat some meats that are fatty, aren't theses high in cholesterol which will plug up your arteries ? , I'm cool with the carb thing as carbs turn into sugar and we know what that does, and there's so much to learn as you have to rethink and change from the way you were programmed to eat your whole life , I'm disabled with a bad ankle so it's had to exercise but you said it wasn't about calorie intake , you said eat till your full, which I don't do because I was watching calories , so there's things I really love , Aldi food store has 0 calorie bread 👍🏼 and when you said bacon I'm thinking ,Yes!!! BLT sandwich , so if your on medication to lower your cholesterol how can bacon fat be good for ya? Trying to figure this out ?

  38. I love your comment about the guy eating chicken strips with ketchup acting as a 12 year old – made me laugh

  39. I just started listening to you, which makes a lot of sense ,but I have high blood pressure for years now your talking about eating but salt as I want. I can't do that my pressure go up Everytime .

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