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Treatments Options for Arthritis of the Thumb

My name is Chris Miskovsky, I’m an orthopedic surgeon at Texas Orthopedic Associates. I specialize in hand, wrist and elbow surgery. The most common type of hand arthritis that I’ll see in my practice would be first cmc joint arthritis, or base of the thumb arthritis. It is typically an age related phenomenon. We wear out our joints over time and our thumb is the most common joint to wear out. Right at the base of the thumb you have a
saddle joint that runs on each other and goes around in about 270 degrees of motion and that is what allows us to function in such a capable way with our hands. But because there is so much function or so much use across that joint and because there is so much force placed across the joint when we grip and pull and twist that joint will often wear out. And the statistic is some where in the neighborhood of 85 percent of patients will have arthritis in that joint by age 80. So most of us will endure this discomfort. The good new is typically we can treat in
a non-operative fashion. We tend to treat it with anti-inflammatory
medicine such as Advil and Aleve. We tend to treat it with splinting. A particular type of splint call a thumb spica splint is the most useful for thumb arthritis. We often will treat it with medicated creams over that area, that tends to work very well for hand arthritis in general. Because the joints are directly underneath
the skin so the absorption of the anti-inflammatory cream can be benefiting the joint pain. In addition we can treat it with injection
therapy. Steroid injections tend to be very benficial
for hand arthritis and particularly in the thumb arthritis. In rare cases we do perform surgery. The surgery is involved in a joint replacement or removal of the bone that is arthritic and a replacement of your own tissue, tendon tissue that is put in as a spacer between the two bones. Hi, Chris Miskovsky. Thank you for watching this video and I hope you found it informational. If you would like to watch further videos
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