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Arthritis Diet and Exercises

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hey Salaam alaikum this is the one and
only dr. taco and you’re watching dr. new here and like my video as well and
let’s start the video and it’s true as written in the thumbnails and this video
is all about these kinds of people’s whom are working very hard to lose the
weight they’re doing exercises they have hired a trainer for them for you know
exercise and best trainings to lose their weight the moom are working very
hard to lose their weight and what nothing into it’s nothing because they
can’t see any difference in their body after many months so here I am with a
great video now and the video has its own results and proofs and it’s been
proven by many of my clients that yes they have got the results and this is
the video for especially over the people whom are about to go in a wedding or in
a function or boom are about to get married soon because you know this is
the only way and this is the only video and this is the only diadem where I
challenge you that can lose tell kgs of yours in seven days and has no side
effects at all because the ingredient which I’m gonna use this in the video
use the that in a video is a very refreshing which will help you to look
fresh and fair at the same time while you’re dieting because in many points it
happens that you feel very low and your skin becomes dull and you become very
lazy while you’re dieting but by using this product you will feel very healthy
as well as you’ll feel very happy here with this with during that diet so let
me tell you the ingredients soon but you can see all these photos are been tagged
her for your motivation so the ingredient is banana and banana has its
own amazing nutritional facts has great calories and is very helpful helpful for
you to lose your weight but the quantity is the most important thing if you want
to have milk with this you have to escape the quantity
if you are having you know banana should be off 200 gram per banana
oh and one dozen bananas in a day you have to eat but if you wanna have milk
with it too so the option is you can have six bananas a day with a glass of
milk or you can have 12 Anna’s day our day with no milk okay so if you want to
have milk with it you have to take six of Anna’s only each one I had 200 grams
with the glass of milk before you sleep after you know at dinner time and if you
are not willing to have milk you have to take 12 Anna’s 200 grams each a day you
can have it you buy yourself the way you feel hungry one by one you know what
each each banana in our have one in every four you can have one banana or
you can have it like the way you want but you have to take only 12 bananas a
day and there is a replacement also will because I know that you will get bored
of those bananas to eat for seven days and I have a replacement also and you
can use some spices black salt black pepper also added so you can have the
quick cumbers also in your diet means you can have bananas for day and two
days of cucumber so in the same quantity 12 to cumbers
each cucumber 200 grams so you can add spices also so you have to spend your 7
days with cucumbers and bananas in the given quantity this is dr. taco saying
stay blessed and Allah Hafiz take care

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