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Truth 2: How to Lower Uric Acid Fast? The GOUT Black Box Theory…

Alright, by now you should have a clear picture of the uric acid distribution, or the pathway of uric acid accumulation in your body. So, you have a clearer picture does the uric acid hide in your body. So, the next concept I’m going to talk about is called gout black box. So why is it called gout black box? It’s a concept that I developed throughout the years by observing many gout patients. Because I observed a very unique and very strange phenomena where some patients, they have high uric acid level but they do not suffer frequent gout attack. And on the opposite side, there are some patients, gout patients, they have low uric acid level, but they suffer very frequent gout attack and is very sensitive they slightly eat a peanut, even one tiny little peanut can trigger a serious gout attack. So, by trying to understand why this happens, generally, we have an understanding that the higher your acid test result is, then you should experience more serious or frequent gout attack which is true for 80% of the gout patients. But there are 20% which fall into this category which I mentioned just now. So, to understand that, I developed a concept which is called gout black box. Before that, I will talk about the blood test. So, let’s say you’re having a joint pain and then you go to the doctor. It’s quite hard for the doctor to determine whether your joint pain is gout or arthritis or maybe other joint related issue and problems. So the only way to confirm or to be sure that the joint pain that you’re suffering now is gout is by running a blood test. If your blood test result shows elevated uric acid level, then it’s quite safe to say that the joint pain you’re suffering now is gout. Alright. So this is a range universally around the world. This is a range reference for healthy uric acid level. For male it’s between 2.4 to 7.5 mg/dL On a different unit, it’s called 0.19 to 0.42 millimole per liter or 119 to 420 micro mole per liter, whereas for female the range is slightly lower. So it’s between2.4 to 6.0 mg/dL or 0.13 to 0.33 millimole per liter or 130 to 330 micro mole per liter. Alright, this is the range reference. If your uric acid level goes beyond this upper limit, which means you are having hyperuricemia and your chances of getting gout is very high because the uric acid content in your blood is higher than the normal or healthy people or healthy range. But the problem is, the test, it doesn’t show a big picture of how much excess uric acid is actually stored in the body. Because, all they test is only those found in this area of the uric acid in the blood because you draw the blood sample. But it doesn’t tell how much uric acid is stuck in the interstitial fluid, or hidden inside the joint in in the form of crystal, so you never tell by just looking at the blood test. Well it show of a picture where accuracy, I would not say accuracy. It only shows a big portion because of course your high concentration in the blood. That’s why the uric acid, move, because particles move from high concentration through a lot of absorption. So it eventually moves here, but the concept of black box is because eventually the uric acid has to travel until it reaches a joint, form crystal then trigger a gout attack. So what determine your gout, how frequently it is, how fast the uric acid from here moves to here. So this area is a very thick layer. It’s a very complex layer. It’s full of multiple layer of muscle tissue and different types of tissues. So these have to move to this area so different people they have different rate of movement, so it’s just like a black box. You don’t know how it actually works. I developed a theory or hypothesis is that, for those people having a slow gout black box, the movement in the interstitial fluid is slow, usually they are the type that are sitting at the office, sitting at home. They don’t do much exercise so the pull is not that active here. The dynamics is slow in this area So, the uric acid moves slower to this area and on the opposite type of people, they have active lifestyle and the fluid here, exchange is very frequent or very dynamic, it’s very high so the uric acid travels faster to reach here. That explains why to some people, even a tiny peanut causes surge in uric acid and this suge immediately affects here. For people with slow black box, the surge here It doesn’t immediately reflects to the result in a gout attack. Why is this concept important? Because at the end of this course, I will talk about using alkaline water or ionic calcium water as a treatment for gout, to neutralize the acid because just like I mentioned, you’ll see the movement of uric acid from this direction to this direction. If you want to be free from gout you have to get rid of the crystal here. So you’re on the reversal process, you will reverse the pathway from here to here. When you trigger this process or start this process by drinking alkaline, you will have, like I mentioned in the introduction, you will you experience some weird healing crisis or different kind of symptoms. For some people, the hidden acids are waken up, and then they have a very serious joint pain and for some the uric acid moves so fast, for people with fast black box so when you start to drink a alkaline water you will experience a surge of high uric acid. So, when you go for the blood test within the first or two months after you start drinking ionic calcium water or alkaline water, so you have a surge of uric acid in the blood test. The reason is because the alkaline water, the alkaline minerals pull the acid out from the joint and move to here so that it can be sent to the kidney for disposal. So that’s the reason why you have a surge. For people with slow blackbox, the acid travels slow, the water travels slow. The alkaline water take some time to reach here, and it also takes a slow and steady way and time to reach the liver to send the uric acid out. So, the problem is if too much acid is stuck in this area, which usually is the muscle layers, so it affects the muscle contraction and it gives you give weird soreness. I have many gout patients and many of them they told me that yeah, after they drink the ionic calcium water they noticed that the the frequency of gout attack drops a lot and the duration of the pain shortens. But they experienced a weird muscle soreness, or muscle cramp, or muscle tightness for a certain period of time. They don’t understand why. Initially I didn’t understand why as well. But once I tried to understand,tried to develop a theory to explain that, it seems like this one explain it all so the acid stuck here in the muscle it doesn’t move. Then I developed a way to reduce that or to speed up the movement of uric acid as well, which I will talk about it in chapter 8 on management of healing crisis, so it’s very important to understand your black box now because it gives you a better picture that gout actually can be cure once you remove it, but the process takes time and takes patience and understanding this diagram is very important.The blueprint. You have a map now, which you need to follow through. Alright. That’s all for this chapter. We move on to the next chapter, which I will talk about the current medical solution or medical treatment for gout and it’s limitation. Alright. Thank you

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  1. My recent blood check showed uric acid level 4 its low but I recently had 2 attacks in a row in one single month I don't understand what's causing the attack… I am vegan I eat very clean I'm on medication too but godamn

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