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Truth 4: Home Remedies for GOUT and Its Effectiveness

Alright we have discussed about the current medical solution for gout and its limitation now let’s take a look at the more natural home remedies for gout and lets discuss about its effectiveness. Alright. This is a list of a few popular ones you can search around Internet. Most probably you have already searched. So the popular ones are cherries, baking soda, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. They’re said to have positive healing effect for gout. So first let’s take a look at the cherries. Alright cherries is known to have very high antioxidants due to the elements called flavonoids in it. So it’s an antioxidant That can help to buffer the inflammation, the gouty inflammation. Because inflammation is a process where the white blood cell release of a lot of oxidative agent, the antioxidant of cherries, it helps to buffer off the oxidation agent so it reduces the inflammation. So, logically speaking, I haven’t run any official study on cherries, so this is based on what I study . Logically speaking, the cherries cherries does have some effect on reducing the inflammation of gout. Then let’s move on to talk about how to lower uric acid because as you have understand now that the root cause uric acid deposited here in this area. So if you want to be free from gout you need to clear this area, so you need something that can neutralize the acidity of uric acid. So now we talked about alkaline and baking soda is known to have have some alkalizing effect. The same for lemon juice and apple cider vinegar. The unique thing about lemon juice and apple cider vinegar is although they are very sour, the sourness is from the organic acid. If you take a look at the list of the acidic and alkaline food, it happens that out lemon is classified as alkaline. The same for vinegar because the way they test whether the food is alkaline or acidic, they burn in the lab and ashes they put into distilled water and then they test the pH, or test the mineral left after the burning. So the scientists assume the burning is like the digestive process, so mineral ashes left determine where the food is alkaline or not. I don’t want to comment about this method. It’s a bit weird for me, but let’s take a look at how alkalizing these two things are. Alright with that, I want to do a simple demo to show the effectiveness of these so-called home remedies in treating or in neutralizing uric acids. Alright. I have a have baking soda here. Baking soda is called sodium bicarbonate, and then lemon, I’ll put here and then, apple cider vinegar. I have alkalizing ionic calcium which I will talk about in detail in chapter seven. Alright I’ll take a bottle of Calkaline. This is an alkaline mineral, very strong, very concentrated active alkaline mineral. I’ll put it down here. Alright. Then I want to put some water in these glasses. Okay, equal amount of water, and then I put a pH drop at the water. I put mineral water, which is slightly alkaline. So this is the chart. This is the pH chart. Acidic is orange, mild acidity is yellow, the neutral is green and it it’s alkaline it’s blue, and if it is highly alkaline it’s purple. Alright. This is the the color chart. Now I drop the tester inside. One, two, three, four. Okay. So, you can see. Okay it’s slightly blue, but the pH is around eight. Eight point five so this mineral water is slightly alkaline. Alright, and then first, we put a bit of baking soda. If it’s alkaline, it should increase alkalinity, right? it should increase up to purple, or maybe deepblue. Okay, alright,. I will put one teaspoon of baking soda, which is quite a lot. Okay. Let’s see any changes. Not much. Alright that’s it. And then for the lemon, I cut a slice of lemon. And then I squeeze a bit of lemon juice into this glass. You see, the water becomes acidic. Alright, and then the same for apple cider vinegar, I put a little bit into it. Little bit too much alright, it’s okay. so it is acidic. so Okay, and then for the last glass, this is a strong alkaline minerals Calkaline, so I would talk more about this Calkaline in chapter 7, ionic calcium. So okay. I squeezed the active mineral into it and then you stir it. So you increase to highest alkalinity, purple. So, I leave it to you to judge whether how effective these few things and home remedies to neutralize, because the logic is very simple. Your problem is acid. You need alkaline, strong alkaline to put it out. There’s one thing very interesting about the baking soda I want to show you. It has a very unique property known as amphoteric which means it can neutralize acid, at the same time it can neutralize alkaline. So to prove it to you, so now these two are acidic right? so I put a a teaspoon of baking soda into it and then I put a teaspoon of baking soda. This is acidic. See? it turns green. Neutralized. Then I put a teaspoon of baking soda. Slightly more. Then I stir it so you see this one turn into green blue. Neutralized. It does neutralize it. At the same time, it lowers down the alkalinity as well, so it has it has dual properties and the thing is yes it is a good buffer, but the problem is this is sodium. Sodium bicarbonate bike up on it the problem is the sodium if you take too much sodium. You will have hypertension which can lead to stroke or heart attack. So if you want to use this, it’s cheap. It’s very cheap, so if you want to want to treat your gout if want to try to pull the uric acid out with the help of sodium, there’s a price to pay, which is hypertension. But one thing you should pay attention to is the reason sodium is alkaline mineral, but the body tends to allocate or distribute sodium more in the bloodstream. So, when you have a lot of sodium in the bloodstream, it absorbs. The “osmosis effect” It absorbs water from here into the bloodstream which is why it causes the pressure in the blood vessel to increase. That’s how sodium increases the pressure in your blood, but at the same time it dries up this area. That’s why taking a lot of salty food makes you thirsty. Because it drank water into here, whereas this is ionic calcium. It’s 66% pure ionic calcium. When you drink this alkalinity from calcium. Because calcium is distributed outside which is within this area, so we have calcium here, it ejects water into here, so it can improve the dynamic of this area, which I mentioned in the gout black box. You can check the periodic table. Sodium and calcium is on the alkaline minerals. But when inside the human body, it works totally different. That’s why I don’t recommend using baking soda, but emergency, yes. If you are in a place you don’t have access to occurring water, then you have stomach pain or stomach acid problem, anything related to acid you can use baking soda as a neutralizing factor. Alright, that’s all for home remedies. I hope you learned something new here, and and I’ll see you on the next chapter

3 thoughts on “Truth 4: Home Remedies for GOUT and Its Effectiveness

  1. My understanding is when you drink lemon which is acidic it turns alkerline when it goes in the body- you said it's acidic – it's not when it goes through the body

  2. The cure is eating a plant based diet. Problem solved forever. Isn't kind of silly knowing the true answer and showing these fad remedies ? Eat a ton of meat and oysters and then eat some cherries to try to get rid of the gout ? Yikes. You will never resolve your gout with these remedies. Solve the problem at its root cause. Stop eating animal products !

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