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22 thoughts on “Turmeric Curcumin and Pancreatic Cancer

  1. Sad fact that most would rather undergo the horrors of chemo than some curcumin pills… …or god forbid… eat some veg curry! 😮

  2. I really like your channel but you really let your vegan bias show when you rely on studies showing correlations and make it sound like causation. 

  3. I love your channel but in this case, if pancreatic cancer is caused by the consumption of animal fat, how come Steve Jobs died of it since he was vegan?

  4. The spice turmeric may be useful in the treatment of some advanced cases of pancreatic cancer.

    Watch below or click the link to watch on NutritionFacts.org: http://nutritionfacts.org/video/turmeric-curcumin-and-pancreatic-cancer/

  5. What kind of reasoning is this? "Steve Jobs was a supposed vegan, and he died from cancer. Hence the benefits of veganism are in doubt," That is such an illogical jump. Firstly, science shows us that vegans are indeed at lower risk of suffering from certain ailments, when compared with meat eaters. How much lower risk? That depends. Sometimes not that much lower, and other times many many times lesser. With pancreatic cancer, the risk is significantly lower. 

    Also, lower risk does not mean no risk at all. Vegans can still contract those diseases, but are just less likely to. And most importantly, with diseases such as cancer, there are hundreds of kinds of risk factors. Diet only comprises of one small portion of those risks. Genetics, lifestyle, exposure to environmental carcinogenic materials, workplace risks, etc. are also important cancer causing factors. Not to mention the obvious fact that we still don't know much about cancer and how to treat it well. 

  6. This is a great video.  I know a couple of people that have died of pancreatic cancer.  I also know someone that eats chicken everyday and lots of it.  His entire diet is almost exclusively baked chicken.  He works out a lot.  He is very lean.  But, this scares me.  I am going to show him this video, maybe he will eat more beans or something to replace all the chicken.  I am going to slow down on my meat, switch to beans and other plant based proteins in addition to fruits, vegetables and whole grains.  Thank you for confirming what I already know is healthy.  

  7. And fiber.  Thank you.  I have been dieting all my life as I gain weight very easily.  I gave up on fruit juice years ago, I am glad I did.  I have organic whole husk cilium that I try to consume as much as possible.  I saw a nutrition video that recommend a spoon of cilium in a glass of water before bed.  I feel great when I do that.  

  8. For all of you who keep harping on about Steve Jobs, read this:

    'Ashton Kutcher followed the diet to get into the mood for the role and ended up in the emergency room for his efforts as his insulin levels fluctuated out of control. The actor lost 18 pounds to look the part of the thin Jobs and actually criticised the diet.  ‘[The book] talked about the value of grape sugar and that was probably the only pure sugar you could have in your body,’ Kutcher told reporters during a Jobs press conference in New York City. ‘I think the guy who wrote that book was pretty misinformed. My insulin levels got pretty messed up and my pancreas kind of went into some crazy, the levels were really off and it was painful. I didn’t know what was wrong.’

    This is an extract  of an article below:


    Also from the same article, it says that Jobs would eat carrots and apples for weeks at a time. I am sure the fructose overload must have been very health for his pancreas.

  9. Try ginger and AHCC as well. AHCC is good for countering effects of chemo and others are good at killing cancer cell including resistant human pancreatic ones. People shouldn't have to wait for wannabe "gatekeepers" to find something that they can patent.

  10. "Legumes and dried fruit found to be similarly protective." YESSSSSSSSSSSS! I eat beans or lentils pretty much every.single.day.!

  11. Is there any research on the effect of turmeric on PREVENTING pancreatic cancer in the first place? There has been some research on turmeric as a preventative in the formation of benign neurofibromas.

  12. The up and down cadence and volume of his speech makes him hard to understand and follow. Would be better if presented a little more straight forward.

  13. I think at some point it would really help if you bought a bag of chicken feed and visited a farm it's obvious what's killing us

  14. What is the best way to ingest turmeric? I take one pill twice a day but am curious if there’s a better way I should/could get turmeric into my system

  15. My partner has had pancreatic cancer for 8 years, went vegan after diagnosis, and still going strong despite all the radiation and chemo, still running a business, working full time…and we didn't even know until today about circumin! Must try.

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