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27 thoughts on “Twins go on different diets and they get surprising results

  1. Well he didn’t know too much about keto because he should’ve not eaten any saturated fats at all and on a keto diet you should be eating veggies , non starchy and fibre packed veggies especially

  2. If the low carb doctor had looked properly in to ketogenic diet (which low carb is) ..done properlywith high fat /med protien /low carb / then he would have eaten greens as the carb source …he would have experiance a shift from burning sugar for fuel to burning ketones ie fat . For fuel.the brain would be clearer the energy levels would be off the scale ..inflammation would be reduced …ontop of all that you loose [email protected] there is no way he would have become pre diabetic …so this experiment is done very badly …in my oppinion…you have to be on keto long term get the sugar @ wheat which are poison out of your system …then you become fat addapted you don ' t crave sugary foods ..you can go hours @ hours without feeling hungry @ for a carb addict like i was is a miracle ..food is no longer the boss of me…i go 18 hrs without food @ now eat one meal a day of say steak with the fat greens or salad @ small bowl of berries @ heavy cream… @ im done ready to go18hrs again …i don' t care about sweet things any more ..So my advice if you are watching this.. "Stop "and look up ketogenic diet ….X if you do it right ,it will change your life for the better X

  3. 1:22
    "I cut out vegetables."
    her face

    EXACTLY. like HELLO obvious red flag?? its extremely rare for you to legitimately have a bad reaction to vegetables. Its why the carnivore diet isnt really popular, but for the minority of people it does work for, its great.

    if you don't have strong, adverse reactions to veggies, theres absolutely no reason to cut them out.

  4. he should of done a keto diet, hight fat moderate protein and low carb. sounds like he did a high fat high protein 0 carb diet. The high protein could have been driving that diabetes link.

  5. This does a terrible disservice to low-carb or low-sugar eating. No vegetables? What was he trying to prove? Doctors! What a load of rubbish!

  6. Simple solution, eat healthily and don't eat too much. If you're overweight, cut out as much carbs as you can and anything that has artificial or added sugars i.e. get your sugars from fruits. Also eat plenty of protein, fibre and the green stuff too.

  7. Excess protein turns into sugar in the body. That is why proponents of ketogenic dieting emphasize eating lots of greens and only MODERATE amounts of animal protein, with fat as the primary energy source.

  8. I am moving towards low carbs. Vegetables is a big part of it and meat is still low because I moved back from vegetarianism

  9. This was the stupidest exercise in tv sensationalism … all it proved was that twin doctors not trained in nutrition, nor expert in intermittent fasting or ketogenics who are engaged in a ridiculous made for tv pseudo research project arrive at no real insight other than diet is complex … this was a mockumentary not a documentary

  10. Whole foods plant based diet for the win, then transition into veganism and bam, reduce your carbon footprint dramatically and make some ethical gains.

    Make starches (complex carbs) your staples and you will be flying, specifically beans and lentils. The health benefits are overwhelming too, with even some peoples advanced atherosclerosis regressing, with previous stens, triple bypasses, all types of medication and standard cardiac care and procedures, given a year to live which can be seen by specialized equipment (about a dozen studies carried out by these individual researchers: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. Dean Ornish and Dr. Nathan Pritikin).

    Science based channels: NutritionFacts (health only), Mic the Vegan (covers science on health and environment), Vegan Gains (lots of debates too).

    Check them out. Also Plant Based News if you like interviews and personal stories of doctors, their experience and etc, all types of topics.

    New documentary that's coming out called "The Game Changers", look up the trailer it's going to be epic.

  11. Red blood cells like sugars
    Unlike white blood cells and other cells, red blood cells lack mitochondria. Because of this, they can only utilize glucose for energy.

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