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she drank lemon and grapes and
a few minutes later she was shocked by what happened I had
so looking forward to meeting you tonight my loves to share something
incredible with crazy it’s with love and joy that I concocted this recipe
for mad a mixture of lemon and reason for you should consume at dinner
and a few minutes later you don’t not believe what will follow
nor did she believe those who were instantly gone that’s all
simply because these two recipes is a gold mine to discover that none
my loves I welcome you to your health channel on which we
deals with health in all areas moreover make sure that you are going
secular and video before we start to watch her hockey also check
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your phone ok but to my good know that
advantages of mixing with networks lemon must be well beyond
the elimination of hunger beyond cut hunger because that’s what
product not only it constitutes a substitute to see her during dinner
but at the same time it’s a big street but as natural as you can
consume at home to regulate your intestine by supplying it with coppers
which will allow it to improve the digestion and thus help eliminate
fat deposits that is found in your belly well if you like to take
care of your health on all fronts so I invite you on this channel
health and above all subscribe activate the clause a notice to fire I have
never missed any of my posts well there it becomes very serious
you should know that this drink with lemons acts as a detergent in
your body by doing a cleanse in depth and detoxifying all of your
body at the quay until the end of many nutritionists of this grape mixture
lemon is a perfect match for maintain an iron health then
discover the precious advantages together that this mixture brings to your health
first of all a source the one that brings energy to the body this
amelio drink and accelerates digestion it also improves your health
oral dental doesn’t stop there it improves the
bone health significantly reduces body acidity due to
amounts of potassium and magnesium that they contain
this drink also treats square infections has the properties
and anti bacterial inflammatory and antioxidants that naturally protect
eyes other free radicals harmful that can cause a
development of degeneration cataract muscle
this drink will treat blindness and other troubles like the year me
tarde and their rich finally and copper a necessary for the training of
red blood cells so time against the increase in the pury cie these
drinks also increase absorption of calcium from magnesium and
vitamin t it detoxifies the liver and gallbladder and is
clear the blood vessels the flavonoids present in seven
fish in addition to vitamin c helps reduce bad cholesterol and
also helps to thin the blood so let’s find out how to do this
drink this one that only brings benefits estimated another body and
which is worth gold bars especially a little bonus if you want to lose
weight and looking for excellent cut hunger ok but in words so here
a recipe will follow wood are crazy I am not i did tell you that this
way will lose weight no it takes very well understand the nuance this
way are for example well the people who are looking to lose weight
ok one month two months three months they are strict in their diets and I don’t care
give and find us between you snack eat eat hamburger eat
something you shouldn’t have when you is enriching
ok so what to do at this moment you have to take something that
that’s all for pc your opinion that’s what which I sing we don’t talk about here
so this lemon grape drink will also take pride as
the ogm fish lemon honey which is also a need elsewhere I
talked about it ok I wanted to explain this so that
you can very very well understand the nuance so so far if you like
the video think about the welcome to share at
all your friends per year and account at watsa so as a natural ingredient we
will need a tablespoon of grapes
of a freshly squeezed lemon and 200 milliliters of water how to do the
preparation it’s very simple promise just beat all
these ingredients in a blender and this service then preferably consume
this drink at dinner as many days necessary until either you
lose enough weight for those who are in need
ok but we didn’t want to lose weight then integrate that at least one
times every two weeks in your eating habits in order to enjoy
of these other benefits and keep a iron health well thank you
to have watched the video until the end of the month in the comments is what
you could try this recipe I also showed you how
cleanse his liver and remove up to 11 kg of waste and residues in
the body with aloe vera like I always say for those who
can walk minimum 30 minutes per day
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great care of you but at the bo


  1. Bonsoir Marie. Leonie désoler de vous demander quelle sort de raison les blanc – noir ou le mélange des deux svp merci 🙏🌹

  2. Salam ma chérie non trop cool j'avais besoin d'un coupe faim .. Merci beaucoup et j'ai partagé la vidéo à mes amis.. Je te souhaite beaucoup de courage.. Bisous depuis Bamako

  3. Thanks a lot on tunisie on fais bouillir les raisins secs dans l'eau et après on boit cette eau cest un bon remede pour les infections urinaires et aussi vaginale.

  4. J'aimerais prendre seulement la graisse au niveau du ventre. Que dois-je faire Marie. J'attends votre réponse. Merçi

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