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21 thoughts on “Unsweetening the Diet

  1. Naw … I've been a WFPB vegan for decades, years on no added salt or sugar. When it happens that do I eat something that does have a typical SAD amount of salt or sugar added I'm keyed into it and immediately want more (which I usually don't eat — long term great health and blood numbers, here). Take care people.

  2. Yes, but fruit has fructose…a five carbon sugar not recognized by the brain, as is glucose…but definitely recognized by your teeth. You will get cavities from eating fructose.

  3. thank you, I keep trying to tell people, too much fruit, and the fructose that comes with it, causes damage, Anything good in life must be consumed in moderation, even the natural foods.

  4. Hey, I live almost exclusive on fruit and some vegetables. In what way does the fruit damage me? Just fyi, I feel absolutely terrific and i'm healthy slim.

  5. youre right about the poisons added by corporations, but keep in mind that fruits are acidic, some turn alkaline when theyre digested down, but some fruits are highly acidic and high in sugar content. We're all born with good and bad guys in our bodies, and the bad loves acidic environment and extra sugar.
    i.e. those corporations put pesticides on their crops to keep pests from poking a hole and eating those sweet fruits they irresistibly crave. The bacteria/yeast pests inside of us want it too.

  6. Here are two articles that you might find interesting.
    1. onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1463-1326.2010.01340.x/abstract
    2. elmhurst.edu/~chm/vchembook/548toothdecay.html

  7. High fructose corn syrup IS FRUCTOSE….think about what you have stated. If high fructose corn syrup were not fructose, why would HFC contain the word fructose? For a good article on tooth decay, see article 2. that I posted to Aubrey Johnson.

  8. I’m no expert or I wouldn’t be tuning in to the fantastic videos that Dr. Greger promotes.Nature puts fructose in fruit to make it sweet so you will eat it.
    . High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is regular corn syrup that has been enzymatically changed to convert the glucose into fructose – Research supports the finding that fructose in high concentrations including fruit juices,, is linked to elevations in blood lipid levels.. Perhaps Dr. Greger could cover this issue in greater detail.

  9. Pleae see the comment I listed above…I am limited to 500 characters. This is an important topic, as our population grows ever more obese. Perhaps Dr. Greger could make a video that helps to expain this more succinctly.

  10. I want to know why the fructose in HFCS is 'bad' and the fructose in fruit is 'good'. Two identical sugars. But somehow the one in fruit is magical and the one in Coca Cola is evil. This is an absurdity and needs an explanation.

    Please don't give that tired old saw about fiber slowing the absorption. If so, then show me a study where fast banana eaters gained more weight than slow Coca Cola drinkers even though fructose consumption was equivalent.

  11. yeeeeah! this is what i try to tell people but they just dont understand. i find some sweeteners are worse though. stevia doesnt have this effect so much, but i find aspartame does. but either way its best just to no use sweeteners but i dont give a fuck. i jsut make everything stupidly sweet.

  12. could you do a video on the regulation of food additives. that covers estimation intakes applying for grass status and regulation thresholds. Think people might increase there veg if they know what's in there bread

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