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7 thoughts on “Update on Vitamin E

  1. It's not harmful, its called vitamin E for a reason. To qualify as a vitamin shouldn't it be a necessary component to life? Something we must get from food. The vitamin E used in that study was perhaps the cheaper, synthetic form. There are plenty of Vitamin bashing papers, but they all use the cheapest form available; which is most likely synthetic. Some vitamins are fine as synthetics, but for the fat soluble ones, natural is a must!

  2. In considering any study you have to look at the form and quantity of the substance that was given. In all those studies they used one fraction of the Vitamin E Complex (it is a complex by the way) alpha-tocopherol and it was in it's synthetic form. To refer to supplementing Vitamin E as just one thing is ignorance. There are four tocopherols in Vitamin E: alpha, beta, gamma, and delta and there are four tocotrienols: alpha, beta, gamma and delta. There are some supplements that use only one or two and there are some that use four and some that use all eight. Some supplements use really high potencies and some low potencies that would resemble what you might get in an ideal diet! This is why Youtube videos most of the time are worthless when addressing complex subjects!

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