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100 thoughts on “Uprooting the Leading Causes of Death

  1. "associated with" = epidemiological studies… Which are pretty much meaningless if you pay attention to the study of studies.

  2. Reducing the LDL too low is simply deadly… How can people not see the obvious bias and lies? Cholesterol isn't unhealthy, it's life, all of our cells membranes are made of fat and our brains have most of our cholesterol.

  3. There ain't essential carbs, but there are many healthy and essential fats.
    The anti fat dogma is dying rapidly, saturated fats are healthy.
    If you compare nutrition, Vegan diets are filled with fibers, lectins, Fructose, antinutrients, and low in fats and nutrients.
    Avoiding chronic deficiencies and having balanced minerals is probably more important for you health then anything else.

  4. I'm trying to convince my family that me going vegan was a good choice, I explain all the facts to them that I can think of but the just say, I don't agree with that(boi you can't disagrees with facts..), or say I'm not seeing the whole story, and I'm just over trying not to get annoyed like, BRUHHHH YOUR THE ONE NOT SEEING THE WHOLE STORY UGGHHHHH, because I know that it won't help them see the truth.

  5. I'm sorry this is going to ruffle some feathers but I feel Dr Greger is a paid shill from big pharma. Yes he is getting us off animal products, great, but he is swapping this for grains and beans, indigestible for the human body. Starch is a drug. What do they feed animals to fatten them up and make them dosile? That's right, starch..we are FRUGIVORES with some greens and salads.

  6. I had to watch this for nutrition class, very informative, I didn’t know that plants are this good for so many diseases.

  7. Where's iatrogenic deaths on that death list? Death by MD doctors/health care…
    This video is 6 years old maybe the statistics were not known?
    NOW in 2018 , Iatrogenic death is the 3rd leading cause of death I believe.
    Perhaps its number 2 now…

  8. Got a serious question for you guys or anyone in the Vegan community. I have been experiencing IBS and loose stool. Bloating in the bowel etc. I have been vegan for 2 and a half years. Anyone else had this issue or know about it?? Is it too much FODMAPS??
    Please help, anything appreciated.


  9. I just don't get it. If meat is so bad, how come Hunter Gatherers ate meat for thousands of years?! Many on Paleo diet seem and feel quite healthy. Is meat not a part of Mediterranean diet? This video confused me more than clarifying things up.

  10. Very entertaining, but I find the exclusion of a healthy omniivore diet in the comparison misleading, but nothing i haven't come to expect from veggies.


  12. 1:50, Gregor COMPLETELY misrepresents what that study found. Irresponsible and inaccurate to claim eating an egg a day is as bad as smoking 5 cigarettes a day.

  13. But what happens if you break it once a month, a week? maybe the occasional drink? I doubt every vegan lives perfectly but I sure am curious

  14. Bet all the stubborn people who watched this video and then ignored it are thinking how stupid they have been when they got ill . Cancer must be heart breaking to family members having to slowly watch a relative die. Maybe Dr Greger could in future really show some actual cases of the dire misery to wake people up, or on the other hand maybe highlight some great recoveries. It must be really frustrating for Doctors who know these illnesses are preventable.

  15. Hilarious! So many damn lifestyles and diets. Everyone thinks they have the answer to cheat death. If you ask me Veganism is a cult. Echo chamber on steroids!

  16. I have not strayed one iota from being on my Vegan diet, for a year and a half; meaning, not even Vegan junk food! 💚💚💚

  17. The full article(it is short) on Depression and Fruit Treatment is available here:


  18. Predico: “toda proteína tiene origen vegetal” la dieta vegetal cumple el postulado Hipocratico “ Tu alimento tu medicina” El origen del cancer es viral; su cura : el sistema inmune.

  19. this just in from greger: as eating less food has been shown to decrease a wide range of health problems, the best thing you can do for your health is to eliminate all foods from your diet.

  20. Cholesterol have nothing to do with heart heart failure. http://www.statinnation.net/blog/2016/5/28/creating-the-high-cholesterol-myth-why-your-cholesterol-level-is-normal-and-not-high

  21. Not gonna lie…

    Yesterday (new years eve), I decided to go meat crazy eat a couple of fried egg and bacon sandwiches and a bucket of KFC after two years of being vegan.

    Feeling pretty guilty since I'm mostly an ethical vegan and am even considering whether to continue being vegan or maybe just eat meat every now and then… Which was my worst fear on how I would feel afterwards.

  22. Amazing video! Been WFPB- vegan since oktober last year. Feel better then ever. Save lot of money. Thank Science and dr. Greger.

  23. Healthy ketogenic diet is better than a vegan diet because it cures all diseases and is actually sustainable long term. Plus, you won’t die from being deficient in vitamin b12, even if you take it in supplement and plant form, you can’t absorb at 100% because you stomach acid will be to low.

  24. My brother Jayson is a devout follower of Michael Gregor. Ever since he was 12 he has started growing lots of plants and only eating vegetables. Tonight he came into my room and harassed me into watching this whole lecture. I've always believed Michael Gregor, but never felt the need to watch him. Because the rules are quite simple. I appreciate this video lecture very much. Michael Gregor has changed my already healthy brothers life. He's 14 now and teaching farming and dietary plans to others.
    With love, Joey.

  25. Don’t get me wrong, vegan here, but 13:44, why the lie? I found the study and it says:
    “D u r i n g t h e i n t e r v e n t i o n , s u b j e c t s w e r e g i v e n p r e p a r e d mealsthatcontained10-15%caloriesfromfat(polyunsatu- r a t e d / s a t u r a t e f da t t y a c i d r a t i o = 1 . 2 4 ) . F i f t e e n t o 2 0 o / o o f the calorieswere from protein,primarily from a plant sourcet,wo servingsof nonfatmilk, andno morethan3.5 oz of fish or fowl. “

    Their diet wasn’t pure vegan, it included animal protein as well. Why skipping that fact? Such claims and skipping “small” details makes the vegan movement unserious! Isn’t enough to say that the participants followed mostly plant based diet with little animal protein?

  26. This presentation was great🥝🥑🥒🥕🥥🍓🍇🍒🍉🍎🍌🍆🥬. Totally entertaining as well Dr Greger is a funny guy😁

  27. As veganism makes your life easier and less stressful, it also reduces your chances to commit mistakes that leads to accidents.

  28. Meatards prefer to eat dead flesh rather than not getting diseases. Such is the mentality that you are indoctrinated with in the flesh eating cult.

  29. Brilliant info! Check this Truth out about cancer and diseases… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=edbJAovs55k

  30. Honestly, I don't know anymore. I've seen research from other sources that I would normally consider to be trustworthy that would say that this isn't the way to go though. There are some even newer studies that have indicated that you lose the benefits of a vegan diet because of the dramatic increase that can come from linoleic acid build up, which also causes inflammation in the body. Linoleic acid comes from plant based food. You need a small amount of it, but too much becomes toxic.

    I think the only thing that really works as far as extending life is probably an extreme calorie restriction diet. Food is necessary for life, but ultimately it also damages your body every time you consume it. I think this is how monks tend to live long lives, they learn to survive on minimal food intake and master the practice of slow breathing (which reduces the damage done to your body by breathing, another necessary but damaging process of living).

  31. Great video . Glad I came across it as I’m cleaning up my diet & this is a great video . Fun to watch with his wit & knowledge.

  32. How is it I'm maintaining a 9.3% body fat eating 2 eggs a day and one 6oz wild salmon and no ketosis ? When I go full vegan my body stagnates my digestion is disrupted,The lectins in beans give me gas and makes my bones ache. Pea and soy protein doesn't build my muscle but makes me gassy. I've even tried avocados as a fat protein alternative with no results of strength improvement.
    The more vegan i eat the less hungry I feel which leads to less calories and weakness is the result.

  33. One of the best videos on YouTube!  Thank you Dr. Greger!  I know that I am healthier and it is because of you!

  34. 6:41 not reliable data
    ;A small p-value (typically ≤ 0.05) indicates strong evidence against the null hypothesis, so you reject the null hypothesis.

    A large p-value (> 0.05) indicates weak evidence against the null hypothesis, so you fail to reject the null hypothesis.

    p-values very close to the cutoff (0.05) are considered to be marginal (could go either way). Always report the p-value so your readers can draw their own conclusions.

  35. 10:30 'incidence of all cancers combined was lower among vegetarians than among meat eaters' Most meat eaters dont give a shit what they eat. Vegans is very dedicated. The reason/ difference on this could be the sugar intakes.

  36. I was expecting him to say "Every year the CDC updates the leading causes of death so, you don't have to!"

  37. I don't know how you managed to deliver this presentation with so many idiots in the audience unable to silence their kids or their cell phones.

  38. Vegan for 5 years, vegetarian for 13 years. My whole family including our dogs and my 10 months old son are vegan and we are a really healthy and happy family. Was the best decision in my life <3 My father, a passionate animal product eater has diabetes 2 now and I gave him your book as a gift. Let's see…. At the moment he claims he is healthy because he feels good when he takes his pills 2 times a day XD

  39. Yeah. But if everyone went to the plant based diet, the Disease Care industry would have its economic pursuits dynamically lowered. Plus… Where do you get your protein? (not like beans, carrots, food have this… Nope, only meat)

  40. JAN IRVIN / LOGOS MEDIA has figured all this out. THIS video is incorrect. See Jan's stuff. Seriously. Look now.

  41. As a 16 year old i stand by my word i will cut out all animal products i want to live like im 16 when im 17. This speech has scared me straight beyond straight

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