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What happened bro? Where you going? Leaving to Hyderabad bro. Suddenly, why? You must be knowing Swetha, wanna surprise her. Oh..
Is it Valentine’s day special? Yeah. About to meet her after two years. I’m a little nervous. Okay. All the best. All is well. Bye. Bye. Bye, bro. Breakup? What’s the issue with her? Switch off.. Uh.. Swetha? Uh..Ravi? Hey, hi. Hi! Sorry, it was a little late. No no, it’s okay. I was told you wanted to talk something. Teja said so.. Uh. I’m actually a blogger. I write all about heritage places in India under a byname ‘anonymous blogger’. Nice. So could I help you with something? Some of my blogs cover the same places you’ve took pictures of. I was thinking If i could beautify those blogs further with your work. Definitely, It’d seem great initially but might eventually bore you. Nah. I love this job enough not to ever get bored of it. But. What’s with the anonymity? Writing satisfies me, showcasing myself as the one who wrote it, doesn’t. So.. anonymous writer. Oh. So you’re passionate about photography? Yeah. A photo doesn’t exaggerate any moment in our lives. So, I love it. That’s true. Opportunity for fellowship. National geo. Yess!! What is it? I received a sponsorship from national geography. I’d be sponsored for all the places I travel.
-Crazyyy!! Yeah..
But the shoot spots would be of their choice. North- east first and Tibet after that. Oh. When would you be back to Hyderabad? I really don’t know. Got to think of it. When are you going ? Tomorrow. Also booked my flight ticke.. Hey, why did you get so low? We’ve have to celebrate this. It’s your dream. Yeah, but.. Move.
Don’t think much. Let’s go.. Swetha.. Put this in. Hand it. Did you pack the medicines? Yeah, I did. -Did you charge the phone?
-I’m running late. Make it fast… Ehh..
There’s still some time. It’s Alright. Put the camera in! Oh. I forgot. And the lens in it? Yeah. Is your phone charged? Yeah! Did you also put the charger in? Yes. I did. Give it to me! Hey, pchh..
Arrange it neatly. Uh, water bottle. Carry it wherever you go. Okay, teacher. Don’t rush it. We still have time left. Go safe. All the best. Call me soon after you reach there. Hmm.
Don’t gulp junk outside, eat healthy. Okay? Call home. Aunty may otherwise..
-Baby.. Why are you do tensed? Distance between doesn’t matter much. Okay? Hmm. We’ve been good. We’d also be alright. I’ll miss you. Uh! I’ll miss you too. Shall I leave? Mm. Bye. Bye! Hi?
-You called me to talk? Just wished we could talk. No Ravi, please..
If you talk to me, I may get convinced, All this.. Swetha , Swetha, Swetha.. I wanted to do a casual talk, not to convince you. Stay cool. I’m sorry Ravi. let’s end this and move on. I don’t think this is working out. Uh..If it’s too hard to take it out. Better that you keep it maybe. Sometimes trying a little harder would make it work, though how tougher it gets. Is it? Would you put this on once for me? Why? Once please.. Pcch.. You’re happy? Yeah, a lot. Okay, I’ll go now. Bye! Swetha.. He cancelled the cab. He’s also with us. Huh? Could you be here for 5 minutes? Until the cab arrives. So you conclude working hard gets us anything Swetha? Yeah..
Did you just not are how the ring have come.. So, we could make great efforts on something we like? Yeah? Then why do you want to quit from the two years of relationship Swetha? Look Ravi, I knew you’d try to convince me in someway, So I didn’t actually wanna come. Skip it please.. I didn’t wanna convince you to be with me Swetha. Was just asking if you could answer. The effort you made to pull the ring off, why don’t you do the same to make our relationship work? Ravi, If it feels good together, efforts could be made. But we just can’t be with each other. So, you feel if we stay apart, we can’t make this work? Obviously, you’re somewhere far and I’m here. Swetha.. we knew we’d be in a long distance relationship and we still went ahead. Long distance isn’t what matters Ravi, our communication has become a problem. Every relationship gets weaker without proper communication, same happened with ours too. Moreover, this isn’t the only one, we aren’t like before, that magic between us is missing. You didn’t attend to any of my calls. Didn’t respond to my messages. You’ve been ignoring me , You must be taking me for granted.. Swetha.. I’m Sorry. I feel responsible for this Didn’t respond to your calls. Yeah. Didn’t spare enough time for you. Yeah. But I didn’t ignore you intentionally. I just was feeling you’d understand me. Magic doesn’t last forever in any relationship Swetha. But it’s required to remain attached with a person. Being together Inspite of not having it, is when the relationship gets stronger. How could this be possible Ravi? Efforts. You earlier said that efforts would make anything work. Can’t we be together making a little effort? Please Swetha. The magic and efforts is all that it takes to be with someone we like, Not just ours but any relationship wouldn’t ever be broken if this is made sure.


  1. Last 5 days nunchi CAPDT short films tappa inkem chudatam le….. Gopi,Bhargav,Ravi, Siddu meeru keka…… Chittoor zilla pothuru taaluka madilo renugunta 😂😂😂🙏🙏🙏

  2. Undoddu
    Mundu magic poddi
    Tarvatha love poddi
    Edi undadu
    Thappadu annattu kalisi undatam kanna vidipovadam better
    Em chesina heartfull ga undali
    Not like this

  3. మంచి shortfilm.. లోక ప్రేమలో ఏదీ లేదో అదే చూపెట్టావు..!!!

  4. Distance does not a matter when someone waiting for us
    But that person is not waiting for us
    Its really horrible nd agony

  5. Incase ah ammayi vere vaditho luv lo undi.. Neetho cheppalekaa… Ala relation workout kaadhu antundhi anko… But u keep on convincing her thinking u r the prob…. Awkward

  6. I never commented for any video till date, this one is the first. the message which is given in this video is so relatable and the dialogues are really Fab in the last(the convincing part) the best content in this page♥️

  7. People are getting emotional after watching videos and in that emotional people are forgetting to subscribe your channel!

  8. Inka enni years unna inthe content unna capdt ki subscribers matram raru kani sollu comedy sollu content sollu inspirational quotes and boothulu cheppe channels ki matram millions of subscribers 🙏🙏🙏🙏

  9. Motivation mamul ga ledhu . Konchem nerchkovandi kadha evaraina sare effforts matter. Thanks man content lo una clarity manshulu lo kuda unte thop untundhi.

  10. Nijamai communication lakapotai ame use undadhu.antha distance lo unna happy ga undalii antai affects paitalii good. Kane chapenatha easy kadhu.kane aa feeling baguntundii kane aa thinking anaidii attu ammai vaipu alaganai abbayai vaipu kuda.nanu aa problem face chestunanu. 😰😰😰😥😥

  11. కష్టం అయినా కొంచెం ఎఫర్ట్స్ పెడితే హ్యాపీ గా ఉండొచ్చు 🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️

  12. Chala emotional ga feel ayyanu bro. Na life lo ee effort gurinchi convince cheya leka poya. Finally I have missed 😢😥😥

  13. Sudden ga vidipodamanukubnapudu, kaneesam reason cheppi vidipovadam samskaram… Anni avtalavale telseskovali anukovadam tappu.. enduku vidipotaro endukila behave chestaroo ani alochinchi utti torcher…

  14. Ade ammai job lo undi ala chesina same ee .. appudu matram abbailu inka tana venake untaru.. Magic eppudu beginning lone untadi… Jeevitamanta evariki undadu… Manaki em nachayo o person lo vatini prioritize chesi negatives each other loni understand chesukoni adjust aitu povali..

  15. I love it same I am facing now long distance love and communication problem is started little bit 😒😒😒😒but noo problem I don't want to mis him 😘😘😘😘😘I will be wit

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