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VEGAN JUNK FOOD MUKBANG | Girl Talk with Shaylor

Hey guys. Taylor and I are going to make our first Mukbang today. Taylor: First ever. [Mukbang: Korean for “eating broadcast” where a host eats lots of food while interacting with their audience.] [(often done as a live broadcast)] We went to Ain Soph – Ripple in Shinjuku and we got lots of yummy food. And drawing by Brenn. Yeah the guy that works there is really
awesome so if you guys are in Shinjuku and you are looking for some yummy vegan
food go to Ripple. You’re going to be seeing a couple things on their menu
today so… T: This is like vegan junk food. S: Yeah, like burgers, burritos, “cheese” fries
T: but they have no cheese that I really want to just try. S: But they are out of it, that’s too bad. T: We’ll have regular fries. S: I got some good stuff so we’re going to be eating this food and then we’re going to need answering…
T: Oh that is good. S: Oh my god, it smells so good… and
we’re gonna be answering your questions off, try to just having like a chatty eat
dinner with us. T: and PJs for our sleepovers. It’s like having our sleepover together. So this is a french fries. I love the
packaging, it’s so cute. This is also French fries S: Oh do we have ketchup? I forgot to grab ketchup. S: All right I’m back with ketchup. We need our ketchup. S: Okay what else do we have here?
T: And this one is yours. Salad bowl. S: Oh yeah. So I wasn’t quite sure what it was. [Grilled salad bowl] It looks like grilled veges and quinoa. S: Oh wow, it looks yummy and then some like soy…soy fake meat. Yeah but smells so good I cannot wait. This was my favorite. It’s the burritos bowl. S:Oh my god. Smells so good.
T: It got vegan sour cream, guacamole, corn, peppers, black beans, lettuce, rice. I see eggplants in here. I’m so excited, I’m loving it. We usually won’t order this much food
but because it’s a mukbang so we thought we have to order a lot. And I got the
falafel burger which is gluten-free if you remove the bun. S: That looks so good T: So, I’m not gonna
eat the bun. S: Oooh, this looks amazing. So this is the chicken burger. T: Oh, that does looks so good. I wonder what’s it made from? S: Oh my god. I believe it’s soy. S: Awesome.
T: I don’t know where to start. S: I’m starting with a burger. T: again. S: I’m so hungry. S: Ok let me get some food in me and then
we can start answering questions. I was at the YouTube space filming all
day. I assume you guys know if you watch that vlog bit. I’m really hungry. So they don’t have any food up there. It’s really a pain to like leave the building. This looks pretty. All right here we go. Oh my god. The spices and the falafel are so good. S: This tastes like Canada. It tastes like the food my
mom would make for me all the time, like a little soy nuggets. T: Oh your family’s
really healthy (eaters), right? S: Yeah, well they are vegetarian yeah. S: Ah, so good. T: I’m going to wrap this in a lettuce. Ok the chicken burger is definitely
a recommend. This is so yummy. You eat like this wrapped up in a lettuce. Everything is good here. Actually
everything’s good at all the Ain-Soph branches actually. I never
had a bad meal at any of them. S: Yeah never. T: This is not
sponsored by the way, paid for everything. S: Please sponsor us. We love you. We
spend too much money at your restaurant. Good thing you’re wearing a cone. You can
catch everything. All right let’s answer some questions. We haven’t looked at these at all yet
it’s going to be a big surprise. I love reading your questions. T: look at my teeth. S: Yeah, the bottom one. Ok this is a good one. So Toph, my
friend Toph asked us what do you think is the sexiest quality about each other? Sexiest quality… T: to me, sexiness isn’t anything like physical and more like a inner thing. S: Yeah i was just gonna say. S: I was gonna say like I personally
wouldn’t choose something physical. I T: I would choose confidence and stuff. S: Let’s choose one thing physical and one thing not physical then cuz
I’m not sure what he wants us to answer For a non-physical I would say your
motivation, because like I’m super attracted to people that are motivated
and always like hard working. T: Yeah you are too though. S: Aww. T: For a non-physical for you, I would say your ability to like talk to people,
like Sharla can meet anyone on the street and just like communicate or talk to them S: So can you though. T: But you’re quite like good at it and everyone loves you, like I’ve never
met anyone that does like Sharla. S: There are very few of those. They are out there. Aww. T: No, you can really communicate well with people and
everybody likes you and I just T: feel positively. S: But I feel like that’s you too though. But I feel like it’s hard to see it in yourself. S: and other people sees it. T: Cuz I like watched you and you meet people. T: Yeah. S: Aww, that’s nice. Ok what about like an
outside thing? T: Physical thing? S: Yeah, physical thing. T: Your eyes. S: Really? S: What do I pick about you? There’s so many to choose from. I probably say your hair. T: My hair? Yeah. I always look at hair on guys. T: the first thing you look at guys is
hair. S: I like long hair on guys. Long dark hair. T: The first thing I
look at is teeth. S: Teeth. I like teeth too. S: I like it when they have fangs. That’s such a weird thing to say. T: You like freaking vampires. Give you guys a close up of what we’re eating here. It smells so good. I wish you could be here
to enjoy this with us. We’ve already eaten half of our burgers, but… T: I ate them all. S: Taylor ate all hers. The buns (is the thing that’s) left. So delicious. So delicious. 10 out of 10.
100 out of 10. I love that. I haven’t tried this one yet.
but it looks really good. How did you guys meet? Have we never told
this story? T: I think not really. S: I feel like we did. S: No? T: I got touched on it once but… S: I’m still choking at that teeth. S: When did we first start talking? T: When I was in Hong Kong, we started
talking through YouTube. S: YouTube messages. T: Yeah. S: Yeah wow. That’s so long ago. T: And then I move here and we still didn’t meet in person for a long time. S: Like for a year. T: The memory card was full so we had to
change it but anyway we’re talking about how we met. S: Oh yeah. T: So we
met in Kichijoji for the first time. We went for thai food and walk around zoo. And we realize how much we have in common and how we have personality wise. We clicked like instantly. We spent like five hours i think together that day. Like really long time. S: At least. Just like talking. Yeah yeah it’s funny cause like we have
such different lives, like career wise. T: Yeah. S: Up until now, but we go really well. S: Like our personalities are so similar.
Let’s pick another one. You want to pick one? T: Yeah try this. S: Yes please. It looks so
good. S: I don’t know where to start. There’s so
much going on in here. Oh my god. S: Ahhh. Holy crap. T: Yeah this is my favorite thing from there, the burrito bowl. S: Oh wow, yeah. I feel like this might be my favorite because I feel like
it’s not too unhealthy. T&S: Yeah. T: What is the most embarrassing thing
that you remember from high school? Love you guys. Love you too. I can think of one in elementary school cuz like it haunts me forever. S: Oh no. Okay go ahead. T: So there’s like these two
guys. They were the coolest guys in school and all the girls like them. I’m
not gonna lie, I like them too. S: Yeah. T: But they always make fun of me, calling me
fat and always made me cry. And like I would go home crying. And my mom
one day was like, ‘why are you crying?’ So I told her like what they are…whatever
they are calling me at that time. I don’t know what they are calling me. And then my mom, I guess the next day
went in and told my teacher that they were like bullying me… S: Oh no. T: which was like… and I saw her
talking to her and I knew in that instant like she was telling teacher that and
I was like ‘oh my god, mom, no.’ And then the teacher handle it so wrong. What she did is she talked to them and then they said that I said something
about them too and the teacher made us line up against the wall. both guys and me for the whole recess, like… and then they’re just like call me Teller Taylor, Teller Taylor… And it like made me, it made things
so much worse. She handles it so wrong and what she told my mom was like, ‘boys will
be boys.’ Which I can understand like my kids like me needs to get stronger from that but the way she handles it was so wrong. She didn’t
punish them at all. She actually like…I got more punishment in the end. S: That’s horrible. That’s so traumatizing. T: You suck, Miss Briggs, you suck. S: I hope you’re watching this, Miss Briggs. T: No I actually changed her name. T: cuz she still lives in my hometown. Like I can still feel my embarrassment. S: Aww. Mine’s like a bullying story too – but I feel
like the teacher in this case handled it really well. So I was
standing in the hallway and somebody came up from behind me and kicked me and
broke my knee and I dunno if you ever injured your knee before but it really
freaking hurts. T: Oh my god. S: So as much as I didn’t want to cry in front of
everybody, I had to, because it was insanely painful and I guess somebody…I
don’t know what happened after that, I was in so much pain that I can’t
remember. I just remember sitting on the floor crying and I think some people
might have thought I was faking it cuz I don’t think they purposely meant to hurt
me. I think they just wanted to like kick the back of my leg because it will be funny
United like I will fall over or something. T: I always do that to my brother and I
was like slice it. S: All right. Don’t do that as the joke man. Cuz my leg is permanently messed up. T: Oh my god we always do
that. S: Oh my god. But I guess somebody went to tell the principal or something because
the next part I remembered is the principal came to the hallway and picked
me up off the floor like this and started to carry me throughout the school to get to the nurses’ office. T: Like Superman. S: Yeah. And this was in high school, so I was probably 16 at the time. So like being carried by this man down the hallway like this. I was embarrassed but at the same time I was in so much pain that I was just like I was just happy that
somebody was helping me so I don’t know This is kind of like a mixture of
embarrassment and like pain. But it was horrible man. Oh and like
the worst part is they were examining my leg and all the kids came in. And the nurse is
asked to look at it and I haven’t shaved my legs. They rolled up my pants to look at it and I was like, ‘Can you not look at my legs please? Like I haven’t shaved yet.’ T: Did you have a uniform? S: No, no uniform. But I
feel like that was the worst part. I feel like it’s just a stupid thing to be embarrassed about. T: But you are when you were… S: As a teenager yeah. I
remember being super embarrassed I was S: Like yeah. T: you always when someone hurts
you, you always love, you want to just like laugh every time like it doesn’t hurt . S: Yeah but
that was bad man. S: So yeah that was a bad memory from high school. I’m gonna try this veggie. Vege salad. They call this salad but it’s
like steamed veggies and quinoa. It’s basically like a Buddha bowl. T: Yeah. S: It’s like a quinoa Buddha bowl. It looks so good. I’m gonna go with the eggplant. That’s
one of my favorites. Mmm. You wanna try one? S: So good. T: Mmm the sauce is nice. S: You know it’s really like subtle. It’s like
slightly flavored. And the flavor with the veggies really comes through. Some time ago you
two did a newly friend game. I would love to hear how your friendship
advanced since. Love you guys. I remember. S: We only been friends for like… T: Like we only met one time before. S: Yeah. It was the second time we met T: Yeah. I think so. S: I think that when we were so bad at answering things like we really didn’t know. T: But those questions
were open questions. S: They were weird though. They were really weird. T: They were open, like, it could be anything. It could be anything. It was the
emoji, like guess what emoji would you use and stuff. T: Yeah. We barely knew each other cuz yeah. That
was the second time. T: Yeah S: Yeah so since then. And now we’re like
really good friends so we like talk all the time about anything. T: Yeah. Even if you’re at home, we’re messaging or voice-calling. S: Yeah. Who’s cuter, Rosie or Maro? Uh oh. T: Uh oh.
S: Battle time. Obviously I’m going to say Maro. It’s my
child. Even if you are the ugliest cat in the
universe I would still say the same. T: I know, same, Rosie. Even if she’s like this. S: Aww. What is your favorite color combination? Curious to know. I really like…You know the colors of
cotton candy like pink and blue together? I really love that combination so I’ve got
lots of pink and blue going on. Yeah. Does that mean like your house or
like your fashion? S: Just like…just in general. Like what two colors you like
to see together, like what makes you happy T: Colors together. S: Yeah. I just realized my clothes are in pink and blue. T: Really? I think I wear a lot of black, white gray and navy and red recently. S: Hmm. T: I like these five color but I don’t know about
together or not but my favorite color is pink. S: Yeah that’s the thing. T: I don’t know. S: My favourite color is pink but I don’t like wearing pink that much. Like every once in a while I found something I
really like like this bright pink hoodie, but for clothes, I like
wearing black and white and gray. What time do you usually go to sleep and
wake up? It’s probably similar for both of us cause we are editing all night. T: We’re usually talking. S: Till like 2am.
T: 2 or 3am. It really depends. I do try to
go to bed at like…I gonna say like 12.30 but it never happens and i usually end up going
to bed at 2.30. T: Yeah, recently. Because I’ve been vlogging every day, like I’ve
been trying to get some work done at night after, you know vlogging and it’s
like too late. S: Right? T: I’ll wake up naturally around 8 or 9 unless I’m
really tired but between 8-9 usually. I usually get off at six or seven so
that i can make his bento and then sometimes i go back to bed and wake up
at nine. And if i’m really tired i get up at 12 and I’ll regret it cuz that’s like my
whole morning gone. Yeah. While Taylor’s looking for
another question, I’m gonna eat more of this burger. Are you certain you are full yet? Yeah I still have half a burger. I ate more than you. I’m like tearing it down. S: You ate all of this. I just missed my mouth. You guys can eat one food and not get bored of it, what will that food be? It will be pizza for me. Really? I hate pizza. T: Really?! S: I so hate eating pizza because
I don’t like cheese. Yeah like obviously you can choose what
kind of pizza. S: Hmm ok. But if you look, you can make so many different meals with like different toppings, different sauces; white, red (sauce). Yeah I was never a fan of pizza but like
after like having a vegan pizza, I like it now. T: Yeah. S: Cuz it doesn’t have the
cheese, I think cheese is too heavy. T: I think yours is broccoli, tofu. S: Don’t hate on broccoli, man. Yeah, probably that Buddha bowl. I could eat that Buddha bowl every day. I have been eating the Buddha bowl nearly every day for weeks. T: Like different version of it? Yeah and like, the sauce is always the
same but I have my favorite vegetables and I always eat with quinoa and rice. Yeah I love it. Like I willingly eat it every day so I would definitely go eat that. If you have problems giving your cats
or dogs water like if they aren’t drinking enough water give it to them in caps because Maro
is also like this. I’ll be worried that he’s not drinking enough water so I’ll pour some and he will freak out like Rosie. Yeah they think it’s good. They think it’s good, a treat. S: So cute. Yeah they think it’s treat. I’m always like, ‘Maro, snack time’ and I’ll pour water and he’s just happy. Ask Shaylor, what is the key to success for anything in life? I feel like, ‘Are we…are we
successful enough to answer that?’ T: Yeah. Like I feel like I’m not there yet. S: But I feel like I
know a couple of things. T: I figured out a bit along the way. S: Number one would be try
things that you’re afraid of because when you try that, like you learn
something new for one thing, you’ll probably get over your fear of it. It will
be scary when you’re doing it but afterwards you will be like, ‘oh that wasn’t that bad.
Why I’m so scared of it?’ and I feel like you push yourself when you do that.
For me I was really scared of going out and talking to new people. I’ve been like. S: Yeah. T: Up until
like recently and I’ve gone out of my shell but yeah I agree. Once I got over that and kind of push
myself… Well kinda like Youtube pushed me into doing that obviously because it’s
like I put myself out there and now people will recognize me on the streets
and of course I don’t know them. You guys know me, but I don’t know you so
it’s completely new people coming up to me, talking to me all the time. At
first that was terrifying, but I really like it. So it’s like, yeah push yourself to
do something you’re afraid of and I feel like you’ll grow from that. T: For me it’s work
down hard. Ya T: Hard work, like there’s no shortcut
and if you want to do something, work every single day at it.
Whether it be learning a new language, a career, any skill, anything in life. I find
the harder i work at something the more success you get at doing it. You get
better at it, you get more successful. I don’t think there’s any shortcut. S: That’s so true. T: You have to work
really hard. S: Like sometimes you’ll see people that call successful overnight.
T: But they don’t last long. S: Yeah or like they had a YouTube channel that blew up in like two
months. But I feel like that’s not a normal case. No it’s rare. A lot of times they don’t
understand the hard work ethic so it kind of goes down from there. Like not everybody but a lot of the time.
So I feel like if we work hard and you build that like good work. I think you can…It will take you longer to
get there no matter what you’re doing, like maybe
not even YouTube. But it’s gonna last a lot longer and you’re gonna appreciate
it more. And do what you love. S: Yeah. T: So then it won’t
seem like such a bad hard work. Like i enjoy making videos every day
recently and I jumped out of bed like, ‘What am I going to do today? What we’re going
to film?’ i’m like genuinely excited to do it. So if you love it and you work hard at
it I feel like…Not that I’m successful, I don’t think I’m successful now but
yeah I think it’s going ok. S: I think that’s really an important point to it being successful. Yeah if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing
you’re not going to want to keep it up. You’re not going to be motivated to do it.
T: And do it better and better, like I always want to outdo myself. You’re not eating. I finished mine. S: I’m so full. What has been your favorite happiest
moment in Japan? Please share any stories. Oh god I gonna have to think of one time. Me, Jenna and Marbles OMG that was so nice. That was such a nice day. Jenna, Marbles and Julian are the coolest
people. They are even cooler than they seems in their videos T: And so humble and so
kind. S: They’re so amazing. T: They just want to give hugs and
love and…yeah. S: Really really kind. That was a fun day. T: That was a really fun day. Yeah. I really like that day yeah. I have so many good
memories and I’ve been in Japan for 10 years so like… Like… you know a couple is really hard
but just a couple off the top of my head… Travelling with my boyfriend to like those
outskirt, little road trip That’s so true. I went to Hakone
recently, I was totally inspired by Taylor like going out to the countryside
with her boyfriend. We went on a trip like me and my fiance
and not her with her boyfriend. went to Hakone recently so we i vlogged it
and I’m working on editing the video. T: I wanna watch that one. It was so beautiful now. That was a great
trip. It was our first trip together. T: Really? S: Yeah Isn’t that crazy? We are both
so busy that we’ve never had a chunk of time off together so we finally have a
few days and I was insanely sick. I had like lung infections and a high
fever but it was amazing, it was really good. T: You guys gonna try to do that
more. That’s what I trying to do this year. S: It’s really hard, videos, work schedules. T: So many nice places in Japan. S: Tough, man. But yeah. That and then the
Jenna and Julian meet was amazing. We always has similar things. Like the stuff we like is the same. One that would be different from you was the moment that I
got that cat out of the pet store that I was so worried about. Finally
bargain it down like a cheap price sounds like, ‘okay I’m just I’m
going to pay.’ Even though I’m supporting them a bit I was just so happy to get
here out of there and know that she’s safe so that was definitely a really happy
moment for me. Yeah I think it was there something I
can think of those are recent one so of course. S: Yeah I don’t have a while ago but T: It takes me a while to think about all the way back. Yeah. If you could be a boy for a day how
would you dress? I feel like I already dressed kinda like that. T: Me too. Taylor. Oh my god. Cap and a T-shirt. T: Baggy T-shirt and Batman pants. um I don’t feel like there’s any like
typical boy clothes, typical girl clothes. S: I don’t think that’s a thing
anymore. I really like wearing clothes that would be traditionally
considered guys cloths anyways. And I’ve always been like that. So I feel like I would dress like exactly the same, if I was a boy, then I would wear the exact same outfit. T: Yeah. Here’s somebody’s question. What happens
if you have a really small stomach? Well that would be me right now and you’d
have to stop eating a half way through your mukbang and be a really bad mukbang person. T: I don’t have that problem, i finished everything except for the
fake meat. Oh my god I can’t do it guys. I’m so
full. T: I have a big stomach. S: I nearly ate all the burger and I’ve eaten half of this
steamed veggie quinoa salad and I eaten maybe a third of my fries but I’m so
full. S: What what what? Oh my god. Is your phone okay? T: Yeah, my phone’s okay but I’m soaked. Don’t worry about the bed, just worry about your phone. But you have to sleep in this. I don’t care, as long as your phone’s safe. I knew that would happened as soon as I took off the lid and I was like, ‘I’m gonna spill this.’ When you like screamed, I thought like
there was a spider and I was getting ready to like jump off it like fling all these food off. Did you watch my Q&A video? One of the
questions was what do you think of dogs? And I said I’m not a dog fan like I’m
just really like I’m really meh about them and then somebody commented and
they’re like, ‘yeah I noticed whenever you’re hanging out with Rosie, I can tell you’re trying to like her, but you don’t actually like her. I’m like, ‘Oh my god. That’s so horrible. ‘ It’s not that I don’t like
Rosie but I don’t feel the same as I was if it’s a cat. It’s so weird. T: Oh really? Yeah, it’s like, of course I love her
because she’s your dog, she’s like your baby but I I’m not like, ‘Oh my god, it’s a cat.‘ Like if it’s a cat, I’ll be freaking out now. T: Oh really? S: Yeah. T: I don’t feel that way. I like cats and dogs equal. S: You like both? T: Yeah. Oh I thought you were not a cat
person. T: No. my family, we take dogs but my aunt always had cats and I always go there when I was little. I like both. I like all animals actually. There we go. Wardrobe changed. We got a bit of a disaster. T: I wonder if they still watching. Maybe it’s been like 20 minutes and they’re not even watching us
anymore. Ok those of you who are watching,
I did a Q&A video that was quite long and at the end of the video i asked in the
annotation, ‘if you’re watching until the end, tell me what your favorite pokemon
is?’ and I couldn’t believe how many people commented. I was so happy. Aww you guys watched all the way until the end. T: How long was it? I’m gonna say like 14 minutes. T: Okay. This is gonna be a longer video. It
will be, so if you’re still here…what should we get them in the comments that
we know who does? :et’s make it something like random. If
you could have a mukbang with anyone in the world, any celebrity, dead
or alive person, anybody, who would you want to have a mukbang with? Oh my god, that’s such a fun like question. Who would you pick? T: Oh my god. S: I pick G-dragon. T: G-dragon? Really? S: Oh my god. I don’t know if I’m able
to eat in front of him, but I would be just like stare out of both eyes T: I have no idea who I will choose. S: I’m so creepy. T: I think I choose my great grandmother who passed away. There’s so many things S: I didn’t even think about choosing like a family member I just think of famous people. T: There’s something I want to know and ask
her still. S: Did you know her? T: Yeah. S: You knew your great-grandmother? Oh I’m so jealous. I’ve never met my great grandparents.
Most of them died before I was born and Then ones that were like still alive
lived in Europe so we’re going to meet them. I don’t get the whole G-dragon thing.
Explain to me what is the like, what is so good about G-dragon? S: I’m like, again, he’s
like super motivated, he’s so talented, like fashion, music, lyrics… T: so you’re following him
for a long time. S: Yeah a long time. I guess if you just find him, you don’t
really… Maybe you can’t see that. I’ve been
following him for so long i have seen everything he’s been doing and he’s
getting so famous now and so successful now that is awesome. He’s a hard worker, you can see that. I
like that about it. Yeah but I think that’s what makes him different. T: I like that in guys too. The team and like, I said that as
aggressiveness in my video before but I meant ambition they have to be like really S: Yeah, when
you said that I knew what you meant because I’m the same. T: Yeah. S: because when they’re
not, you like…I don’t know. I like to be inspired by them T: Exactly. I like people that I’ve been inspired by T: Yeah sure. You know people that have qualities that
you want to have yourself. T: That like make you want to be a better person.
Complete the parts you work with. Who’s your celebrity crush, male and
female? Okay well I already answered with G-dragon, obviously. I had a few who… T: Crush, so it’s like physical. Yeah. Well, you could be attracted to
their personalities. It’s not like we know them. personally T: I feel like I know… I also really like Ryan Reynolds. T: Ok I would say (for) girl, Emma Watson. And guy…I probably say
David Beckham. T: He’s such a family man. S: Yeah he’s pretty awesome. S: For a girl I would say Megan Fox,
or…what else do I like? I’m just going to purely physical, I
don’t know her personally all but she’s pretty hot. All right guys we’re gonna end it here. I
am super full. I finish my steamed veggies except for
this one piece of fake meat. Steamed vege is done. I nearly finished my
chicken burger and I’m gonna finishing this later and… T: The bread is actually pretty nice. It’s like squishy. it was really good but happy that you
didn’t have to eat it because you were able to eat the rest. Alright guys thanks for watching. And if
you survive to the end and you were sticking with us, you are the best person ever if you are still watching. T: Yeah. I hope you grab some food actually. T: I hope like, you should said that in the beginning. We should have said to grab your food. I feel like they wouldn’t know. S: I’m going to edit this so i can put this in. I really recommend this food that we ate.
It was delicious. The guy that worked there was super nice. Shout-out to Brenn. I guess that’s it guys. We will see you soon. Make sure you go
subscribe to Taylor if you haven’t, I’m sure you do already. Small chance
that you don’t, please go follow her, I’ll link her channel down below and up here in
that card thingy whatever side that’s on. T: Thank you. Bye guys. Thanks for watching. T: Bye!

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  1. Poor doggie lol with his cone of shame. Just looking at the food hungrily and can't reach to it lol. Good boy though, not begging or barking for the food.

  2. I was bullied a lot in middle school, teachers were never involved. I put up with words, but if someone touched me, it was on. I got in a lot of fights, mostly with boys. I didn't get in trouble because I was a "nerd", and most of the fights went unseen. When I was a teen, I was bullied in my neighborhood, but it was worse because the boys had begun making the bullying more sexual in nature. Anyway, we finally left that neighborhood when I was 16. I definitely believe it made me a stronger person, and also one who is able to let slights against me go pretty easily (depending on degree of the unkind action). Love & light 💗💞🙏

  3. Id have a mukbang with my bf, we like to eat together, and always have really bizarre conversations. If i did it with someone famous id just be too distracted or starstruck

  4. where did your hakone trip video go? X(
    i've been looking around for it on your channels but can't seem to find it…

  5. I love this video! It's so relaxinge and comfy, and I could relate so much to the Q&A! Please keep on making more videos like this! 🙂

  6. I'm super late but I would love to have a mukbang with my granny or my aunt who passed away. if I was to choose a celebrity ehhh either mark Hamill, Walt Disney, or Beatrix potter

  7. What a bad teacher, she punished you for being abused and then told you that you were overreacting bc "boys will be boys". That encourages kids to not speak up about anything bc they learn if they do they'll just get in trouble anyway

  8. I had to stop watching after you pronounced it muck Bang. it's pronounced muck bong. like a pipe. it really irritates me. if you are gonna do it do it right. followers

  9. WHAT KIND OF JERK KICKS AND BREAKS SOMEONE'S KNEE?! I thought you might have been something like 8 years old and the other kids didn't really think about how much they could hurt you, but you and they were 16… At that age you should be able to figure out doing that could seriously hurt someone. What assholes. Sucks to hear that your knee is still messed up today 🙁

  10. I'd love to mukbang with my mom who passed away or if I had to pick a celebrity…Emma Watson. I think that would be an amazing dinner conversation!

  11. i would want to share a bunch of different entrees with my mom. she's the one who taught my to try new dishes. I miss her soooo much

  12. I said earlier today actually, if I could have a meal with anyone it would be my Grandma Margaret because I never got to meet her and it would make my mum happy as well. So I'd say that.

  13. Awwww Taylor R.'s poor little dog has to wear one of those collars.. The little dog wants to join in – smelling all the food – HAHA:)

  14. You both are great! xD So much fun to watch!

    I'd probably mukbang with someone kinda new. Like this girl I went to college with who blogs about her adventures and exchange student experiences. It'd be a lot of fun to get to know someone new!

  15. * Shalyor sitting in bed eating, and Taylors big water bottle tilts over near her phone while its uncapped *
    S: What what what?! Oh my god. Is your phone okay?
    T: Yeah, my phone is okay, but I'm soaked.
    S: Dont worry about the bed, just worry about your phone.
    T: But you have to sleep in this (the bed)
    S: I dont care, as long as your phone is safe.

  16. YouTube betrayed me. I literally typed "vegan junk food sharla" in the search and a bunch of random people showed up. Two weeks later I find this video!!

  17. I am so disappointed this video is so old. I would do muck by with you guy's, also my great grandparents and grandparents.
    As for my female crushes. Ruby red. Kat von Dee. Shikeria. Male Chris pine Channing tatum Ryan renalds too .. a few others'. About your bullies I have had both. I still have leg issue s . Totally sucks sometimes. I was just thinking the other day how cool a collaboration with the both of you would be. I prefer a vegan diet. Unfortunately I don't process protien the same way and must eat red meat. I love you both so much. Huge squishy hugs. Thanks for sharing. Shar. Favorite Pokemon are a few mythical one legand and charazard. Quick runner up squirt all and pika Pika. I am 30+ so I am not sure how Pokemon evolved. Love you. Shar, please be sure to get a copy of the message.my phone is dieing

  18. i'm watching this in 2018 XD
    but if i can choose
    i want to have a mukbang with you girls ! XD it would be so much fun you two are my favorite youtubers <3 <3 <3

  19. I would have a Mukbang with the two of you obviously, but besides that I would probably want to have a Mukbang with Goku.

  20. I've been sat here for the passed week maybe watching through all the videos from the beginning. I would mukbang with Takanori Matsumoto or Hideto Matsumoto.

  21. i would have a mukbang ft both of you cause you have cool personalities and you like anime and video game stuff like i do 🙂

  22. I still have my Pokemon cards, I collected sooo many in Japanese I really like them all =] but my favorite, umm.. Either Riachu or Blastoise 🙂 But Haunter is awesome too! And Dragonite. I dunno! I guess that's why we gotta catch em all,. 0_o XD lol

  23. I wish you guys go to a Thai restaurant. I'm SO curious what you think of it. Maybe the next Mukbang you go do that. Cool video. Nice pajama pants change, Taylor.

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