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Vegetable Spring Rolls Recipe in Hindi by Cooking with Smita | Crispy & Tasty Chinese Appetizer

Hello friends, welcome to Cooking with Smita today we will make Vegetable Spring Rolls and for that we need… First, we will prepare stuffing for Spring Rolls for that, heat oil in a pan when Oil is slightly warm, add Spring Onion (White) add Spring Onion (Green) saute for some time now add Carrot and add French Beans Carrot & Bean takes time to cook, so I have added them first after 1 minute, add Capsicum and add Cabbage mix well and saute saute vegetables on medium flame lower the flame after 1 minute and add all Sauces Chilli Sauce Hot & Sweet Tomato Sauce Soy Sauce and Vinegar mix well keep gas stove on low flame Sauce & Vegetables are mixed well now add Black Pepper Powder and add little Salt Sauces already contain some Salt, so add very little Salt mix well, increase the flame saute all vegetable for 1 minute switch off Gas after 1 minute add chopped Spring Onion Green mix well let it cool down to room temperature now we will make paste from All purpose Flour to seal spring rolls add water in flour and make thick paste paste is ready, keep it aside now we will prepare Spring Rolls add stuffing on Spring Roll Sheet / wrappers add stuffing in one corner of sheet Cover & gently but tightly roll till half at half sheet, bring the sides to the center and roll apply paste of All Purpose Flour and seal the roll prepare all spring rolls in same way deep fry spring rolls in hot oil fry Spring Rolls over medium flame fry till they turn slightly golden brown in color when they turn golden brown, remove them from oil fry remaining spring rolls in same way serve hot with tomato sauce try this recipe and share your experience in comments below if you like my recipe, please hit LIKE button below and SHARE and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE my channel THANK YOU

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