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Vegetarian Empanadas | Hilah Cooking Ep 13

Hey Friends, it’s Hilah! Guess what? It’s
South by Southwest this time in Austin again and that means three things. Awesome free
shows, ironic t-shirts galore and day drinking all day free beer usually. All right, so when you’re going out and you’re
going to plan on drinking all the free shit that you can possibly get your hands on all
day long and you’re out in the sun and you’re sweating your balls off you need to bring
some snackies with you or else you will die. I know that people think I’ll just go out
and get some snacks at the Taco stand, but that Taco stand is clogged up with tight-pants
wearing fools. So I’m going to make Empanadas today, so I can throw them in my backpack.
Then, in a few hours, when all my friends are wasted they’re going to be all like, man,
these are the best things you ever made for me because they are too drunk to know any
better. Boom! [Music] So I’m going to start with my filling first.
I’m doing a vegetarian filling, since it’s not going to be refrigerated expect for the
other beers that are in my backpack. I’ve got like a ten-ounce package of frozen spinach
I think here that I just microwaved and squeezed all the water out that I could because I don’t
want the water to get them all soggy, there’s nothing worse than a soggy empanada. Now,
I have a potato that’s already been beeled and hoiled, boiled and peeled. Then I’m just
going to cube because I want there to be some carbohydrates and stuff in my little snacky.
Mix that in there and I’m just going to improv some spices and put in some salt. I’ve got some, I don’t know, that’s probably
half a teaspoon or so, some cumin seeds and put in a little cinnamon. You can put whatever
you want in an empanada; it’s awesome in that way because this is just what I happened to
have around. I’m going to slice up some cheese and, hopefully, not slice off my finger. This
is Oaxaca cheese, which is similar to a mozzarella and I’m just going to make some chunks that
I can put in. I think I’ll make six empanadas and that means I need six evenish pieces of
cheese. I’m going to use a pre made pie crust dough
today. Get one, it’s like usually it’s stored with the biscuits and stuff. It’s not already
in a pie pan. Then what you get is this because you can always make your own pie crust if
you like making something to take to your in-laws house for Thanksgiving, but this is
just a bunch of stupid idiots asking you for free food when they’re all drunk on beer,
so you don’t need to give them anything awesome and by stupid idiots I mean my best friends,
but really it’s good, it’s fine, whatever. I’m going to just roll it out though to make
it a little thinner, so I’ll put my flour down and also wipe off your countertop really
good before you do this. If you have a fancy marble slab, then use that, but I don’t because
I am poor. If you want to buy me a marble slab, that’s wicked. So when you’re rolling
your pie crust you want to start at the middle and pull it out evenly on all sides. It looks
pretty good. I’ll probably get like empanadas out of each one of these things. I’m just going to use a bowl as my form. Ooh,
maybe I can get three; that would be bad ass and just use my little paring knife. God,
I hope I’m not screwing up my not cheap countertops by doing this. I’m totally going to get three
out of here. Sweet! Now, pull up this and set it aside and you could re-roll it and
make more later if you want to. I’m going to start with this. Get this business over
here and how you do is like so and maybe a couple of tablespoons. This is probably six
inch round, so maybe just two tablespoons of filling. Then a little bit cheese. Fold it over, and
I’ve got a little glass of water here. I’m going to wet my fingertips to make it seal.
Get in there cheese. I didn’t ask you to come out. You come out in my mouth when I’m ready
for you to come out. There, ta-da. I’m just going to crimp it. You can use a fork, maybe
I’ll do a fork next time to show you people how some other people might do it, but this
is how I’m doing it now because I didn’t get a fork out earlier. Empanada put it on an ungreased cookie sheet.
One time when I was at South by Southwest a couple of years ago and I had been out all
day long and I did not know at that time that you should always bring snackies it was probably
like 10 o’clock or something and we’re all drunk as shit and wandering around from place
to place and then were these dudes riding these weirdo bicycles that they made that
were like tricycles, but for adults. He wanted to let me ride it, but his was all broken,
but anyway he did have a backpack with bread and baloney and American cheese slices. Man,
that dude was hit of the party because he’s showing up with baloney and cheese sandwiches
and everyone’s all drunk and ready to eat, so that’s going to be this year, but I’m making
empanadas. Hey! So, I got my six empanadas. I’m going
to take my fork and just poke a couple of holes in the top to let the steam out so that
they don’t explode everywhere. I have some more stuff left over and I have some more
I think I’m going to try to make some and fry and them too, but these are going to go
in the oven, 400 degrees for 20-30 minutes, but I’m going to come back and do some fry
business. So my beautiful empanadas are out of the oven.
I’m going to set them on this cooling rack so that they cool off completely before I
put them in my Tupperware because if I put them in while they’re hot they’re going to
get all soggy and weird and then I’ll them in my backpack. Then I’ll go have fun all
day and you can enjoy these anytime you want to make them. Go ahead and make them and then
tell me what you did. In the meantime, I’ll see you later. Go subscribe
to my YouTube channel, please and bye.

100 thoughts on “Vegetarian Empanadas | Hilah Cooking Ep 13

  1. You have made my day. This is the best you tube video I have seen since Steve on the lawn mower who was stopped by the cop. If you had a t.v. show, I definitely would watch.

  2. It's Called A Pasty ( Pah-Stee ) , In England We Have Millions Of Places Selling Them…

  3. I don't watch chef Ramsey because of his foul mouth. That woman making the empanada's is both foul mouthed and drunk or high or both drunk and high. Not interested, thank you. Very poor taste and not someone I'd invite into my kitchen!

  4. theres different types of empanadas. There's the one made with corn flour and this one made with dough it depends were it comes from. Colombia venezuela make with corn flour mexico and other places with dough.I eat and love both.

  5. love watching a pretty, funny woman cook great food……thanks for the tamale recipe too, can't wait to make it

  6. You should try to cook "pรฃo de queijo" or cheese bread in english… it's a brazilian receipt and it's delicious!!!

  7. This is so funny-I just got finished watching scrambled eggs video (well done) and was going to post the comment"Is this woman drunk"? but didn't,and now this one-Great- I love it-Have done some of my best cooking,actually most of my cooking, with a couple of martinis on board.Cook on..

  8. This chick is amazing. I don't think I've ever laughed as much watching a cooking show as I have with this one. Getting messed up at Rock shows and having eating empanada snackies seems like fun.

  9. In mexico we make sweet empanadas, we stuff them with fruit jam and marmalade or with a milk spread called cajeta.

  10. Here in Chile we eat a lot of empanadas, you can try adding egg yolk at the top of empandas before you put them on the oven. They gonna have a nicre shinny golden brown look. Great recipe!

  11. My Dad is Italian so we made these all the time when I was younger. We hand made our dough though and most of the time used a meat filling. We would use ground beef mixed with onions, green olives, and sometimes raisins. Then we'd buy a pound of mozzarella cheese but in a block and cube it. Then fill and fry them. My personal favorite empandas that we made were the tomato and cheese ones. We'd marinate the tomatoes in balsamic vinegar, then seal and fry them. Happy memories!

  12. thats Endland not south america and mexico. countries make the same food but the name the diffrently then other countries. example enpanads

  13. Here in the Philippines we have our version of Empanadas too. We add longanisa(our version of sausage) shredded green papayas and an egg inside then fried until golden brown. Then we dip it in rice vinegars with red chilies before we indulge. We have so many varieties here but that's one my favorite. It's nice to see other variations of Empanadas from other countries. I'm so gonna try your recipe <3

  14. Soy(veggie) crumbles bitches! All the awesomeness of dead cow without the artery-clogging guilt. And your drunk ass will not know the difference.

  15. Don't know what you are putting in those empanadas but must be some good stuff!ย ! I just knew you weren't a Texan!! But that's okay…we love you anyway! !Being a fourth generation Texan & a nobody, I pronounce you Native Texan by association!! But only if you support WENDY!! Ha ย Ha!! ย Love your videos!!

  16. My god, where have you been all my life!? You are freakin hilarious!!! What kinda beer you sippin on there?

  17. Lol you're going to SXSW, eating Fancy ass Cheese and you're poor? Damn son. I must really be impoverished as fuck.

  18. Yaaa! Alright! Drinking all day until she's finally married into her late thirties. Doing a career, so she can neglect her kids. Thinking she's cool because feminism makes women uncriticizable and manly. Thinking she's hot just because 2/3 of the other women in her country are overweight/obese. You go girl!

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