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Vegetarian Peanut Butter Mushroom “Meatloaf” Recipe

Hey guys, I’m Alejandra. And I’m Caroline. And today we’re making Vegetarian Peanut Butter Mushroom “Meatloaf.” This is a great dish
to serve if you’ve got vegetarian friends coming over. It’s the thing that will satisfy
everybody, they’ll all love it and honestly even the meat eaters will be big fans. For
our mushroom “meatloaf” we’re gonna be using some mushrooms that have been all chopped
up in a food processor, you could do it with a knife too, some diced red bell peppers,
diced onions, little bit of salt and pepper. We’ve also got three eggs, some oatmeal that’s
also been chopped up a bit in the food processor or coffee grinder, a little bit of parsley,
some minced garlic, some grated parmesan cheese, little bit of oregano, some smoked Spanish
paprika, and our peanut butter. We’re using Crunch Time. Right, to get started I’m just
gonna put a little bit of oil in the pan. It’s already hot…nice and hot. And to this
we’re going to add our mushrooms. That’s an easy way to chop mushrooms, in the food processor,
that’s great. It’s my favorite, and it kind of mimics that ground beef texture, which
is what we’re using this for. Yeah. So gonna add some onions and our peppers. So we’re
just gonna cook these for about 7-10 minutes and the idea here is you want these to kind
of reduce, get rid of that extra water so that it makes a nice kind of solid base for
our vegetarian “meatloaf.” So we’ve just been letting this cook, it’s starting to reduce,
darken up a little, get rid of that extra water. Season it with a little salt and pepper
too and we are ready to move on to our next step. So now, if you actually wanna give those
eggs just a little bit of a beat. Sure. Let this settle down just a smidge. All right,
we’ve got that there and now we can actually start adding our peanut butter to it. So for
this I’m using Crunch Time ’cause I like that it adds a little bit of crunch to our “meatloaf,”
gives it a little extra protein. Cool. It’s kind of a fun touch. It’s all about texture
when you’re making vegetarian recipes. That’s true. And I’m gonna go ahead and add some
of our other ingredients. Got some garlic that’s been finely minced, some parsley, and
that heat’s kind of bringing out the smells of the herbs and the spices, the smoked paprika is the secret here, so this gives the mushrooms that kind of smoky, meaty flavor. It’s the
best thing if you want to create vegetarian dishes with tons of flavor. Smells so good.
So good. Then we’re using some oats, that just adds a little body, you could also use
something like breadcrumbs. Then put the cheese in, and the cheese gets lots of great flavor,
but if you want to make this vegan, you can actually replace cheese with something like
nutritional yeast which gives it a nice cheesy flavor but is still totally vegan. And so
now we can actually go ahead and add the eggs if you want to pour those in. And to replace
the eggs if you want to keep it vegan, you could use something like a flax egg or any other kind of vegan egg replacer, just something to bind it and hold it all together.
Just gonna give this a nice stir, make sure everything is evenly combined if you want
to bring over our loaf pan. So we’ve actually prepared this with some parchment paper hanging
over the sides that is gonna make it really easy to lift out the loaf once you go to cut
and serve it. Here we go, get that all in there. Just get it all in and then just use
the back of a spatula just to kind of flatten it out a little bit til it’s nice and even.
All right so now this is gonna go into a 350 degree oven, bakes for about an hour. You’ll
see see it’ll puff a bit, be a little darker and crunchier around the edges and then we’ll
pull it out and let it cool. All right guys, we’ve got this out of the oven and we let
it cool for about half an hour. Cooling time is so important here because you don’t want
it to fall apart when you go to take it out and to serve it. And because we used the parchment,
it’s so easy to get it out of the pan. Look at that, how cool is that? It looks like a
real meatloaf, right? That’s awesome. So tasty. So I’m just gonna slice this here, see? Because
we let it cool look how nice it stays together. It’s so easy to slice. Really cool. So there you
have it: Vegetarian Peanut Butter Mushroom “Meatloaf.” All right, I’m gonna try this,
you ready? Yes, I’m dying to try it. The mushrooms and peanut butter together, it’s awesome.
So many great flavors here, your vegetarian and your meat-loving friends are totally going
to enjoy this one. Absolutely, we took a traditionally meaty dish and gave it a vegetarian twist.
What other dishes would you like to see vegetarian versions of? Tell us in the comment section.
Thanks for watching, we hope you like this recipe, and if you did give us a thumbs up!
Every week we cook up a new peanut buttery dish, so make sure you follow the Peanut Butter
& Co. channel to catch them all. We’ll see you next time!

18 thoughts on “Vegetarian Peanut Butter Mushroom “Meatloaf” Recipe

  1. I would enjoy seeing a breakfast scramble or a breakfast brunch type of casserole, if it is vegan even better. Thanks, Linda Hardesty

  2. I love any and all Indian, Chinese, African, etc so any sort of ethnic dish like that in veggie form with peanut butter is great!!! I make African "chicken" often which has peanut butter (tons of it!). Love it.

  3. As I've mentioned prior, I'm a long-time vegetarian, so I'm happy for anything you vegetarian-ize!  Printing this recipe… maybe tonight!

  4. Hmmm…. How about a vegetarian burger?  Maybe a twist on the usual soybean protein, using a different legume or quinoa that would go beautifully w/ peanut butter!

  5. This isn't new my Grandma taught me a receipe like this along time ago cause they cooked it during the recession in the 1920's

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