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Vegetarian Vegan Tom Yum Soup Recipe!

hello friends in today’s episode a healthy
and delicious soup recipe that’s perfect for the holidays [music] so the tom yum soup
recipe in today’s video is a vegetarian soup it’s also a vegan soup it doesn’t
contain any animal products so let’s get started with how to prepare the soup so for our soup recipe will need vegetable
broth we will also need some lemongrass lime leaves bamboo shoots and water chestnuts and if you can’t find them fresh don’t worry you might be able to find
them canned we also need some fresh chopped garlic and chilli garlic is something
that you should always use fresh you will also need some fresh chopped
tomatoes and then you will also need some fresh vegetables like broccoli snap
peas green beans and bok choy which is a form of Chinese cabbage now you can use
other vegetables as you like for your soup but for my tom yum soup these are
most of the vegetables that I use you will also need some sesame oil and some soy sauce so to start take some sesame oil and then add the
chopped garlic and chilies and then just fry it for a little bit we will now add our vegetable broth to the garlic and chili that we just added to the container so before we
bring the brought to a boil what we can do is just add the lemongrass and lime
leaves now these other two ingredients add a lot of flavor to the soup and
they need to really boil along with the vegetable broth so this is why we add them first and now we bring the vegetable broth to come to a boil it usually
takes about five to ten minutes and once it comes to a boil and add the hard to
cook vegetables like water chestnuts and the bamboo shoots first and then also
are the other vegetables so that includes tomatoes the snap peas green
beans chopped green beans the broccoli and also the bok choy or the Chinese
cabbage now sometimes it might look like these are a lot of vegetables for this
container yes you could use a bigger container if you want however I noticed that as you cook the
vegetables they reduce in volume so they become smaller so this container will
actually be able to fit in all these vegetables that you see here and you’re
welcome to use a larger container of that’s easier for you know once you
might get all the vegetables button below to add some extra flavor to the
soup is just had some soy sauce now you can use soy sauce thats regular soy
sauce or low sodium soy sauce but all we’re gonna do is add some soy sauce to the
soup and that really bring out all the flavors in the soup and what we gonna do
now start cooking our soup now remember that we want our vegetables to be nice
and crispy so what we gonna do is just give our soup a little bit of a stir and then cook our soup for about four minutes [music] remember that the flavor and joy of
eating tom yum is with fresh and crispy vegetables so if you are tempted
to go for a longer time do not do that you do not really need to over cook
vegetables you’ll also be getting the most amount of nutrition from your
vegetables if you do not overcook them so about four minutes is a good time to
cook your vegetables should have nice crispy vegetables in your tom yum soup
and also you do not need to add any salt to this broth the vegetable broth
already contains salt in it so that’s our vegetarian vegan tom yum soup that’s
ready to be served I’m just gonna use some colorful bowls
here to serve the soup this is a very nice delicious soup very healthy for you
and it’s perfect for the holidays prepare it at home with your family eat it
with your friends and family so that was our episode on the tom yum
so I hope you like today’s episode and I’d like to know from you my YouTube
viewers do you like to see more recipes on my channel Do you liked videos where I
only post recipes if you do like them let me know I will try and post more
videos where there are recipes as well and I hope this healthy soup recipe is a
good alternative for you to share with your friends and family at Thanksgiving
from the folks at California Gardening we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving have a
great holiday and we’ll see you again soon

53 thoughts on “Vegetarian Vegan Tom Yum Soup Recipe!

  1. What a great surprise! Thank you for this recipe. I am always interested in learning new ways to cook. Thank you for your hard work, happy holidays!

  2. I bet that has to be amazing assuming it all came out of your garden? If not still wonderful but I would have to add salt because I'm a salt freak lol. Thank you for your time.

  3. Looks delicious. I will try this when the lemongrass and chillis are ready in a few months. Although I will probably add some prawns… sorry!

  4. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!  Again I want to thank you for your videos and everything you do to educate and help us. I love your recipes and videos. I will be trying your Tom Yum soup.  Happy Holidays!  I will be very busy planting my 19  fruit trees which have been shipped to me this Monday, and so long waited for them to be shipped.

  5. I'm going to try my own take on this recipe. I live up north so most of my garden is sleeping for the winter but I still have plenty of kale, green onions, carrots left to harvest. I'll add in some frozen green beans and dried chili from the garden as well.

    Maybe do a video on a Hot and Sour soup?

  6. Thank you for this recipe and all the knowledge you share! I am so grateful. A Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones! Oh, and yes, I would enjoy more of your favorite recipes. : )

  7. I wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving too. May you enjoy the peace and joy that only family can fulfill. Thank you for all your wonderful videos thus far.

  8. Looks delicious, I will go out to my garden and, collect some of my own vegetales, except for tomatoes I said goodbye to my tomatoes plants yesterday. Thank you.

  9. That soup looks delicious. I am going to make it this week! I don't like Soy Sauce and want to know if it makes any difference if I use Ponsu sauce instead? And yes, I would love to see more recipes. Thank you for the upload.

  10. I LOVE Tom Yum Soup!! Didn't know it was that easy to make. I usually have the shrimp one. Will have to try this out. Always enjoy seeing how other people cook with more veggies. Sick of fried foods always being forced on us. Personally, I would like to see more video's like this but love your gardening tips too. Which I'm sure its hard to do in the winter. Thanks for the yummy soup recipe 🙂

  11. Love tom yum soup ~ We always add fresh squeezed lime to ours… and only homemade stock. ~ Would enjoy seeing Indian Food Recipes!

  12. What a beautiful soup. I enjoy seeing recipes but learning how to grow food is my favorite.
    To grow a garden is to believe in the future.

  13. I am not a great chef or anything , but have taken several Thai cooking classes, including a 1 day course at the CIA. Because this is vegan, you might consider adding strips of dried seaweed for taste substitute of fish sauce or bonito fish flakes. Maria, HillCountryHick.com

  14. Loved watching this video. The soup looks yummy n I am going to try it. Can we add cherry tomatoes to it. I use it in salad. Harvested lots of cherry tomatoes from our Kerala farm.

  15. in the first picture in the pot with the sesame oil, garlic and chiles.. is there water in there or broth?  thank you✌♥😊👼♻

  16. Thank you for the recipe, I'll try it for sure. And I'm going start growing the lemon grass, watch the video for that already too.My Mother use to give it to us for stomach aches.

  17. The soup looks so delicious and also looks like Thai's soup as well. Thanks for sharing and watery mouth of mine

  18. enjoyed your video on this vegan soup. not sure where to find lime leaves? more vegan recipes would be great.

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