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Waiting for True Hunger | Gwen Shamblin Lara | Weigh Down

GWEN SHAMBLIN: Praise God alone! Praise You,
Father! Thank You for this day! I am sooo grateful to be alive, and I know you are grateful
to be alive. We have a beautiful audience, and it is a beautiful day here at the beginning
of this month, and today�s lesson for �You Can Overcome� is �Waiting For True Hunger.�
We are going to get really started, and I know this Facebook class is going to be getting
going this next week, and it is not too late for you to sign up. It is so exciting! There
is already the group that was just even on the chit chat the other day that reported
233 lbs combined weight loss, so that was fun. That was fun, just listening to that.
So it is just time for us to do this together. It is very, very beautiful.
Now I want to give a few shout-outs to you guys out there. I wanted to…first of all,
I know Tammie is the first one on my list, Tammie Robinson. She is from Georgia, and
she says, �I have lost twelve pounds in exactly three weeks, and seventeen inches.
Praise God for all of this encouragement and accountability. Only since we have started
the Basics class has the message finally clicked. It is such an awesome feeling to obey God.�
Yes, Tammie, and praise God, and I am so excited about that Weigh Down Basics class. I know
that is what God intended for it, is to help everybody let it �click.� So let us praise
God for Tammie. Yay! Keep it up! Keep it up! For those who are joining us today, the class,
even though it is not officially started till this Sunday, we have been just chit chatting,
and that alone and going through information and getting your questions answered is helping.
Susan Nichols from Arkansas, �I just finished watching the Week 1 Video, and I have to say
I have been a little shaken in a good way. I truly believe this is it � no more starting,
stopping, no more going back. The Lord just helped me have faith, and this time is truly
different.� Yay for Susan Nichols in Arkansas! Praise God for you! Keep it up! You are not
alone. That is beautiful! Okay, here is one more. Kimberly Dombough
from Alabama, �I received my Weigh Down Basics materials in the mail this week.�
Yay! I hope everybody is. �I am getting started today. I am so excited to begin this
journey. I praise the Lord for not being bound by overeating or obesity any longer.� Super
excited! Okay, she is not bound. We�re not bound. She figured that out! Praise God! Praise
God for all these people who are coming on. It is beautiful! It is so beautiful. I
just have to share with you that I don�t
know what in the world I would do without God and this connection to God, and this is
all about overcoming the world so that you are done with this, so that you are connected
to God. Then you are focused on Him, and all the mundane doesn�t matter anymore. I can
tell you that if it were not for that connection, I could not make it, because there is so much
going on out there. There are so many problems, there are so many different voices and things
that are in your ear, and so many temptations. But the fact is that you can have a whole
new life, a whole new life that is free from the mundane, and it is focused on the eternal.
Then you have a comforter and a provider. You have a God, and you do not have to go
after the food anymore. You do not have to go after judgmentalness. You do not have to
go after gossip, you do not have to go after money. You do not have to go after lust, you
do not have to go after anything; but you can go to God and fill up on God instead of
anything out there. Then the next thing you know you are unbound; you are set free; you
do not have to go back to Egypt anymore. You have joined the crowd of people who are all
starting to get their wings and starting to fly away from the world and closer to God.
So this is very exciting! Thank you for joining us.
Also joining us today, as co-hosts, are Tedd Anger and Candace Anger, familiar faces. So
welcome them. Come on up, guys! Thank you for the energy, energy, energy, energy! Love
you! Love you, love you, love you! Beautiful welcome! Well, do you all want to just get
right into it and have a seat? We are going to find out what Candace has got some questions,
I think, that she has gathered from Facebook, so let us see what we have got here.
CANDACE: Okay, you have got a lot of questions that came in about the growl. The first one
is, �Do you have to actually hear the growl, audibly hear the growl? Sometimes I feel hungry,
but I cannot hear it.� GWEN: Oh okay, we are jumping right into the
middle of this! Good! TEDD: Yes! Week One.
GWEN: Good! This is a good start. Okay, now let me tell you about, let us go over the
growl. Okay, I tell you what � I am going to show you just a clip to start with about
what we do anyway. If you are joining us, this is Weigh Down. Weigh Down has been around
as the pioneer of faith-based weight loss. It is teaching you to go back and do exactly
what God wants you to do, and that is to eat like a thin eater. That is what we have done,
and we have learned to go back in and listen to the body. It is very big; it is not just
about listening to the body, because if you listen to the body then you will listen to
more of how God is leading you, His Spirit. So it is very, very important to learn to
find this Spirit, to listen to that. So that is what Weigh Down is about. We all lost our
weight from listening to how much the body wanted, so this is essential, and this is
going to be pounded in over the next six weeks in that Basics class. So watch this clip.
you think about that?
TEDD: That is an example of a class. Yeah, that is a little bitty piece of the Weigh Down Basics
class, and it is basic but essential. So we can talk about that in just a minute, but
I will just answer your question here. Do you have to actually hear the growl? And what
percent of the time? For me personally I would say that it is about fifty percent of the
time. I was talking to Brandon about this the other day. You know, he is a thin eater,
and we interview thin eaters on the show, like what percent of the time do you wait,
Brandon? And he said fifty percent. And I tried to calculate mine, and it is about fifty
percent. He says always in the morning, and then in the evening and lunch, he said, but
in the evening it is like it is gnawing, but it is not… And I am not sure about, let�s
talk about the hearing, okay? What do you mean by hearing it? Because when you feel
it growl, when it has got so much acid in it, it is really mad, so it is twisting and
turning. Okay, you are very hungry, but even on children, they are all eating on hunger
and fullness, but you cannot hear their growl. I have never heard any of the grand kids�
stomach growl, and yet you know it�s growling. Okay, so if you are talking about hearing
it with a stethoscope, you could probably hear that rumbling, and there is a lot of
noise going on inside there. TEDD: Give me a hand mic right now!
GWEN: Are you hungry right now? TEDD: I�ve got some noises going on.
GWEN: Okay, so Tedd, you are hungry, and see he is still alive. Look at Tedd. He is fine.
He is not… TEDD: I have a lot of energy.
GWEN: And you don�t have reserve. I mean everybody has got a reserve, or you would
be completely emaciated. You do not look like you have any reserve. No, you look good, but…
Okay, so actually hearing it… Okay, let me go back and say there are people who are
out there who want to turn this guidance into legalism, and that is what we are trying to
get rid of. You need to go in there and if you know you are a controller or legalistic
and you are just trying to get it down to… Okay, it is about a feeling that is irritating,
and it hurts, and it is up higher. It is your stomach. It is not the lower intestines, because
you could hear all kinds of rumbling going on down there, and that is digestive juices
that are tearing apart the jalapeno peppers you just ate! But the growl is up higher.
Do you all agree with that? Right there? Okay. And if you watch a child and you ask them,
�Where does it hurt?� They will grab right there. So what you want to do is when you
get up in the morning, if you don�t drink a lot… People are drinking the acid away.
They are diluting it, and they go, �I can�t find this hunger. I can�t find this hunger.�
And it is because they are just washing it right down the old tube.
So what I am asking everybody to do is if you are not familiar with the feeling, of
course end your dinner and do not eat again and do not drink a lot. If you are dying of
thirst, please! Get something to drink, a little bit. But try to just empty out, and
then you will get a clear feeling. When it is irritating, that means there is no food
in there. There cannot be food in there, or the acid would be on the food, and it would
absorb it. So if you feel it at all, that lets you know that you have arrived at acid
production, and you can sit there, and then the issue is not why people do not lose weight.
It is not that eating at the beginning of hunger, it is the satisfaction. They are eating
too fast, and they are going too long, and we are not going to talk about stopping when
you are full until later � not today, but another day. Let�s start on this. But that
is everybody�s major problem. Okay, so in the morning maybe it was very,
very quiet and the fireplace was not on, or the ice maker wasn�t. You might could hear
it, but the thing is that you are learning to go for a feel. It is a feeling. You are
not using your ears to figure this out. Children don�t sit there and go, �Oh, I hear this
growl. I can eat.� They feel it, and I am asking you to go for the feeling of a growl.
How do you like that? Do you like that answer? TEDD: I love that! I love that.
GWEN: Good answer! Got the first one right! Okay?
CANDACE: Would you like another one? GWEN: I�m doing okay. Don�t throw me a
curve ball or anything. TEDD: That�s a You Tube…
CANDACE: �I was obedient this week, but I gained a tiny bit of weight, like .2 lbs.,
but this is frustrating. Why?� GWEN: Because you have the wrong scales. See?
I mean it is too detailed! Okay look! The body is a lot of water, let�s put it that
way. There is a lot of water in this body, and that is the fluid that is needed so that
all the chemicals can float around and move around. And water is heavy. If you pick up
a gallon of water, it is very heavy, and that you can even weigh at all… I mean, in one
day�s time you may gain three pounds of fluid or more, depending on the size of the
person. And if you are a big person you could gain more. I mean, just so you pick a time
that you weigh, and then you do not… You know, when you are obedient and you are finding
hunger, then we do not get mad at whatever happens. So we use that energy to just make
sure that we are waiting for hunger, we are stopping when we are satisfied, waiting again
for hunger, stopping when we are satisfied, and we are just looking back to see what we
do. Then .2 lbs, I do not have a scale that does that. I do know that if you had been
on my scale it would probably have thrown you up into gaining. It does not have increments
for that, so it rounds it off, apparently. So it will either probably roll you up. I
do not think I rolls down, so I think it always throws you up into a higher category. But
I have never been that detailed, so let us not get legalistic, and I appreciate, though,
wanting to know the truth. But I would just wait for the next time you weigh, and just
concentrate on that hunger and fullness. Do you all have something to say on that?
TEDD: No, you just said it! That�s perfect. GWEN: I mean, what would you… Yeah.
TEDD: I mean you have always taught that when you are making progress in there, do not focus…
I mean the scale is there to tell you the truth, but there are times when your body
will adjust from week to week. One week you may lose four pounds, and the next week you
may stop and gain or lose nothing. It may even go up a pound one week, but as long as
you are looking at a pattern over a month�s time, a three-month time, if there is not
progress over a month, you are probably missing the boat and not telling yourself the truth.
GWEN: Right! I think the books say three weeks or something if you have plateaued out for
three weeks, then go back. But a lot of these people asking these questions are female.
The female�s body is going to every month do something. There is a whole week in there
that you just have to completely like do not get on the scales, for every reason. Because
the hormones are wild, but it is interesting that hormones can actually make you feel depressed.
Somebody could hand you a million dollars, and you are still sad. So that… Now that�s
never happened to me!! CANDACE: Let me pray for that test!!
GWEN: I remember thinking that, you know, anything could happen to me, and it�s hormones,
but that always gets me out of it, when I go, �Oh, it is a hormone!� Oh, okay! Then
I can make myself get out of it. But at the same time, you do not want to get on the scales
at that particular point. Those things are frustrating. You do not want to get on the
scales so much that you are focused on the scales versus focused on the obedience of
this whole thing. CANDACE: That is beautiful. This may go along
those lines too, which was, �I am waiting for true hunger, and I eat off the size of
a saucer. Is it okay to eat all the food from your saucer if your body is calling for it,
or is that still too much? I am actually finding myself hungry three to four times a day, a
true growl, and am wondering if that is too often.
GWEN: Okay, now you see where that one is going? Okay, that is someone not understanding
the whole concept yet. When you take Weigh Down Basics, please get in there, because
it is going to go in there of how you could turn this into legalism. The saucer is used
only in the beginning, and that is to get your vision back to where it should be. I
don�t eat off of a saucer, but I know that the amount of the saucer that has food on
it is about the amount that I would need at any one given time, and sometimes it is more
and sometimes it is less. But at the same time, that is a good size for me, whereas
Tedd it may be more like a salad plate. Everybody has got their own thing, but you eat when
you are hungry and stop when you are full, and if you will pull it off, then you are
going to think twice before you go and get some more. So you can always go get some more,
because the saucer is not telling you when to eat and when not to eat. The scale is not
telling you when to eat and when not to eat. The growl or the sound is not telling you
when to eat and when not to eat, so what is telling you when to eat and when not to eat?
When do you eat? –When you feel it. You feel it, and I cannot tell it for you, and that
is the neat thing about it, is that God wants to talk to you. He does not want me to tell
you. You know? So they are very good question, and you can see how satan gets in there, and
he is wanting to tell you that the whole thing is legalism. So we are going after God communicating
with you through right here and then through your heart with when to speak and when not
to speak and all these ways of escape. Like you think you are hungry or you think you
are going to go eat anyway, and that way of escape comes in there, and the food is burned,
or you cannot find the food you are looking for.
TEDD: The bag rips open falls on the floor. The fork breaks. A fly lands on your food.
Your drink spills on top of your food. A lot of different things� They don�t bring
your order, and they bring the wrong order. I mean you have taught us all that. It is
so key, because for the first time in your life you are seeking God constantly throughout
the day, because food is such a part of your day. It is so in there. It is genius.
GWEN: It is genius of Him to use His Weigh Down to find and communicate with you all
day long because He loves you. He adores you. He wants you to communicate with Him. He actually…
Can you believe that a Creator of a universe that is this genius, that brilliant, that
beautiful, wants to talk to the likes of us? And I am sitting there going, okay, you want
to talk? Then let�s talk. TEDD: I never would have thought that way
till I took this class, so it is amazing! No, it is amazing, but I never thought that
way. GWEN: I wonder where the word prayer even
came up, because it sounds a little formal to me. I mean I think that we should be highly
respectful to God, and I think that our words should be… Remember that He is way up here
and we are down here, and let your words be few, it says. Be careful how you say it. Jesus
taught us to pray, �Dear Heavenly Father.� It is all about Him. His Kingdom come, His
will be done. But to allow us to be a piece of it and to go in there respectfully, and
then for Him… I know we have been talking about this on Wednesday nights, but like just
that relationship with God of Him being right there with you, and guiding you in every step
of the way. I mean before this show we were in here praying. Before we get out of bed
we are praying. When I am walking down the steps, trust me, I am praying. I mean, everybody,
they are just praying and praying and praying all the time, and communicating, petitioning,
praising and loving Him. But the biggest key to all of this is going to be if you get down
on your knees and you go, �God, show me where that hunger is. Show me where that feeling
is. Show me where that full feeling is and get in there ane pray, and trust me on these
classes. We will be praying, and I will be communicating. And the neat thing is that
no matter where you are, you could be in town, out of town, you could be… Well, today was
Arkansas, Alabama and Georgia. You could be up north, you could be in Canada, you could
be in Austria, praise God for you, Isadora, and you could be down in Columbia where Alexandria
is. You could be… TEDD: In England, Latvia, and Russia
GWEN: Yeah, where is everybody? TEDD: It is amazing! There is Columbia, Mexico
CANDACE: Australia, New Zealand, Guam, Japan. We have had two requests come in from Japan
just this week. GWEN: Japan? Japan? I love that! Hello! konnichiwa!
Yes! I used to know one through ten. Anyway, that is probably one through eight or something,
but… TEDD: It sounded good though.
CANDACE: I love it. Well, we have a pregnancy question here, which is, �Can I still wait
on the growl or true hunger even if I am pregnant? Will that harm me or the baby? �And what
about when I am nursing? GWEN: Okay, pregnancy and nursing…
CANDACE: Yes. Can I wait on the true growl if I am pregnant or nursing?
GWEN: Oh, my goodness! Okay, can I reverse this and explain to you that you cannot do
anything else but wait on the growl and nursing or you are harming yourself and the baby.
You must, during that pregnancy, you must, if you want to totally protect and care for
that baby, you will be sensitive to everything the body wants. And if all of a sudden you
are nauseated, you listen, and all of a sudden if coffee makes you nauseated, do not drink
it. I can remember the smell of bacon did. It is like the body did not want it, but it
did want this and it did not want that. You listen to what it wants and exactly how much,
or otherwise it is detrimental to you and your heart. You are overloading your heart,
you are overloading your whole system and you are overloading the baby, and it is erratic
on the baby; it is not good for the baby. And when you are nursing, you go by exactly…
You do not go by somebody telling you you have to drink four glasses of milk to make
milk. Cows eat grass, and then they make milk. Okay? Now, I am not saying that drinking milk
is a bad idea, but at the same time, God does not need that. He needs for you to listen.
Listen! Listen! This whole thing, if one person says all you have is one sentence and that
is it and that is all you can communicate to the world, I would say, �Seek God and
listen to Him!� Seek God and listen to Him! That is my sentence, because it is the summary
of everything. Seek Him and listen to Him, and then of course obey it, so seeking, listen
to Him and obey it. Here is the thing. So I will go through these
pregnancies, and I have these gorgeous babies, and I nurse the babies, I mean, and your body,
if you are concerned about yourself, then you will eat when you are hungry, you will
stop when you are full. And when you are nursing, do not confuse the thirst for hunger, because
there is the problem. It is so unbelievably fun, because you have never felt thirst like
this. You just all of a sudden like, satisfy that thirst, and then wait for the hunger.
But it is so fun! It is so much more beautiful and easy, and then your health… That is
why I wanted to bring up Isadora, because she shared last night from Austria that her
boys were healthy, and you all look like the picture of health. Please! The both of you
all. And I mean the health that you have from waiting for hunger, you do not understand
what you have done to the body, because it is desperate for you to wait. It is also equally
desperate for you to stop when you are full, because what you are supposed to be going
for, and this is all in Weigh Down Basics, very clearly said, better than what I am saying
now, that you are going for optimum energy. Now, when you are eating and you are learning
to push away, is there suffering? Yes, there is! Welcome to suffering, and hello to suffering.
It is a little bit of suffering, but you know what? I like the suffering right there and
not the suffering later when you are stuffed and your stomach is hurting or you have all
kinds of syndromes in your stomach, dumping syndrome and all kinds of stuff, that it messes
up your system. It messes up your diabetes; it messes up your whole body. Then you are
suffering, suffering, and getting bigger and bigger and bigger.
TEDD: Amen! I will take that suffering as well. I will take that test any day of the
week than the results that I had in my old life, any day of the week, in so many different
ways. GWEN: Do you like make yourself go back and
remember the suffering so you know to… TEDD: Yeah, I do. Yeah, I remember. I mean
it was so miserable. It was so empty, and the physical pain and the spiritual pain combined
were just unbearable. I mean that is why I cried out. Otherwise I would not have found
this. So I do not ever want to go back to that. I hate it. Honestly, I despise that
old life. No connection with God, which you have been laying out incredibly, as always,
but especially these last few weeks, but just protecting that connection. I did not have
a connection. I did not know what to protect. I protected myself, but in the process I hurt
myself. I stuffed myself with food and alcohol and all these other things, and it is just
the pain that I put on my body and the way I looked. When you said �the picture of
health,� I was the picture of death, you know, and I was not like morbid obesity, but
fifty pounds and a disconnection from God makes you look like a lifeless zombie, and
with everything that was going on in here and everything that was going on in here,
and I want no part of it ever again. GWEN: Had you not come this way, you would
have gone bigger and bigger and bigger. There is no telling.
TEDD: Yeah, absolutely. GWEN: I mean because there is no end to the
other. TEDD: Well, the whole family, it is just accepted,
so you are just like, I am just catching up with the aunts and the uncles, and this is
just what we do � we get older and bigger and more miserable. So I just praise God.
GWEN: Yeah, I would like everybody to start watching the �You Can Overcome� show and
turn off TLE please. I mean there are no answers on that show. I mean, people come up and tell
me what they saw, and there was this lady that was so obese, she was so obese. I think
she was getting ready for a bypass operation, and she was just saying that yeah, she goes,
�I have just gotten bigger and bigger and bigger. You know, it is genetic, and now my
two-year-old is obese, or getting bigger and bigger and bigger, and you can see it in her
bones. You can see it in her genes. She is going to be big too.� And I am going, they
have no answers on TLE! They are saying it is genetic. You can go to any country, like
Africa, or just where they are eating less food, or Weigh Down. Every time you eat less
food, you lose weight. TEDD: Oh yeah! Absolutely!
GWEN: It cannot be genetic! It is genetic, alright, that your body wants to lose the
weight, and it is also genetic that you will not become anorexic. If people are asking
you, well is this going to cause anorexia? Is this hunger and fullness going to cause
anorexia? Can you believe that somebody would ask in this day and time, is it safe to eat
when you are hungry and stop when you are full for pregnancy? I am sitting there going,
oh, we have gone so far off base. Do you see what I am saying?
CANDACE: Totally. GWEN: They are thinking…the world thinks
hunger and fullness is all opposite. Satan turns everything upside down. He turns everything
in the world… He takes God, puts Him under here, puts you up here. He turns every piece
of information upside down. I am going to put it up right. That is what God sent me
for, to put it back up right. It is wrong not to eat when you are hungry and stop when
you are full, because it is the optimum health. It is optimum for your baby. It is optimum
for delivery and for nursing. And the other eating, and the other way of thinking is damaging;
it always damages the body, and then the thing about anorexia is something who is going the
opposite of what is the teaching. The teaching is, eat when you are hungry and stop when
you are full. The teaching is not skip hunger; and to become anorexic you have to skip it.
I am not talking about skipping it because you are going to be eating at nine o�clock
with your husband � that is not skipping. That is delaying. I am talking about the skipping
where anorexics skip to where they are starving themselves, and they are letting themselves
feel hunger and hunger and hunger and hunger and hunger.
I can tell you I saw one question that I do not know if it is on this list, but it is
like three o�clock at night. Did you all see that?
TEDD: Oh yeah, I think I saw that one yeah. If I get hungry at 3 a.m. should I eat?
GWEN: And there are people on there you saw different answers. I mean some were going,
skip it, skip it, skip it. And some were saying, you can eat, or whatever. So I would like
to address this. Okay? And you all tell me if this sounds right. Alright, because there
are two different issues going on here. For one, you need to learn that in the end, you
can retrain your hunger, and you have ex amount of hunger for the day, ex amount of caloric
need. You can retrain it to shift, like into the evening or into the morning, and it would
be by like delaying one and then… You ate the same amount of food for that day, but
you had it later in the day. If you kept doing that, if you kept ignoring hunger at a certain
time, it would come around later. Does that make sense? So in one sense I want to say,
hey, get your sleep if you can. But you cannot answer for people what they need to do until
you find out how much weight they need to lose, how much weight did they just lose>
I think this person had reported they had just lost like fifteen pounds. Well obviously,
if you are losing that much weight, you probably need to just address your hunger in the night,
and then go back. But it is not going to keep waking you up.
I am going to give you an example. I get up in the night a lot, and on the times in my
life where I am not getting up and God is not waking me up, there is no hunger. But
if I get up and am up for several hours, I may start getting into a pattern of hunger.
So you need to understand there is no legalism here. You are still going to be getting this
ex amount in there. So yes, you can retrain hunger. If you are in the process of losing
weight and you are wondering, I am still hungry, but it was on the saucer, forget the saucer
� go by the feeling. If you are in the night and you want to sleep, and you go, oh God,
please just let me sleep; take this hunger away and bring it back at a better time, or
whatever. But it could have been God waking you up to go talk to Him, to go pray. It could
have been God calling you, and He uses things like that. He uses all kinds of things to
kind of you to go talk to Him. So this is way too complicated to be a yes or a no. This
is about listening for God, but in the end, you will know over time, over a three-week
period, like Tedd brought up, that three-week period, whether you are losing when you need
to lose, or are you gaining again? You will know in your heart if you are doing it right.
You will know if you are lusting. TEDD: Absolutely.
GWEN: So be careful. I love for people to answer on Facebook, but try to use a quote
from the book or refer to this episode. TEDD: These are YouTube moments right here.
These are clips that need to be out there. GWEN: Yeah, and it is out there, is it not?
How do you get on here? Remnant Fellowship? CANDACE: Dot tv. Right after the show they
will put this whole episode back on in its entirety.
GWEN: About three hours after the show it will be back on.
CANDACE: You can show it to someone, or… TEDD: These are awesome!
GWEN: Unless something major comes up. I am hoping that everything is going better technology-wise
too, because we have got a new provider and different things.
TEDD: Last week there were a lot of thumbs up on it, including IOS for the Macs and the
IPads and stuff. So hopefully that is continuing on this week, but last week was a very good…
GWEN: But do you not think we ought to be expecting spiritual warfare?
TEDD: Absolutely! CANDACE: Yes!
GWEN: I hear so much spiritual warfare, but God is testing your heart to see, are you
going to keep seeking Him, or are you going to give it up? Are you in this for just weight
loss, or are you in this to find Him? If you will make this about finding Him… When satan
tries to get you not to watch this show, or to miss an assembly or to miss a class or
whatever, a chat book time, and if you start going this is about finding God, this is about
finding God, then TEDD: It changes everything.
GWEN: It changes everything. It changes everything. Well, let�s look at our time here and see
what we have got time left for. What else? Have you got anything coming in, any comments?
Thank you for all your positive comments, I will tell you that.
CANDACE: One that may be important, is it too late to sign up for the Facebook Class?
TEDD: Definitely not. GWEN: The answer is, Candace…?
CANDACE: No! Not too late at all. Please sign up. You can call the office today and get
signed up, and we will see you at three thirty on Sunday on the Facebook.
GWEN: Tell them about it. CANDACE: It is just the funnest thing in the
world. There are so many people, obviously Facebook has almost, I would say close to
four thousand people, right? Thirty-eight or thirty-nine hundred people? I do not know
if it up that high, but… TEDD: Clap, yes, absolutely!
CANDACE: I am on the scale that rounds up, so it is getting very close.
GWEN: God is rounding up right now. He is rounding them up, this way.
CANDACE: And you basically sign up; you get the class on demand, and then on Sundays we
meet at 3:30. You can watch the class right before on your on demand, and then jump on
the Facebook page. It is a Weigh Down group Facebook page, so if you put in Weigh Down
Ministries when you go to Facebook, it will pull you right up to the group. You ask to
become a member. It is a closed group, just so if you make comments and you do not want
other people to see them, you have that privacy. It is a closed group. Only people in the group
see your comments and your posts, and so we are there at 3:30 on Saturday, and Gwen is
there. You have got Gwen�s daughter Elizabeth Shamblin Hannah. She is there, and she is
leading a group of coordinators. You have got all these different people on there, and
they are answering all of your questions during that chat time. So you get to hear like what
you heard today, basically. GWEN: Oh yeah! I mean, do you understand the
power of the positive and you are seeing everybody else do it? And thank you for changing your
pictures out. I can see who you are now. Your dog was cute, but I really liked the picture
of you. That is so fun! It is so fun to get in there and like learn names, and I cannot
wait to see you. So come visit Nashville anytime. We are here. But you tell me. You are in there,
Tedd, I mean, it is for men too, by the way. TEDD: I was going to say that, yeah, next
Thursday is a men�s theme for the show, so what has been awesome is watching God,
these men popping up on the screen, and I put two down just for today from Don Strand
out in Oregon. Hello, Don! This evening he was talking about going to dinner with his
wife this evening. �Julie and I cut our burgers in two. I did it simply out of hope.
I did not think I would be able to not eat it. All the way through the first half of
my burger, I was sure this was an exercise in futility. Julie asked for a to go container,
and I was still in disbelief. I went real slow, ate a few fries, drank a little bit
more diet Coke, and then put the other half in the take-home container. It worked, and
when I did it it seemed right.� GWEN: Yay, yay, yay, yay!
TEDD: But he said, �When I did it it seemed right. I really did not want the other half.�
GWEN: What is his name again? TEDD: His name is Don Strand. He is up in
Oregon. GWEN: Don, that is so good!
TEDD: So they are getting on there and encouraging. There is one other guy, James Williams. He
said, �I am always amazed at how I can go weeks with a regular, predictable schedule
of hunger, just like you were talking about. And then on a day like today, hunger decides
to delay for a few hours. I know it is a test, and I will trust in the Lord. It throws off
the work schedule, though, but I love the Lord more than food. I will wait for a clear
hunger signal no matter what. GWEN: Beautiful! Beautiful, beautiful!
TEDD: These are from the men who are jumping on there.
GWEN: Okay, so yes, Thursday it is an all men�s group here. Then we are also encouraging
chat times for all men. You can kind of like get on there, and sometimes you will see all
of a sudden, hey, all the men get on or whatever, because I know that it takes time. I know
it is like people are out of time. Here is an example of some of the men who jumped on
when we encouraged it, and it is kind of like showing you that they are out there. So look
at that. All of a sudden people were scrolling on, getting on and encouraging one another.
So Facebook, if you want to use another name, so you are embarrassed to say I�m on Facebook
or something like that, use another name. But you can call it men�s book � men�s
book on Weigh Down. Facebook, Men�s Book. TEDD: I love it!
GWEN: But the thing is that this is, if anything, we are trying to right the wrongs that have
been to God, and one of them is men leading. And men, hey! Get on there, and you bring
the women in. You bring the kids in, because children are allowed, what? Thirteen and up
on Facebook? So they are welcome to join
this group. So that is beautiful. They can always take a class, though, but you can help
other people get on there. TEDD: It is so encouraging.
CANDACE: You can scholarship someone if you want to. It is so easy to do that, and it
is because everything is just, I do not know, if you love what you are hearing that is changing
your life, that is Tedd and I. I mean, once this changed our life, we just wanted to give
back. We could not wait to help the next person. GWEN: Well, we ought to start an ongoing scholarship,
a little pot or whatever, and just keep emptying it out. Send it in, because when people send
in donations, trust me � that is where it is going! It is going to help that next person,
we can assure you of that. So praise God for that. I praise God for this opportunity. I
saw a little bit of scroll of some people getting on three chatting already, and excited
about learning about the growl. That is a good way to start a class. So it is a little
bit of a jump start, but get in there, and those who have already signed up, make sure
you watch the class, hopefully on Sunday right beforehand so that we can like go over whatever
did not make sense, or more questions along those lines that go along with that class.
And let us keep finding the connection to the God of the Universe! Satan wants you to
connect with him, but I am asking you to let go of that connection. Do not listen to that
voice. Turn down the radio from hades and turn up the radio from the Heavens, and this
Saturday at nine o�clock will be a very important lesson that people can join in on.
It may be one of the most strategic lessons on spiritual warfare, a video, that I have
ever done. So it will be airing at… TEDD: Nine a.m. Central Standard Time. If
you want a link, just send in your email to �infoatWeigh Down.com.� There will also
be a button on the front of RemnantFellowship.org. There will be a button on the front of WeighDown.com,
and there will be a button on this website, on Remnant Fellowship.tv that can take you
right to it. But you can get the link right now just by emailing infoatWeigh Down.com
and saying, �I want to hear the most strategic video that Gwen has ever produced.�
GWEN: Do not wait till the last minute. TEDD: That�s right!
GWEN: It is graphic. I mean, it is satan unmasked, and it has got some ugly pictures on it. So
just be prepared. So anyway, well, I want you to know that if I can connect and find
God, you can connect and find God. And I stumbled across hunger and fullness, and that that
was the way to lose weight, but let me tell you that listening to Him is what this is
about, and this listening to Him in every way. No just do not leave it there. Listen
to Him, listen to Him, listen to Him. Call out. Seek Him. Pray. Look for Him. And guess
what? He promises you � He promises you that you will find. Until next week, just
remember, You too Can Overcome! So thanks for joining us! Thank you, thank you, thank
you! Love you, love you, love you! 11

2 thoughts on “Waiting for True Hunger | Gwen Shamblin Lara | Weigh Down

  1. Aww thank you Gwen for clarifying the growl / hunger signals…I learnt more again though having taken ving this class before and before, about not over drinking (I used to drink tea and coffee to escape having to wait) but really I was really pushing away what I wanted, which is the growl. Learnt also that first flutters or light growls requires light food, while the more the growl, the more the weight loss… 

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