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100 thoughts on “WARNING: Dairy-Free Fad Diets Health Risk!

  1. Gosh, the dairy industry is so desperate and those lies are getting more ridiculous each day 🙁 It is easy. The companies want to sell their crap. They don't care about our health. Period. IDK but today it makes me extra grumpy 😜😤😖 because I understand that it is hard for people to see through all those lies. I used to be also oblivious. Glad to be part of the "vegan cult" now.

  2. Guys, this was fantastic! I've had a few people ask me to make a video on these stories, but I'll be pointing them here instead!

    Given all the industry ties you've uncovered, it makes me want to get out my tinfoil hat as I mull over the fact that the National Osteoporosis Society can't continue to exist without Osteoporosis – a fascinating conflict of interest. Sharing this!

  3. i think they call it a clean eating cult because vegan lifestyle is often referred to as a cult mentality. personally i think if you can educate yourself and eat healthy while vegan, the no dairy is waaaay healthier.

  4. Since going vegan, my mom has also gone vegetarian. She says it's because of ethics, but I can't seem to get it across that dairy and eggs are just as cruel. Please help!

  5. One of my favorite things about YouTubers like you guys, and Mic the Vegan, and Vegan Gains is you leave plenty of links citing your references in the description. You have no idea how helpful this is to me. I like collecting these links and categorizing them for future reference when talking to nonvegans about veganism and for my own education. Very helpful you guys! Keep up the great work and take great care of one another. <3

  6. glad you've made a video about this. A friend of mine living in the UK called me on the phone to tell me about my non-dairy diet that I might have osteoporosis when I get older.

  7. The plant based companies better have security and protect their products! I wouldn't put it past the dairy companies to sabotage these competitors! Remember the email that was sent by the egg industry against Hampton creek? Or was it sent by a mayonnaise company?

  8. I remember growing up no kid liked drinking milk. Some of them got there stomach upset from dairy. But parents, though meaning well, kept on force feeding them. Now that is cruel.

  9. Going dairy-free has done me a lot of good! I used to suffer with terrible nasal allergies and hay fever, often being affected so badly that I'd have to sleep my allergies off therefore wasting my day. I cut out dairy 2 years ago and barely get hay fever anymore, don't suffer with allergy rhinitis, can't really remember the last time my allergies affected me and have found my voice has improved too (I'm a singer). The connection here is 100% cutting out dairy. Thank you so much for this video!

  10. Hahaha, I live in the UK and a work colleague sent one of these articles to me recently. I had a giggle when a few paragraphs in, they were speaking to a "diet and nutrition specialist " who just so happened to be employed by A2 Milk Company…because of course, he won't be biased at all! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  11. Going vegan cured my 'irritable bowel' (probably just lactose intolerance; I was already 99% vegetarian); never going back! I do take vit B12 and vit D (UK is poop for sunshine).

  12. My husband is a doctor and some MA's (medical assistants) were talking about the best diets for overall health and to lose weight when he was at work today. They asked my husband what he thought and he said a vegan diet 🙌👏 Of course their next question was about protein intake and he went on a little rant about how vegans get plenty of protein and you don't need to eat animal products to get the protein you need. He's the only doctor I personally know who will advocate for a vegan diet.

  13. So glad you made this video — when I was a teenager in recovery from anorexia, I was forced to drink a glass of milk with every meal partially to add calories (okay sure, but there are other ways to do that) but also partially to "repair" damage I had potentially done to my bones from restricting…if only those medical professionals had known how unhealthy milk actually is!

  14. I would love to hear your guys' take on the new plant-based show that's supposed to launch in June, created by the producer of the Biggest Loser. If anyone wants to read about it, it's on VegNews!! Finally!!!

  15. Fuck dairy. These articles are all paid off by the industry to scare ppl into going back to purchasing animal products. Im not gonna lie, there was a time when these articles scared the crap out of me, but I know better now. I watched the What the Health documentary guys–I hate the whole world right now.

  16. I have not had any dairy in about a year 😉 having issues finding a substitute that is very low in sodium😯 I'm keeping my sodium under 1500mg a day. I'm missing having cereal…

  17. Can you do a video on Abby Pollock's What I eat in a day | Eliminate bloat & lose belly fat? (Or any other of her diet/nutrition videos for that matter)
    She does a lot of videos on working out and I actually thought she was vegan at first when she talked about eating healthy, but then she showed her diet including a lot of meat and other animal products. It seems like she's just fallen for the lies that are fed to the masses, that in order to eat a healthy and balanced diet you must include animal proteins.
    Love you guys and your videos are wonderful 🙂

  18. you guys are so smart people, i wish your videos where in spanish, so many people here in my country believe milk prevents osteoporeosis, also doctors, maybe if they see your videos they will think diferent , keep going 🖒🖒😊😊

  19. You guys are awesome!!! Thanks for the amusing news.

    Typical, just watch Cowspiracy and WhatTheHealth to see how these so called national charities function.

  20. I wrote an email to the NOS about that article that says the youth are putting themselves at risk. Doubt they'll read it, but I sited the studies Dr. Gregor mentions in his videos about why milk is bad for you and doesn't help prevent osteoporosis. As expected, no response from them to date. Makes me so mad, all this misinformation out there! I'm like plants have calcium too and they don't have saturated fat and cholesterol!

  21. True, i always refused the milk at school with my milk at lunch even chocolate milk and ive had no broken bones

  22. "If you don't want a broken hip like Grandma… eat dairy like Grandma!" Haha, it's funny (and sad) because it's true 😉 😮

  23. Hi, Stef Sanjanti just announced she is trying veganism for the month of May. This is a huge win for the animals! She has 445,000 subs. Check out her video. It would be awesome if the vegan community showed her support! https://youtu.be/XLHV7s1sSxA

  24. guys, I think this video needs your response. it has over 2 mln views and called "Longevity & Why I now eat One Meal a Day" and of course he mentions paleo diet

  25. Hey guys. I just wanted to let you know that I was recently Un-subscribed from you for no apparent reason. I thought that stuff was over with but I thought you guys just weren't uploading videos….so idk what YouTube is still doing but it just happened with me.

  26. Interesting… in the recent update of French nutritional recommendation (January 2017) you can read the following lines: "En ce qui concerne le risque de fracture osseuse, le groupe de travail n’a pas permis de conclure quant aux potentielles relations entre la consommation totale de produits laitiers et le risque de fracture sur la base du petit nombre d’études disponibles publiées entre 2009 et 2013. Depuis cette analyse de la littérature, une étude (Michaelsson et al. 2014) a rapporté une augmentation du risque de fracture associée à la consommation de lait, uniquement chez les femmes" which translate in: "Regarding the risk of bone fracture, the working group did not conclude on the potential relationship between total dairy consumption and the risk of fracture on the basis of the small number of available studies published between 2009 And 2013. Since this analysis of the literature, one study (Michaelsson et al., 2014) reported an increased risk of fracture associated with milk intake, only for women".
    See page 30 of the report.

  27. Hiya, I know you get lots of requests about reaction videos. But a youtuber I follow call Stef Sanjati is thinking about turning vegan and just made a video about it, you were the guys that finally made veganism click for me so I think you can do the same for her! <3

  28. Hey guys, could you make a response video to Stef Sanjati? She is a really popular youtuber reaching lots of people out there so it would be awesome if she becomes vegan, we could help her out 🙂 Love you! ❤

  29. Stef Sanjati just made a video called "Why I'm Not Vegan". Please do a response to her! She's so sweet and she's obviously just misguided. Love you guys.

  30. Great video as always! 🙂 Guys please check this video out and how amazing it it!! 🙂 🙂 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLHV7s1sSxA

  31. PLEASE! Can youe please react to KEEMI new video ''(Diet series Ep 2) – What I eat in a Day to Lose Weight!'' ??? I saw her video and it made me so sad because I used to do the same thing to myself periodicaly for the pas 10 years of my life and I'm turning to veganism becaus I can't lose any waight from all the yo-yoing diets and restriction (ofcorse now I'm doing it also for all the other reasons). At 18 I even went to hospital because my imune sistem was so weak that I got a rare live disease, but I did not stop there and now I'm 25 and fat and tired of all the selfhate and years of restriction and battling depresion. I hope it will help me and I hope that you can help her see the truth before she goes as far as I have.

  32. I feel sick from any dairy… In fact my new Doc, Said just add more Tofu and plant proteins to my vegan diet… And was told to stay away from dairy due to the fact I have RA joint damage..

  33. At lunch my school has make your own wraps so I asked them if I could have it without meat but then they said I needed to have 4 ounces of cheese because "I need animal products to live and get protein" this sucks and I did not have any lunch that day

  34. I believe osteoporosis is more caused not but what we eat but what we drink and shower in 🙂 the governments should of never got involved in the diary business supplementing them or the water distribution industry in example chemical water processing plants.

  35. I just saw a beef jerky commercial here in America that pretty much shat all over oatmeal energy bites 😂 They "take too much time to make". I love how scared the animal agriculture industry is becoming.

  36. After a mouth full from my parents after watching the news, it is refreshing to hear some sanity – the world has gone completely crazy. I always thumbs up your videos – you are factual, relatable and inspirational. Thank you!

  37. You guys are just the best. Thanks so much for doing this work and putting out the healthy message! I have a question…I am looking for the video you made connecting veganism to being concerned about humans, not just animals. You explain very clearly how a vegan diet benefits humans on the planet, not just animals. Thanks!! Aimee in Washington DC

  38. Just arrived at a new spot in Mexico 🇲🇽. Luckily we found a vegan store already, but it is hard to find while traveling.

  39. Thank you so much for this video! We love your content. It's honestly a cause for celebration that the dairy industry feels so threatened and panicked that they're resorting to these types of scare tactics. My mom (Ana) consumed plenty of dairy growing up, and in her 50s had to undergo treatment for osteopenia. This is the first time that bone disease has made an appearance in our family. She recently finished her treatment, but most importantly, she also went vegan and her bone density is stable!

  40. This is one parent who supports veganism, sorry dairy! I believed the lies (child of the 70's & 80's) and became so angry when I woke up to the lies Big Ag fed us. Your right, if dairy actually prevented bone thinning/fractures I would not be seeing so many post WW2 and baby boomers in need of hip repair (I work as a nurse). Keep the information coming, I appreciate that you back up your position with links to information so your viewers can look it up for themselves.

  41. and a new video a girl "Rachel Aust" who has PCOS, she's doing this low-carb shit forever. this sucks so much!!!
    I think your response could help tremendously! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNzVP-gdIS4

  42. Dear friends, I just watched the first four episodes of Bill Nye saves the world and was very disappointed in ep4 More Food, Less Hype!!! Monsanto has a shill and his name is Bill!

  43. I have a question, me not consuming milk, may that result in not getting Kyphosis or at least not that severe? Everyone in my family over 60 has it… :/

  44. Does anyone have any suggestions for how to cut out dairy in my diet?? I'm trying to transition to a more sustainable lifestyle and am wanting to cut out dairy, but I have milk, yogurt, and cheese (and other dairy products) at least once a day; so I'm not sure how to cut it out 🙁

  45. just want to thank you for teaching me a lot about dairy!! been watching you guys for some time and am now vegan for about 10 months

  46. great video! I'm might have to reactivate my facebook account just to share this with everyone I know…(i'm from the uk)

  47. If you think about cows milk is meant for baby cows like human milk is meant for humans. Now I'm not vegan but I'm hoping to go somewhere near that

  48. Wow the NOS promoting milk is like the Lung Fund promoting smoking, how disappointing -_-

  49. I've been a vegan for a week and every day despite trying I'm low on calcium protein iron and some b vitamins and sometimes vit K or E… thinking about going back to eating meat and drinking milk…

  50. I'm 23 and I've only just realized how insane the idea is that we need breastmilk from a different species to have healthy bones! 😂😂 What would we have done if we lived in the middle ages or on an island somewhere and didn't have acces to cows? Haha the indoctrination is scary!!!

  51. As a kid I never drank cows milk unless it was flavoured… Like in a milkshake, which was very rare. I hated the taste of plain cows milk and in fact hated the taste of almost all dairy products. The only dairy I would ever eat was cheese. Having said that my sister was a very fussy eater and would refuse to eat her veggies with dinner, so I would always finish my veggies at dinner to make myself look like the good kid to my mum. I've never broken a bone and recently I had a problem with my lower back and had to see a chiropractor. I had a X ray taken and the chiro said my bone density is perfect, no sign of osteoporosis. I've been vegan for almost a month now and because of that X ray I know I've made the right decision.
    Love you guys btw, been watching at least 3 of your videos a day.

  52. My mother's main health problem has been mobility issues due to severe osteoporosis and she ate at least 3 yogurts a day for more than 40 years.

  53. Once again you've hit the nail on the head! We'll done. Keep up the good work and more power to your hand! Take care xxx

  54. They should be sued for putting people’s health at risk. They also moan that the NHS is under pressure. 🙄 This is why I avoid the news and so called health articles at all cost.

  55. Never ate dairy in my life (not as vegan, i just dont like it, other than dairy being in something i never ate it) never broke a bone in my life and my bonedensity was tested about 4 years ago (age 35) and was fine. So…

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