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We Had To Disrupt A Routine

– Good morning. (upbeat music) Oh, someone’s already awake. Good morning Braylee. (Braylee humming) Are you ready for a new day? Oh, look at that yawn. Let’s go get ready. Let’s go get ready, c’mon. Haven’t figured out what
she’s looking at yet, but whenever she’s in this room she’s always looking up
at this corner up here. Maybe she’s looking at
the stars, I don’t know. Braylee, what’re you looking at? She looks up here a lot,
not sure what and why. It’s gotta be the stars. It’s gotta be the stars, huh? Or is it the bar? Anyways, we gotta get ready. Let’s go get ready! It’s a new day! Guess what today is? The last day of 2019! Today should be pretty eventful. We’ll take you along. Braylee is completely repeating everything
we’re saying right now, and it’s amazing. Yes, it’s echolalia, but it’s
so much practice on words. – [Stacey] Even without prompting she is. – She just repeats so
many things right now, it’s really great to hear. I love it. – [Stacey] She’s also
getting into a lot of things, so we’re hearing a lot of
“no”, “stop”, “get down”, (David laughs)
repeated back to us. – Yeah. Braylee, are you practicing words? (Braylee mumbling) – [Stacy] All right, let’s go
do your hair and your teeth. – So while Braylee’s
getting ready with Mom, I go and start the bus on those cold days. Hey Braylee, I’m gonna go
start your yellow bus, okay? While you’re getting your hair done. – [Stacy] Your bus? – [Braylee] All done.
All done? – All done? Bus time. Oh, and I yell at Carlos too. Carlos, let’s go. Let’s go outside, buddy. Don’t pee on the sidewalk. I gotta shovel today. It snowed. It’s time to do some shoveling. (groans) Are you gonna really– Hey, why are you peeing over there? Oh, no, don’t poop over there, no, no! Whenever it snows, Carlos
believes everywhere outside is a bathroom. (upbeat music) – [Stacey] Good job. – Hug.
– Naptime. – [Stacey] Naptime?
– It’s not naptime. What? – [Stacey] Yes yes yes. – Bye, Braylee. Hey, I love you. Braylee’s off at the day center. I am editing the review video 2019 which you have already seen at this point. – [Stacey] It’s really bothering me. – Uneven strings? – Well, it’s not that they’re
uneven that was bothering me, it was the fact that you have
one sticking straight up. – Thanks. Thanks for helping me out. (Stacey laughs) Appreciate it. We decided to get a calendar this year, and it is a national day calendar. – It’s a calendar filled with
whatever the national day for that day is. So we thought it would be interesting. – We’re gonna use it for after the beep. So make sure when you’re
watching our videos, watch for after the beep, cause there’s gonna be a
lot of fun stuff this year. I was looking through the calendar. It gives us a lot of fun
ideas to do as a family. – With Braylee.
– Yeah. Gonna do that throughout the year, we’re not gonna do every single day. I think it’s just gonna be fun doing some of the stuff with Braylee. – It’ll give us just some fun ideas and ways to celebrate the year. Cause it’s always, like,
National Donut Day, and it’s six p.m. and I’m like, “Dang it, it was National Donut Day!” – Now we’ll know. – We’ll know in advance.
– We’ll go get some donuts. (Stacey laughs) They’re not all food related. – No.
– P.S. I’ve already seen
spaghetti and donuts, huh. (Stacey laughs) The other only one I remember
is Fruitcake Toss Day. (they laugh) We gotta find some fruitcakes. Just like that. We are back at home, getting
ready for New Year’s. – [Stacey] Whoop whoop. – Our New Year’s get together. All that really happened
today is grocery shopping. I thought we were doing more than that. I guess the real fun doesn’t
start until later today. (Stacey sneezes) Bless you. – [Stacey] Thanks. There’s stuff to do
around the house though. We have to fix the toilet. – Braylee was aggressively flushing. Well, she has been for months, and so we need a new one of these. It’s a handle. And we also need a new one of these. Because the other one broke. The stopper thing broke. All right, this is actually
a good topic right now. – [Stacey] Real talk. – Real talks. Real talk. I’m taking a book out
of everybody else’s book and doing a real talk.
– [Stacey] Real talk. We’re months into Braylee
independently using the bathroom. – [Stacey] Not always.
– Not always, no. But she does do it, and it turned into, so she successfully used the
bathroom for quite a while. On and off doing it on
her own, or with our help, not completely, cause she
still needs assistance, but– – [Stacey] She’s initiating on her own. – But she’s initiating. However, it has now turned into a routine, to where she’s using the
bathroom as part of a stim. She’s not actually using the bathroom, she’s going in, doing a quick
run through of everything and flushing the toilet
without even going. So we’re gonna have to start
locking the bathroom again and having her request
when she needs to go. It’s become a rigid routine, and it’s not functional
to just be going in there and flushing the toilet
every 15 minutes literally. – [Stacey] With toilet
paper, when she hasn’t gone. She’s wasting toilet paper. – Yeah, toilet paper, and
the flush is happening. It’s turning into, like,
if we disrupt any of it, then it becomes even more of a problem. So we’re gonna start
locking the bathroom again, with childproof the bathroom. And then just whenever she
requests it with her talker, we’ll still unlock it for her. And hopefully just adding that extra step will disrupt the routine in
the stimming that she’s doing. If it still continues, we’ll
just think of other strategies. That’s what we do as autism
parents, we problem solve. We’re always problem solving, right? – I mean, we don’t want to
have to lock the bathroom. Well, childproof the bathroom. But she also will play in the toilet, or in the sink, and use a whole tube of toothpaste, or, you know? Just a lot of different stuff that she shouldn’t be getting into. Or she’ll excessively hand wash, and it’s gotten to the
point where it can dry and crack her hands out really bad. – We were so excited about
her using the bathroom independently that we
just let her go for it, and now we’re just gonna take a step back and re-strategize for what works for her. What works for her may not work
for other kids, vice versa. We’re just gonna re-strategize for her, and also I gotta fix the toilet. The bathroom is still available to her, it’s just that she’s gonna
have to ask to use it. – [Stacey] Which, she would
have to ask in public anyway. She has to ask at ABA
to go to the bathroom, because she can’t just go by
herself, they have to take her. You know?
– Yeah. If that works, then it works, if it doesn’t, we’ll
work on something else. I’m done with this real talk right now, and I’m gonna fix this toilet. – I don’t know if you
guys have noticed or not, but I have stretched ears,
and I’m super excited, I got myself a Christmas
present this year. So I got these new plugs for my ears. I got puzzle piece ones. And then I also got these
ones with bees on them, they remind me of Braylee. – [David] Bees and puzzle pieces. Your favorite part of the day? – Getting Braylee. – [David] Yeah?
– Yeah. I like getting Braylee,
she’s always in a good mood. The other day I picked her up, and she ran at me when
I went through the door, it was really exciting. – It’s great to see her smiling face. Can’t wait. Can I have a hug?
(Braylee humming) Hi! Did you have a good day? Always getting the mail. – [Stacey] Is it stuck? Do you need help? (Braylee humming) Good job. (Braylee exclaiming excitedly) – [David] Braylee, we have
family coming over tonight. Question. – What? – [David] How does that song go? ♪ Express yourself! ♪ ♪ Express yourself. ♪ Braylee. Express yourself! Braylee is totally partying in her room. She’s partying like it’s 2019. That was a dad joke. Hey, what’re you doing in here? What’re you doing? Are you having fun? Are you having fun with this air mattress? (Braylee laughing) It’s gonna be Riley,
Alana, and Travis, okay? They’re all coming over
tonight for New Year’s. I’m gonna leave you to your partying. Somebody’s here! Who is this guy? All I saw was an eye. Hi guys. Carlos! Carlos!
(girls cooing at Carlos) (Braylee making excited noises) – Do you think that’s funny? – [David] So my family showed up. Travis is over there
just chillin’. (laughs) – Talking to people in India. Uh, Trinidad. – Trinidad? That’s pretty cool. Braylee is all ready
for bed and everything, and she decides to just
pop herself in her room with her talker. – She put Twenty One Pilots on. She used her talker to
play her music, on her own! – [David] So instead of listening
to the piano bedtime stuff that we always do– – She has a soft Twenty One Pilots song. – [David] That’s the first
time she did it independently. We always were like, “Push this
to play music,” or whatever. This is what we do in Minnesota. We play Minnesotaopoly. I’ll buy it. – [Stacey] Lake Minnetonka? – [David] Lake Minnetonka. Man, I’m gonna own Minnesota. – [Stacey] What’s the cost
for landing on Minnesota nice? (upbeat music) – I wish we were snowed in. So we’re just having a
good old family time, playing some Minnesotaopoly. It is getting close to midnight. Braylee’s sleeping,
kids are going to sleep, we’re just gonna keep playing
our Minnesotaopoly game. – [Travis] Happy New Year’s! Happy New Year. – That’s it, we missed it?
– [Stacey] Happy New Year. Happy New Year, everybody. Happy New Year. We made it to a new decade. Let’s make 2020 the best ten years ever. Hi Braylee! You liking the new year so far? – [Stacey] It’s relaxing. – [David] It’s relaxing? – [Stacey] And we’re watching a movie. – [David] Watching a movie? New year, new things. What movie is this? – [Stacey] “Robin Hood”. – You’re watching “Robin Hood”? “Robin Hood”‘s so good. I like your outfit too, B. New year, new outfit, new movies. – [Stacey] Look at that outfit. – That’s a great outfit. New outfits over here, too? (beeping) We have decided to obtain a calendar. – Obtain? That’s a really weird way to
say that you got a calendar. – This calendar is a special calendar. – You should probably
wait until you find a pen. – Why? – Cause we’re just rifling
through these scenes. – I like the word rifle. (Stacy laughs) I swear we had pens in here. – I know we did. – So much junk in here. Oh, here’s one. It’s probably not gonna work. A national day calendar. So it’s all these… – Hold on. (Stacey yawns) – When this video comes out,
it’s gonna be January 3. So for January 3, the
national holiday is… Yeah, I’m not sure cause
I don’t have the calendar. (both laughing) Real talks. Real talk. I’m taking a book out
of everybody else’s book and doing a real talk.
– [Stacey] Real talk. (humming)
(Stacey laughing) Express yourself! – That’s weird. – I don’t know where
that came from (laughs) but that just made me think
about those two words. – [Stacey] Express yourself! – Express yourself. (Stacey singing) – [Stacey] That old ad, you know? Advertisement? Commercial? – Never heard of it. – How? How? Express yourself (Stacey
sings to herself). – [David] Do that again. (upbeat music)

40 thoughts on “We Had To Disrupt A Routine

  1. While going over this video, I realize we failed in explaining the current bathroom plan fully. To clarify, we put a child lock on the bathroom door to help break up the routine. We still take her if she requests bathroom with her talker (to continue encouragement of using her speaking device). She is also taken to the bathroom at regular intervals throughout the day. Has anyone else experienced rigid routines?

  2. she is so smart lv her outfit it’s good she asks than it uses her words lv the new plugs i just want to ride the yellow bus so cool she is so happy your both such great parents it’s hard to break routine especially when you hv ocd

  3. Man sometimes it really feels like each step forward leads to a new host of challenges! Hopefully having the bathroom B-proofed will help, it'll definitely help her practice requesting for when she's at the day center or out in public

  4. I totally remember the commercial she was thinking of! I thought that's what you were referring to at first also.

  5. Love the plugs Stacey!! I have a difficult time with the wooden, metal, or plastic plugs falling out. I’ve found the silicone are best for staying in place for me but the downside is they don’t make really cute designs in the silicone. I love the puzzle piece plugs, very cute with the cut out!

  6. I loved your Real Talk and the reality of you going off to fix the bathroom. You are both just great parents. No matter what child God would have assigned you.. that would be the case.

  7. At what age did she start requesting or letting ya know when she needs to go to the bathroom because currently my son will go use it only when we take him if we don’t take him he will just go in his pull up so I’m not sure if he still doesn’t recognize when he needs to go or how to communicate it back to us to take him….happy new year!!

  8. THAT IS THE CUTEST LITTLE FACE! She MaY be looking at that part where the curtains do not come together either because they’re not together or because the outside is barely visible. IMO

  9. Instead of real talk, you guys could use Wee talk for your lives. Oh, how I wish I could spend the day with you guys. Keep being Awsome! Do you guys do new years resolutions? I pick a word to focus on all year. My word for 2020 is strength. I can't wait to learn the national holidays.

  10. Place more stars ⭐️ in other area of the room to see if that’s what she is looking at… maybe she like that shape…

  11. Great video! Loved it, as always 🙂
    Yes we certainly recognize the routine making. Keep up the creative solutions, thats what we autism parents are for and best at 🙂 she's growing so much in communicating, it's a beautiful thing to see. Xxx

  12. Sorry if this is TMI (cause I have no filter) but I'm not fully potty training (I'm able to go during the day cause my body is able to tell me when I need to go and I can pick up on those cues and I'm also awake but at night I have to go before I go to bed and sometimes, even that doesn't help and I don't know why and sometimes, it ends in accidents and I get really angry when that happens. That's really good progress though, especially being able to request music on her device! I agree with you Stacey, that is a really weird way to say you got a calendar lol!

  13. ok, in response of #realtalk. I completely understand and feel your pain in having to fix the toilet, David. My 15 yo autistic son (who has a dual diagnosis of IDD and ASD) has always had an obsession with water play and teaching him hygiene continues to be a challenge for us, his therapists and his aides. Eventually he learned to request it but it just means that he requests
    to go ALL the time so the next challenge is to enable the appropriate behavior without enabling the inappropriate behaviors. As a Gen Xer it has been my tendency to helicopter parent and that just reinforced the bad behaviors so that obsessions became a means of getting our attention. The challenge has been to analyze the reason for the bad behaviors and coming up with appropriate alternative play so that we can redirect him from damaging things or causing harm to himself or others. To this day he still surprises people whenever he gets the urge to splash or bathe because the water stim is so powerful that the behaviors are nearly as sudden and intense as a meltdown. I also feel that there need to be pica and obsession friendly oral and skin care products. Hand soap and sanitizer is just as hard on the digestive system as it is in chapping and cracking skin.

    BTW, I've had to actually replace all the toilets in my home a couple of times because of clogs and cracked tank lids and whatnot. Word to the wise: the eco friendly toilets are more of a liability than a help and the "high powered" American Standard ones have the opposite problem but are no less fragile. The best advice I can say is don't skimp; get a Kohler if you can afford it because the tank mount is not porcelain on porcelain so it won't crack. It won't flush gold balls but you don't want that. One time a toy didn't get stuck in the toilet's S trap (which at least can be snaked out) but instead got lodged in the main storm drain and flooded our basement after becoming wrapped in toilet paper over time. It could have cost us thousands but thankfully I was referred to an honest master plumber so it only cost $100 in the end; we didn't have to dig up our yard for a little green army man who'd gone spelunking.

  14. 0:49 – our son is fixated on curtains as well. He likes to have some sort of control over his environment but will get overstimulated if he is allowed to overindulge in self stimulatory behavior. When that happens he will rip them down and ask for someone to put them back up. We went though a lot of curtain rods, transitioned to a tension rod before eventually just going with velcro. It was a battle we had to concede, but we also had to put a plexiglass sheet over the glass and nail the window shut because it was becoming a 24/7 thing.

  15. Last comment: I LOVE the idea of a specialized Monopoly game. I see there's one for my home town of Pittsburgh which has its own dialect.

  16. Stacey, I noticed your earrings right away! I think they're a good way to EXPRESS YOURSELF! lol Carlos probably goes to the bathroom wherever he can because his little bitty paws are freezing and he wants to get back to the warmth as fast as he can. Another good video, thanks guys!

  17. Our daughter went through a "phase" where she was flushing it all the time, and then flushing it for others.(MOM LIFE) At first we thought "yay, she's showing interest in the potty" but it soon became a thing for her. We are very fortunate that she eventually got over that phase. Once in awhile she will come a running the "help" someone out (LOL) but again she's moved on. Thank goodness. On another note, you know you're parents when.. you stay home and play Monopoly for NYE. LOL Just kidding. We didnt even make it to midnight. Didn't have a cocktail either! Lame!!!

  18. Get Braylee girl those glow in the dark 🌟 🌟 🌟 they fade out after awhile there all over the top of the ceiling in the extra room there pretty cool a Wal-Mart find .. Braylee girl I love your hoodie way cute happy New Year's stay Blessed 🖤🌹🖤

  19. It is great that Braylee understands how to use the bathroom now, but not completely yet. It is going to take a while to break the bad habit routine. It takes time, so be patient and it might happen before you know it. I don't recall a rigid routine in my life.

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