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Is this I-hop or I-hob? Y u “p”-in’ ? What’s going on YouTube where my JP’ers at, how you “p”-in today? We’re going to Ihob, and I have an eye-throb, for some Ihob’s. It really seems like an April Fools Joke. It’s not a joke. I’ll bet you look Yeah, it does ha no it does it you’re looking at it wrong yes is hi hob All right, I can’t but I still want to try the burgers I’m really hungry My name’s Charlie growing JP lamby is Julia gulia, and I’m here to try be me I have burgers and I’m here to eat some pancakes. There’s nothing but good things Did you really hear good things Just to make it simple The rating system is gonna be one out of 38 38 being the best one being the worst You have to go to a fraction number. Yeah times like a twizzler chocolate Twizzlers are a thing. I’m so confused It’s really in the end. It’s out of 146 it’s simple math. Yes Let’s start with the cowboy burger the mushroom and swiss the classic the classic with bacon with a jalapeno Kent a big brunch and the mega monster and Also, do you have any broccoli you? Got seven cheeseburgers coming and side of broccoli So I have a question. No, like so this a hob You’re not really gonna change the store front with the B on it, right? They are I came in today and I saw blue shirts. We’re gonna find out I think that is a conspiracy flipping its name, too People are getting misled and I’m one of them and so are you I’m I’m so confused, but if they do change the iHub I Think he’s got a nice ring to it Hobb The classic American cheese lettuce tomato Red onion pickles and our signature. I have some board games in the classical case Our it’s not bad tastes like a burger. It’s fully cooked all the way through. It’s really not bad the classic burger It’s surprisingly fresh. Is it classy? No You’re losing focus onion rings are really really really good that’s my reading It tastes like the burgers they had here before they’d switch to IHOP, I feel the same way yeah What did you think of the classic one? I thought that it was Good. Okay. The first one was really good. I thought the first one is really really really really good This is the classic with the bacon. It’s the same exact sandwich except bacon on top. Does it make it better? We’re gonna find out that Seems like it kind of went right down your throat hole Yeah, no, it’s delicious. It’s like the classic But they had baked but they had a baked on his reviews are riveting. Is it fresh it actually is fresh This is the mushroom swiss burger a blend of sauteed mushrooms and onions Swiss cheese and creamy Mayo. Yep I’m jealous. I wanted the first bite of that one. This is how you guys know that I grew up with six brothers I will eat a burger that three other guys ate out of it Except you won’t go to RV’s because these mushrooms that they put on here. Actually, I think they’re fresh It was really really really good. I will also say it’s really really really good I would say that ones were really really really really really really good Three. Yes, really, really really really really delicious. We’re not going with delicious. We’re going with good hi of them You don’t have some of the cowboy burger got onion rings bacon lettuce tomato Barbecue sauce, it’s their leading man. If you look at the advertisements right over there JP Bobby the onion rings will be the bird Hmm the bacon there’s a lot like the bacon from the classics But there’s an onion ring on it. So the bacon tastes similar very similar I’m ready to get my feet in some stirrups for this one We’re gonna have to saddle up for this one guys no more cowboy references They like their barbecue in the southwest. That’s where he made all the final few ribs. Good Sam st Louis ribs made in the south. Just let this burger this burger does not bring us to the races I’d say that one’s a really good really good. I think it’s not really really really good, but it’s really really good I really like it and guys at home if your own age take a shot. Every time we say really No, don’t do that don’t do that take a shot of water. Oh my gosh guys I didn’t realize you were gonna eat so many burgers. I’m stuffed, but appreciate you guys. I do have lunch plans Wait, is this serious? Is he really leaving? You gotta go get more food Look at this leaf lettuce. It’s actually like nice and fresh a little tomato slice right there Oh burger patty, right? There it is the International House of biscuit burgers Rotate it. Okay, rotate it back. Don’t show me that side Guys, this is what you got to do. Put this on your menu wrong. So We’re thinking about it pancakes Burgers pancake burger burger pancake. It doesn’t matter what order it is It’s a good idea your green leaf lettuce pickles that I’ve touched several times the burger patty got a little bacon strip and then another pancake It kind of looks already. Yeah pancake burger and you got a pancake taco. There you go The jalapeno kick spicy blend of sauteed jalapenos, what’s that? It’s a type of pepper Serrano’s and onion bacon pepper jack cheese lettuce tomato in a jalapeno Mayo No, careful that toothpick look like a mother going up your nose. I like missed all the meat. It’s just some bread way. I Can feel it right in the back of my throat this burger stands up right next to the mushroom twist to me Now it has a different type of cheese that I like So if you like the spicy flavor, but don’t feel like getting your mouth burn off then the jalapeno. Kick is for you Are you sweating? I can’t tell if the vein is popping out of your head or not. Is it my favorite? Yeah, I mean, I think it’s good Very really good. This is the brunch burger. This is the one that I wanted the entire time We got the fried egg on top. We got very familiar-looking bacon. Probably the same bacon. They use on the other burgers You never know with this whole new branding. They got going on very similar to breakfast food It almost seems like they’re stealing ideas from the other place. All right, give it a bite The hash brown had a nice textural element to it I’m definitely a fan of the big brunch I definitely say the mushroom swiss is actually still better. Yes They’re really good it’s really really good sup America Manzano got monster That is a burger for a big baby whoo, that thing is dripping, how’s that mean? Do I have that might have been a mistake you need a bowl? International House of bigger does the second patty elevate what you’ve been eating this whole time? I think the second cheese might Together DP bigger is not always better. So I think this one’s really good. It’s just really good. It was really okay I love our rating turnin us seem really good but like angry looking like things really good. I Think that we just invented the best rating scale ever. So at least that happened out of this experience Adrienne we got some leftovers. We’ll bring you the best-looking leftover burger. Yes, we’re gonna give you some burgers JP we should give this guy this food. I’m sorry. He this guy needs the food Adrian will understand bless you guys as hard. Thank you there are so many mouths to feed we can’t feed them all but we can feed as many as These burgers will and until the next time we cook or do something we can do something then Well, we thought you’d be a good sport, so we surprised you with we got you some tomato paste


  1. Based on the information provided from this video
    do you think iHob is a JOKE or the TRUTH??? 🤔🤔

  2. Everybody eating behind each other. No knives to cut up the burgers and keep it clean? Glad they don't work in any restaurants. Imagine them in the kitchen licking spoons.

  3. use to work at one. honestly don't eat the burgers they are not fresh at all LOL. everything is frozen burgers are put on grill frozen

  4. You know that you are supposed to take the toothpick out first.  Id have continued with "dont you", but clearly not.

  5. Why would you call and ask that? You know that's the type of stuff that pisses people off when the answer is obvious. You see the lady in the restaurant how sarcastic she was? Why? Just why?

  6. So… this restaurant is trying to be a burger joint? I always went to Ihop for breakfast. The p was for pancakes? Now it's b for Burgers? Idk if I should be proud or sad. It seems every restaurant is trying to do everything.
    McDs does breakfast all day.
    TacoBell has breakfast.
    Dunkin Donuts used to be just donuts and coffee.
    I'm sure there are others. Can't think of them now.

  7. i liked the end when you helped a few homeless people 🙂 thought i was watching a video on epic menu eating and road the feels train you guys are great

  8. Eating from the same burger is gross. You don't know how many times I see guy use the restroom and not wash their hands. Some just rinse their hands without soaps. If i had to guess a percentage it would be 70% don't wash while 30% do wash their hands.

  9. JP Julia you guys did the right thing of giving the homeless food i would do the same .Guys i have an idea make sometging huge and give it to the homeless and make them decide wether its good or really good

  10. I love you guys but you are so unhygienic lol….spits food into hand touches said food then passes food to friend to bite

  11. Where you at an IHOP in Florida by chance? The ones around me here in Ohio don't have anywhere near that kind of burger. I know the ones down south must have some different rules or something because they are always better.

  12. Am I the only one who thought when she started talking about stirrups she was making an OB/GYN joke ? Then she said cowboys and I was like "oooooh."

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