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What Bodybuilders Eat Post-Workout | Steve Kuclo in the M&S Kitchen

all right we’re at the muscle and
strength kitchen and we are getting my post-workout meal ready so like I said I
do immediately post-workout I hammer that Isoflex shake the whey protein
isolate and then about 45 to 60 minutes post training I like to get a solid food
meal in and that meal today is going to be some jasmine rice and we’re gonna be
doing some all-natural the chicken breast so first thing I do is make sure
I salt the water that I put my rice in it just adds a little flavor to the rice
get this water boiling we kind of had it pre-boiling but I’ll turn it up get
it hot this pan I’m gonna get hot as well for the chicken usually chicken
comes really thick like this from the store so I usually take off any of the
excess trimmings of fat or any skin that’s still on it and because it’s so
thick I usually like to slice it in half long way like this to kind of make it
thinner and then that way it cooks a little more even and also you know cooks
a little bit faster for the sake of cooking it even faster I’m actually gonna cut it
up into little cubes and little pieces so this this cuts your cooking time down
significantly when it comes to cooking chicken use some cooking spray some Pam
olive oil cooking spray this pan should be getting pretty hot now so I’m gonna
go ahead and salt and pepper this chicken preseason so I don’t like my foods too
spicy that’s why I just keep it pretty simple
this water is about boiling now so I’m gonna go ahead and throw one bag in
there kind of spread the rice out and literally just drop it in I have a timer
here on my phone we’re gonna set it for 10 minutes and this chicken is about
ready to go on so that pan is hot kind of spread it out a little bit so it
cooks even so I like to use chicken as a lower fat protein source post-workout
fats are gonna kind of slow digestion down overall of the carbs so being a
little more carb sensitive post-workout your body’s ready to refuel get some
glycogen stores back replenished so I’m gonna use a lower fat meat so that’s
either gonna be chicken I like to do white fish as well and then the white
rice again also easily digested something that is a great post-workout
carb and you’re gonna find carbs sources that your body has a tendency to maybe
react the better to so whether it’s white rice versus brown rice you just
kind of to see or potato you may you know sweet potato may work better for
you or white potato but you know going through prep and getting ready for shows
you really have to listen to your body be in tune with it learn learn what’s
working for you learn the foods that your body really likes and you know
you’ll see as you get leaner and farther into prep when you have a meal and then
10-15 minutes after you eat you’re like you see your body like just come alive
and it’s pretty amazing to see how your body can do that just by you know
certain foods so one of my tips that I can give when
it comes to traveling being on the road I always take my food with me everywhere
I go so I cook everything in bulk at least
enough for like two or three days and you know you can’t have everything I
can’t carry a huge Igloo cooler with me everywhere
so I condense stuff down into Ziploc bags so being prepared and cooking in
bulk is something that really stay ahead of the curve when it comes to making
sure you stay on your diet making sure you’re sticking to your plan because if
you’re not you know you’re gonna start just reaching for foods that aren’t on your
diet and you know if you’re in areas that you don’t know it could be
detrimental so you don’t want to make that mistake and not be prepared it is
ready rice is ready chicken’s ready I’m going to go ahead and kill the heat let
that water drain off that rice before we go ahead and take it out of the bag and
then we got our chicken here now look at that a meal fit for a king
so it’s time to eat we got the chicken on the plate the rice
is on the plate go ahead and take that out of the bag now that the waters
drained out of it and that is it that is roughly a cup and a half to 2 cups of
rice and 7 to 8 ounces of chicken my post-workout go-to meal so thanks for
watching make sure you subscribe below and don’t forget to turn on those post

100 thoughts on “What Bodybuilders Eat Post-Workout | Steve Kuclo in the M&S Kitchen

  1. Remember this is edited. Steve DID wash his hands in between handling the chicken.

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  2. What is this meat of the hen and grain of the rice of which you speak? I have never heard such a thing in bodybuilding

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  5. isnt the rice in the bag tho how does the salt add flavor to thr rice besides the plastic flavor from the bag?

  6. whenever i watch these videos i never see these guys wash their hands after handling their chicken…
    like just because you're jacked doesnt mean you're impervious to food poisoning

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  8. You shouldnโ€™t put raw meat on a wooden cutting board. Use glass ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
    Good video. He seems like a nice fellow.

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  10. Adding salt to water is to speed up the boiling process, not to flavor the rice.

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