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What Causes a Heart Attack?

Atherosclerosis is not only a tongue twister; it’s the leading cause of heart attacks worldwide. Understanding how this disease can lead to
an attack starts with knowing how your immune system works for and against you. The good news is that thanks to medical advancements,
people are living longer and surviving in the face of this disease. – So there’s really good news on the horizon
for atherosclerosis. We are increasingly understanding the disease. My name is DeLisa Fairweather. I’m a PhD researcher in Jacksonville, Florida,
working at Mayo Clinic. I’ve been studying heart disease for around 25 years. Atherosclerosis is a very long name that’s
difficult to pronounce. So it really refers to “athero-,” which
talks about the vessels in our heart, and “sclerosis,” which means fibrosis of those
vessels. And it is one of the most common heart diseases
around the world. And what happens is inflammation goes into
the vessel wall and accumulates there, and we call that a plaque. Plaque and atherosclerosis is caused by inflammation,
and the inflammation is really trying to regulate a problem. And the problem is that we have too much cholesterol. Cholesterol is a type of fat made by our liver,
and that we get in part from our food. There are two main types of cholesterol: “good
cholesterol,” HDL, and “bad cholesterol,” LDL. The good cholesterol helps keep the bad cholesterol
in check, but, if there’s an imbalance, the bad cholesterol can build up on the walls
of your arteries, increasing your risk of a heart attack. One way to think of the arteries around your
heart is like pipes. And when those pipes get filled with bad cholesterol,
it can create a kind of clog. The body’s immune cells then come along
and try to clear up the fat, absorbing it into themselves. – The immune system is really important in
this process because it is going in and is trying to repair the damage. On the one hand, it’s trying to repair the
damage; on the other hand it contributes to the damage. And you can kind of think of it as if you
had a bomb, and you wanted to try to protect it, but you couldn’t remove the bomb, what
would you do? Well, you would want to try to create a protective
covering so that it could not cause damage. And that’s what the immune cell, the macrophage,
tries to do and it takes the fat inside its body. It accumulates all of that fat. So it ends up looking like what we call a
“foam cell,” all full of the fat molecules. This foaming process creates a backlog of
these fatty immune cells which clog the vessel wall, with more and more cells clogging that
pipe and creating a problem with blood flow. This often presents as high blood pressure,
which means the blood is trying to get through this small area of the vessel. This can lead to a rupture. – And when the rupture happens, then everything
is released. It ends up in a clot, and you can have a heart
attack, or that clot can break free and become loose and travel through your vessels, and
cause a stroke if it goes to your brain. All of this so far is “atherosclerosis,”
but this form of heart disease is most commonly linked to heart attacks. So what is a heart attack exactly? – So what is happening when you have a heart
attack is that the conditions have all come to this perfect storm and what happens with a heart attack is the
vessel wall has inflammation that ends up in what we call a plaque. And that plaque buildup then can burst open
and clog the artery and that then causes a heart attack. It completely stops up the vessel. And when that happens, the blood flow’s cut off
to that area of your heart and when the blood flow’s cut off, then the cells in
that area will start to die. So the technical term is a myocardial infarct. We most commonly call it a heart attack. Symptoms of a heart attack include pain down
the left side of your arm, shortness of breath, and nausea – and these are all associated
with that cutoff of blood flow to the heart. Then what’s happening inside the heart is
that when that blood flow’s cut off, it is needed to provide energy and life to those
cells in your heart and those cells start to die very rapidly and cause heart damage. Risk factors for atherosclerosis and heart
attacks include things that you can control like smoking, diet, and high cholesterol – and
some you can’t control, like age. – An important risk factor is if you’re male,
especially younger, middle-aged male, you have a higher risk factor; as you age, for
women, the risk factor of having atherosclerosis comes after menopause and actually when you’re
much older, maybe around age 70, and that’s because estrogen really protects you from
having a heart attack when you’re younger. Fortunately, there have been exciting new
developments in the area of understanding this disease and preventing it. – Really the statistics are wonderful that
we are preventing people from dying. So even though you might have the clot, we’re
able to go in and remove the clot very rapidly when someone has a heart attack and put in
what’s called a stent. And this just holds this area open. And that technology is improving every year,
so that people can live after having these heart attacks, a really great life
and a full life. And we’re making great inroads, so that this
disease is not killing nearly as many people as it used to.

100 thoughts on “What Causes a Heart Attack?

  1. Don't forget blueberries stop hardening of the arteries. They won't make profits selling nature including garlic, they try to find a way around this to make money. Welcome to Satanic life.

  2. A healthy body, a free mind, a house full of love. These things cannot be bought – they must be earned. Without these things, you know that you are pushing other side of life – not very good…. Its all in choice. Best wishes for all of you

  3. When I hear the word "heart attack" I nearly always hear the beastie boys in my head lol
    Edit-I wish humans were as good at prevention as we are at cure

  4. So, arterial blood goes in direction from heart and then stops at clogged areas making denser blood traffic and harder work for heart, creating high blood pressure. Wow! o:

  5. Why I don't like to learn about stuff like that cuz it's scary I feel the more I know the more anxious I become I would like to learn but put it in way that u explain how stuff work not how we can die 😰

  6. The researcher is wrong. High Cholesterol is not the cause of atherosclerocis. The real cause is inflammation. You can prevent this with a low inflammation diet. Keto+intermittent fasting+low sugar.

  7. main cause of athlerosclerosis is a plaque build up from saturated fat and cholesterol, mostly found in animal products. Go Vegan to avoid this. You are welcome.

  8. How does estrogen protect against Heart attack. If it stores fat while testorone boost metabolism. And

    What some articles saying women more often undanosed with heart attack . More likely to die when they have male doctors

  9. If you are looking for something to invest in, you can't beat treatment technology for heart disease and high blood pressure. Thanks to today's lifestyles, it's a growth industry with no foreseeable decline. Even our leaders set the worst example possible for personal responsibility and healthy living. When you have unlimited health insurance coverage, I guess you can pay the very best surgeons to patch you up. What about the rest of you?

  10. Saw my mom die right before me
    No symptoms, no pain. I cry all the time seeing her empty bed and chair.
    I wish I knew about :

    1) ApoE genes to change her diet accordingly.

    2) Knew that inflammation is the main cause of it, hs-CRP levels should be monitored.

    3) Homocysteine should always be low, to lower it go vegan for a few days and supplement with Vitamin B-12, B6, Folate, Riboflavin, know your MTFR genes first though.

    4) You should know your Ferritin levels, Iron levels and keep them low.

    5) Lipoprotein A , LP(a) is a gene that 1/3 of Americans and 1/2 of people in India have, this is an independent most dangerous factor for those who carry it.

    6) Know your sex hormone level, testosterone and estrogen are made of cholesterol but after 50,you won't make that much of those hormones and that would lead to useless Cholesterol build-up.

    7) Those with low 25 Hydroxy Vitamin D3 are prone to heart issues as well as depression.

    8) If you're above 60 you might have unnecessary Calcification of your arteries, supplement with Vitamin K-2 (MK7) and Vitamin D3, get a CAC test before and discuss with your doctor.

    9) Cut down on simple carbs as they generate high triglycerides in most cases which causes high VLDL
    and partially hydrogenated oils entirely.

    10) Consume monounsaturated fats like Olive oil and nuts and seeds they help reduce LDL levels.

    11) LDL particle size with small dense particles are dangerous, go for a CIMT test.

    12) Check your TMAO levels, they are created from animal sources and also lead to atherosclerotic plaque in many cases, go vegan and see if it works or not.

    13) Mother nature has gifted us with plant based antioxidants like Quercetin, Kamperferol, Apigenin, Luteolin, Rutin search for they wonderfully they work.

    14) Check if you have lactose or gluten sensitivity as this has many things to disrupt your body.

    15) See if your thyroid level is normal, those who hypothyroidism have high cholesterol levels and those with Hyperthyroidism die with sudden strokes due to arthymia.

    16) End Table sugar consumption entirely, this is a poison.

    17) Advanced Glycation End-Products generated from dried and smoked and burnt food coagulates and binds with the protein and ages you as well as disrupt your hormones.

    18) Reduce your salt intake, this is the cause of 70% heart failure cases, excessive sodium leads to heart failure.

    19) Go Indian, most of our spices are rocking the world with research, Turmeric (Curcumin), Clove (Eugenol), Pepper (Pipperine), Ceylon Cinnamon, so much more.

    20) People who consume chillies have less heart attacks.

    21) Check your blood pressure levels, this causes abnormalcy in the heart .

    22) Stop heating the oils at high temperatures, this results in their oxidation also never keep the oil exposed to air or light.

    23) Going Keto would help if you know your APOE genes, but keto is always better than a low fat ,high carb diet.

    24) Intermittent Fasting is the best way to deactivate NF-κβ pathways, stay away from inflammation.
    Medical supervision is very necessary for this.

    25) Try researching on NAD+ and how Vitamin B3 derivatives help keep our body stay young and healthy.

    26) Stop going to restaurants they all feed us poison. So many products are sold with regulations and they sell us products laced with harmful ingredients.

    27) Search for how to up your Glutathione, Superoxide Dismutase , Co-enzyme Q10 naturally they protect us

    28) Vitamin C has been hypothesized to be lowest for people with heart disease, supplement it.

    29) Vitamin E in the form of Tocotrienols is also very essential for heart health just like tocopherol, natural sources would be Anatto, Rice bran oil (i don't prefer Palm oil).

    30) Teas like Black Tea has Theaflavins while Green Tea has Epigallocatechin-3-Gallate(EGCG) that have been proven to aid heart and protect us from cancer.

    31) Eat Pomegranate and Beet they boost nitric oxide to the levels of medications , pomegranate Whey fermentation makes it even 10 times better thn Red wine (search on Google).

    32) Don't follow the fad diets Keto, Carnivore, Vegan entirely, a balance of all nutrients is necessary, because most of the health protection comes form Vegetarian sources but yes, i don't support veganism either.

    33) Check your fibrinogen levels if you have heart patients in your family.

    34) Stop smoking , this thing has killed so many people.

    35) Stop being silly, if you think that some people died with lung cancer without smoking and some who do smoke are still living, well, that's because of so many factors that are not researched, don't play this Russian roulette game with yourself.

    36) Keep doing work all the day and exhaust yourself. This would keep your body and lungs happy (bit not very strenuously) yet keep yourself from being lazy couch potato.

    37) Do you know that if you have High/low clotting factor then you need to take it seriously ? High would result in random heart attacks, low would lead you to have other kidney diseases.

    38) Check your remnant cholesterol that is more dangerous than LDL levels.

    39) There are some who believe LDL to be lower than. 60 mg/DL be wise , this can lead you to have dementia because all our cells are made of Cholesterol, it's not the culprit entirely.

    40) Stop mixing carbs+ protein and carb + fats ,that's a dangerous combo. Carbs glycate and disturb everything

    41) Know about krill and fish oil and their EPA and DHA proportion they work for reducing heart issues that is with the cost that they deactivate SIRT1 pathway and lead to use being susceptible to cancers , in theory, don't panic when you read this.. it may or may not be true.

    43) Prolong fasting eats up zombie cells and reduce the macrophages that cause heart attacks, my theory is that it can reduce inflammation as well. Do yiur research.

    44) Get your Circadian Rhythm on track, sleep early and wake up early. This sets up proper melatonin levels and keeps you from aging , don't you know that those who don't get adequate sleep die early ?

    45) Eat soluble fibre that binds the cholesterol and clears it , example like beta glycans from barely, oats, wheat, flax, etc.

    47) If you prefer nature, many fruits like Bergamot , Amla powder, have been known to ease the cholesterol issue.

    48) Get love from someone it can your parents, friends, animals, this works psychologically, and calms you.

    49) Do some research on Hydrogen water ,I'm not sure if it works but I'm only suggesting you guys.

    50) ox-LDL can kill you , it's not LDL and if you think statins are saving you, no way ! They're only fooling the liver to stop preparing cholesterol, which can cause bile stones, once you remove yourgall bladder by operation, you'll forever have cholesterol issues , that's a trick most doctors trick you to get that operation done to never grow bile stones again. Because, bile stones are not calcium but actually cholesterol particles. Be wise.

    51) Get adequate light, light activates EZ electron activity. But it should be very early morning light, not the one with UVA that games us or UVB that burns our skin. Our cells live on e- (election transfer) charges.

    52) Generate mitochondria by taking ice cold baths for a few seconds or by taking Infrared Suana or fasting for a prolonged time. Higher mitochondria is a powerful thing to regenerate our cells.

    53) Compounds like Pterostillbene, Resveratrol have been researched to protect us from age related diseases.

    54) Check your interleukin formations , High IL-2 and IL-6 triggers many malfunctions in the body.

    55) There's a simple test called as ankle brachial index test , Google it and it is the easiest test to check the blockage in the peripheral veins.

    56) Spanish researchers have proved that taking hypertension drugs at nightime saves us by a span of 6 years over daytime intake. Google that.

    57) Magnesium is needed by the heart to pump properly, so is Potassium , but check your kidney function before supplementing.

    58) Copper, zinc , Selenium and Magnesium are the cofactors needed for Cellular activities in around 1000+ enzymatic activities, check that out for heart health too.

    59) gum diseases are direct causes to heart attacks as the periodontal bacteria found in gums is found at the site of blockages always and that's how the relation exists.

    60) There are some adaptogens which renew the cellular respiration some even are mild nootropics like Tulsi, while some like Gotu kola can be used with Pycnogenol to clear blocked arteries ,search them.

    61) Troponin T is one blood test that immediately confirms if you're under a heart attack, ask your doctor for it if you have sudden chest ache or discomfort.

    62) Women dont have pain as a sign of heart attack and it can feel like acidity or a chest burn in 50% of female heart attack victims. Be cautious with this fact.

    always take an advice of your doctor and don't blindly follow me, this way would educate you and maybe help you with somethings that may or may not be good with you

    All the Best with your life. Pray for my mom's soul.

  11. Fail of a video. Cholesterol is not the problem. Big part of the problem is ingestion of unsaturated fat, which was proven to oxidize at alarmingly fast rates, and cause all of these plaques. Stop lying about cholesterol, when this topic was already "debunked".

  12. It’s actually very very very simple. An arterial blockage develops because people consume animal products. If you go vegan if you eat whole plant-based food you can unblock your arteries and reverse coronary heart disease 100% of the time within weeks. If anyone needs more information on this, please watch two documentaries on Netflix: forks over knives, and what the health. Go vegan, be healthy🌱💪🙂

  13. Simplified answer: not enough blood flow causes cell death. Can be caused by blockage, low hemoglobin with regular flow, or low blood pressure. Or cocaine metabolites can directly cause it.

  14. OMG Seeker, you didn’t have enough balls to say that the consumption of ANIMAL PRODUCT CAUSES IT!!! That cholesterol that you mentioned in your video comes from decomposing body parts of murdered animal. That people consume. Why are you dancing around this without having bravery to point out that the true root cause of an issue?

  15. If anyone you know is suffering from coronary heart disease, please recommend them to watch “forks over knives“on Netflix, and “what the health“. Coronary heart disease is reversible. Find out how by watching those two documentaries.

  16. We have had the cure of heart disease since Dean Ornish published it in the nineties. A whole food plant based lifestyle is the solution! Very dissapointed that you talked about stents and not something that actually treats the cause! Why is it always so hard for you people to include nutrition??

  17. OK great, she is telling us on how to treat the symptoms, without addressing the very root cause of the problem. The problem is consumption of the animal product. Switch to entirely exclusively whole plant-based diet, and you will never ever develop coronary heart disease. It is 100% man-made disease. Consumption of animal cholesterol causes that. 🥕🥦🌽🥑🌶🍆🥒🍅🥝🥬🍒🍍🥥🍈🍇🍉🍌🍏🍐🍋

  18. My friend survived two widomakers before the age 46. My question, what was done incorrectly the first time with the stent?
    He’s evidence God exists.♥️

  19. 3:40 “Pain down the left side of your arm”? Like we only have one arm and the left side of it is gonna hurt. LMAO 😂

  20. There is really good news on atherosclerosis:
    It's preventable by lifestyle.
    Keep a high antioxidant status and reduce your LDL-Cholesterol to be as low as possible (50-70mg/dl seems to be ideal).

  21. Only around 20% of your blood cholesterol comes from diet.
    The leading risk factors for heart attacks is not cholesterol levels, diet or high blood pressure, but lifestyle, stress, fitness, hormones, anger, over exertion, certain types of illness among others.

  22. Great Video, helped me understand how the Built Environment Functions no different than the body of Christ or The Church

  23. A whole food plant based diet can reverse atherosclerosis. Eat more whole plants-less animal products. All this other information is pretty unnecessary except for people with familial hyper cholesterolemia.

  24. Really? No mention of the ONLY studies and clinical procedures that demonstrate reversal of the pathologies described in your video——-a whole food plant-based diet.

  25. This is not why heart attacks happens! Inflammation isn't caused by too much wrong cholesterol. It's caused by excess insulin because of insulin resistance, too much omega 6 and so on. Then cholesterol sticks because it's trying to fix the problem. She is probably sponsored by Big Pharma to keep spreading the lie so people will keep buying Statins. I can't believe this video has only few dislikes.

  26. I like the design and editing this episode, they better keep it. Just don’t like the background song, it has some sort of siren sound with it. Made me pause the video to check if its real

  27. Wait wow i thought humans were " perfectly designed"

    Well this is a glaring design flaw.

    Fixing a clog of fat your in body then creates a clog of fatty cells. Hmm

  28. The body needs vitamins B6 B12 and folates to maintain low levels of homocysteine which is a known factor for cardiovascular diseases (like a heart attack). The most common vitamin most people don't get enough of is folates (folic acid is the synthetic form). https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/9791839-vitamins-b6-b12-and-folate-association-with-plasma-total-homocysteine-and-risk-of-coronary-atherosclerosis/

    “A Public Health Action Plan to Prevent Heart Disease and Stroke – CDC”

  29. we already know that cholesterol is absolutely not the cause of inflammation of the arteries.
    cholesterol is like the pus in a blister, and you wouldn´t blame the pus for the burn, would you?

  30. Please talk about the symptoms usually experienced by women! Pain in the back and jaw are common for women and that isn't common knowledge

  31. I don't think it's actually news to anyone that cholesterol is the problem. But the solution isn't a procedure or surgery, it's to prevent it in the first place. How? Don't eat cholesterol in high quantity (bacon, eggs, processed meats) and eat anti-inflammatory food like blueberries, green leafy vegetables and nuts.

    Source: https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/foods-that-fight-inflammation

  32. I'm curious to see how atherosclerosis and cholesterol clots relate to vasodilation, when the blood vessels shrink and increase blood pressure (I know that in some cases, it is done in response to lower oxygen content in the blood in order to partition the oxygen to as many tissues as possible). I'm curious because the building layers' of fibrosis and low density lipoprotein cholesterol being combined with dilating blood vessels sounds like a dastardly combination, worsening the perfect storm mentioned at 3:04.

  33. Hi Seekers, thanks for watching! For more on the heart, check out this Elements about a lab-grown patch that could save your heart: https://youtu.be/aUOOJXqKGrk

  34. This video is already outdated, the colesterol doesn't get stuck on your vains because you have too much colesterol. It's because you eat too much sugar!

  35. There are two ways of living from the heart. One the heart can lie to itself and accept what others says it is, or two, it can feel how it naturally does. One gives a long life, with low quality. The other, much shorter…….but its a life of feelings.

    I will say this over and over. I don't care about your feelings anymore. I care about mine.

    Get your cameras out of my life. Leave me alone. No means No.

  36. Can you guys make an episode on the corona virus?
    Its spreading in my country(India)rapidly and your exquisite content would help my knowledge.

  37. Are you mad don't fall for this hoax, all inflammation is triggered by damaged in the area, normally vital or micro organisms at work.

  38. I really love your channel, thank you so much for all the hard work you put into it! I think that with all the panic and misinformation going around regarding the nCoronavirus coming from China, you guys should do a video on it to get all the facts straight to the public.

  39. So avoid foods which cause inflammation, something which wasn't mentioned in this and the primary causes of inflammation and high cholesterol are animals products such as milk, cheese and red meats. So limit consumption and exercise, also adopt and eat a greater amount of fibrous food.

  40. a lot of this seems out of date. cholesterol being a cause, not a symptom. look up ther cholesterol myth. also that stents are effective – https://www.advisory.com/daily-briefing/2019/11/19/stent

  41. Cholesterol has no more effect in your arteries than calcium, but we're not complaining about calcium. There are people on strict carnivore diets who witness much better heart conditions than before…

  42. Cholesterol is often elevated because it is not being converted into the steroid horemones and increases during inflammation. It would be more useful to bring the metabolism and energy of your body up so to increase the steroid synthesis.

  43. I really wish you would have mentioned the warning signs in women since they are different than in men. The fact you didn't even mention this is highly negligent. https://www.webmd.com/heart-disease/features/do-you-know-which-symptoms-signal-a-heart-attack-in-women#1

  44. @4:08 … like age. I know you were going to say race and even though it's true you'd be called a Racist. White people get Cystic Fibrosis more commonly. It's just a thing born out of regionality…

    I miss when you could have real conversations.

  45. Doctor's answer to your question.! Doctors cause hart attacks..!
    Heart attack is still no one killer in the US, hypertension is the highest cause of heart attacks..!
    So why ain't the assholes telling the US people garlic is the best STENT blood thinner with no side effects.?
    189 over 110 reduced to 136 over 89 in one week of taking simple garlic pills from the drug store..!
    It was a famous John Hopkins Hospital study and reported a periodical sent to every cardiac surgeon why didn't anybody read it..!
    I found it out from Google..! isn't that what I have a doctor for?

  46. Wait. The conclusion of this video released in TWENTY TWENTY was that we are using stints? A technology we've been aware of and using for decades? Great. Cool fluff piece.

  47. When you reach for your door but it’s open, and the split second before you fall your life flashes before your eyes.

  48. The amount of times I've had a random pain and/or numbing feeling near one of my blood vessels, and simply pressed and rubbed it for a second to make it feel better is incredible.

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