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What does Junk Food mean in English

so how the people are you going my name is Glenn today well if you’ve heard someone say what junk food junk food what is junk food well you you understand we shouldn’t understand when junkies junkies actually rubbish no good it’s beyond use you cannot actually use it but there is a phrase one person’s junk is another person’s treasure so sometimes someone won’t be able to take some junk and use it and food you know food we need to eat food I’m sick ban in Cantonese don’t know what it is in any other language but food you need to have food to survive because ourselves in our bodies they need to be supplied food and junk food do stuff like this Seletar M&Ms crunchy yes I like it what is it as chocolate on the outside it’s something like like some sugary stuff in the middle and these actually don’t really provide much nutrients much benefit to your body they do provide energy sugar but malteses they provide a lot of sugar actually not really good for you they provide too much sugar so your body can’t use it and so even converted to that or you’re converted to fat me I’m pretty keen on not really fair than put on much fat but this stuff is called junk food you also have ever types of junk food like McDonald’s fast foods pretty much a junk food because nutritionally they’re not very good for you they’re not like a salad or an apple or an orange actually I’m not very healthy they don’t have the necessary vitamins like vitamin C ABCD or minerals micro minerals like our potassium sodium ever types of minerals that your body needs zinc molybdenum so train you in the background very loud wakes me up at four o’clock in the morning so those are some food so how would you use it in a sentence so you could say well I don’t like this junk food because it is no good for you and you can just replace it when you like because you can say I don’t want to eat Maltesers because you’re not a fool you just say I don’t want to eat junk food because it is not good for you and crunchy you can use the same I do not like each crunchy I do not like to eat junk food so you can just use it you know reference to any food that is actually not very healthy so I hope you learned something today so if you hear the word junk food it just means what processed food that is actually not very healthy for you and just keep learning because the learning is awesome please like if you learn something new and subscribe if you haven’t actually been here before so like I say thank you very much have a awesome day don’t eat too much junk food okay it’s not good for you

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