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What I Ate In A Day VEGAN #27 // “CLEAN” FOOD + JUNK FOOD

Hi guys, Welcome to another edition of What I Ate
Wednesday where I show you all the vegan food I ate in a day. For breakfast, I sliced up this slightly sad
looking mango. I had left it in the fridge too long because I just hate getting my hands
sticky. Weird, I know. Got to say, it was worth the sticky fingers
in the end. The mango was not overripe, just perfect. But if that seems like a dinky breakfast,
then you’d be correctamundo! You know what wouldnt be a dinky breakfast?
This seitan and breaded eggplant english muffin sandwich with garlic tahini dressing by becci_ftw
or becci for the win. Or this breakfast pudding by Koeygreen underscore.
She was inspired by my strawberry breakfast pudding recipe which I’ll link here but she
used peanut butter instead of strawberry! Brilliant idea, my dear. Just brilliant! And this idea from Maryann Penney on Facebook
is great too. She took the basic mantou or Chinese steamed bun recipe and stuffed fruit. All of these would be lovely for breakfast. Sadly, I didn’t have those things. But I did
have these Cara cara oranges for 2nd breakfast. It was such a nice day that I took it to the
balconey and ate them with my dear Charlie for company. After my chilled out second breakfast outside,
I went back inside to work. I felt so busy that I didn’t stop. In hindsight, I should’ve
took a break to make my 10 minute kale and chickpea noodle bowl which gabyshealth and
gitter.1 both did. But by the time I looked up from my work,
it was pretty much time to start making dinner for my friends who recently had a baby so
I’m helping them out by making dinner once a week. So for them, I made pasta alfredo
from Colleen Patrick Godreau’s 30 day vegan challenge which is one of my favourite pasta
dishes. Just super quick and easy. Also made some garlic kale; you guys have
seen me make this many times before like in my Kitchen Nightmares episode. Only this time
I didn’t burn anything. And because I just thought more veggies the
better for a new nursing mom, I made a stirfry of brocolli, tomatoes and mushroom. I had
meant to add edamame for extra protein but I forgot. Oops. You’d think after making this I’d be good
for dinner. NOPE. Because what I really had been craving
for like a week? A hotdog. Maybe because it’s just become suddenly summery here. This one
is a Yves Jumbo Veggie Dog sauteed with garlic in a whole wheat bun. Honestly, I wish I had
white buns instead. When you’re wanting junk food, it’s not as satisfying if you health-i-fy
it with whole wheat bread. So really, my craving was only half fulfilled. Totally going to
get some white buns for my next veggie dog. And that’s it. What are you excited to have
now that it’s summer? What kinda stuff are you going to throw on the grill? Let me know
in the comments below. Thanks so much for watching. Bye for now!

31 thoughts on “What I Ate In A Day VEGAN #27 // “CLEAN” FOOD + JUNK FOOD

  1. Yummy mango and cara cara oranges! my fav! and LOLLLL at wanting white buns. I feel that way too, yesterday I picked up some whole wheat buns from whole foods and then put them back when I saw white! :ppppp. I gotta make that pasta dish soon!

  2. Yummy I'm hungry now again lol bit it's bedtime here ha ha that pasts dish looked just what I need now

  3. Seeing your new videos are up always makes me so happy!

    I'm not really sure what summer foods I'm excited for right now. Maybe popsicles. When it's hot and humid, I like that they aren't too heavy, but they are still cold and sweet. I also like veggie hot dogs and Isa & Terry's potato salad from Veganomicon.

  4. veggie dogs… yumm! i made some refried beans (black, pinto and chickpea sauted with onion, garlic, celery, medium hot peppers in a little coconut oil, chili powder, cumin and oregano) mixed with salsa over a bed of greens with hot dogs, organic ketchup and onions on top… no bun, didn't miss it. =p

    i saw this and thought it might be better than the chickpea juice with the salt and toxins from the can… flax meringue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZsCq3U3MT0
    meringue cookies from the above: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_DtqK6inKcQ

  5. I found this video hilarious!  Charlie is beautiful! I've been eating a lot of the little yellow mangos, Champagne Mangos? I've also been eating cherries and peaches, they both just came out.  Last but not least Watermelon!  I like to blend it in my Vitamix then freeze it, then blend with squeezed lemon and coconut water.  YUM!

  6. Awww thank you for featuring my sandwich <3 You've become one of my favourite youtuner recently and many recipes of yours are staples in my kitchen now ^-^
    xo from germany 🙂

  7. Here is getting cold… almost winter and close to my birthday, cant wait for the hot almond chocolate!

  8. Hi – I know what you mean about hot dogs.  Now that we are quickly moving from spring to summer soon – I've been craving them a lot lately too.  My 'go-to' hot dog of choice right now is Field Roast.  I used to sauté them but recently switched over to boiling them (per instructions on package) and love them even more!!!  I think the boiling keeps them moister or something – but all I can say is Yea to summer type foods!!!  And I so agree – a soft white hot dog bun is best when you are going for this type of craving.  Whole Foods sells an organic potato hot dog bun that is vegan and really good.  Thanks again Mary for all you do!!!  Your channel is awesome!!!!

  9. lol. i love to grill shrimp and veggies.. sometimes i buy tofurky tomato basil sausage and grill it ;D yummy!!

  10. Could you highlight some good salads or dishes that would be camping worthy? I live outside of Calgary btw, I moved from Burnaby and miss all the Vegan stuff there, glad to know there's at least some of us here! Your videos are great!

  11. Lol, that hotdog looked sketchy. Wheat bun? No, no, no that just won't do. I won't even mention the ketchup I thought I saw on it. 😜

  12. My bf and I split a pint of So Delicious chocolate coconut icecream tonight. (birthday treat) For me, summer = burgers! (veggie burgers now though haha)

  13. Oops, forgot to say I had cat named Cow that looked EXACTLY like your kitty. Now we have a tuxedo cat named Pepper and he's a handful and a half!

  14. Charlie is beautiful! Those are some lucky friends you have to be able to eat your meals (and so nice of you!) ^-^

  15. I love second breakfast! ^ – ^
    Do you have a favorite vegan dog, Mary? I must admit I am inexperienced, although I look forward to seeing how some brands hold up over a fire pit this summer.

  16. So nice of you to help out your friends 🙂 are they vegans, too? I am looking forward for homegrown courgettes and tomatoes… and just a lot of salad, lettuce aaand ice cream! Which are available throughout the year, but so much tastier during summer 🙂

  17. Ohhh wow that is a BEAUTIFUL cat! 😀 <3 also, how cute are you for making dinner for your friends who just had a baby?

  18. Watermelon, cherries, strawberries, and grilled veggies. I love summer and I love cookouts. 😍❤️

  19. I can't wait to have kongguksu (cold soybean soup with wheat noodles and shredded cucumber) and cold melon/chili soup for breakfast again! yum :)) I love cold soup in the summer.

  20. I love how you are incorporating Instagram posts into your videos now. Super creative and it flows perfectly into the rest of the video. That stir fry and pasta look so scrumptious!!

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