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What I Eat in a Day | Derek Hough Life in Motion

– Hi, guys, welcome back to my show. So, since I’m always on the move, one of the most important
aspects of my day is what I eat. I have to have energy to
keep me going through work, through workouts, and just staying alert and energized throughout the day. So, I’m gonna show you what a typical day of eating looks like for me. Alright, so let’s get to it! (glass clanking) (laughs nervously) (energetic music) I had to say, growing up,
I was really fortunate ’cause I had a mother
who was sort of ahead of her time when it came to health. We weren’t allowed sugar cereals, we weren’t allowed sodas,
nothing with preservatives. It was all very, very healthy, and I thought my mom was
torturing us as kids. In fact, we even had an old wheat grass machine in our house, like a full thing that we used to turn and juice was coming out of this machine. It was disgusting, terrible, but now it’s like the thing to do. So, mom, I love you, you’re amazing. Thank you for keeping us healthy as kids. Alright, so today, I’m
gonna start with a smoothie because it’s really convenient, it’s easy to make, and it’s good for you. You get all the nutrients,
get all the vitamins, the good things to start your day off. Alright, so the first thing you wanna put in my shake is some whey protein. This is great to build and tone muscle. When you optimize your intake of protein, it helps your body burn more fat which is obviously really important. Oh, my gosh, it’s a beautiful day. A couple years ago I was doing 13 shows at Radio City Music Hall and doing Dancing with the Stars at the same time, and I got injured, I sprained
my ankle and I broke my toe, and I was about to go on
tour within three weeks. Somebody suggested I take collagen. So, we’re actually gonna
put two scoops in here. Alright, so the next supplement
I’m gonna be putting in there is glutamine, and
this is really important for, you know, muscle
growth and recovery which, as a dancer, when I’m performing,
it’s important to recover, because I’m sometimes I’m
doing eight shows a week on the road and I need that
turnaround time really fast. Alright, so the next
supplement I’m gonna be putting in this shake is branched
chain amino acids. This is very important for
alertness, for focus, for energy, and also for recovery with your muscles. Alright, guys, the next ingredient,
so, so important for me. Here’s an expression, alright. Alkalize and energize. It’s really important to have your greens. People are like, “Aw, man, you know what? “Yeah, I’ll have this much food “and I’ll have like this many greens.” That’s not gonna do anything. You have to have an
abundant amount of greens, of alkalinity to give you the energy. So, I feel like, if I
think about the more greens I have, the more energy I’m gonna have. If you’re not feeling the powders, then by all means, in
fact, just as healthy, put in some spinach, some
kale, anything green. The green is what’s so important. Alright, I’m grabbing this
to show you the importance of how important the green
element is in your life, alright? Now, have I expressed it enough? The next thing I’m gonna put in my shake, maca powder, alright? So, this is great for
energy, for immunity. Next up, we’re gonna
put in some almond milk, and the reason why I have to put this in, either sometimes I put
it in first or after the supplements to make sure
that it gets mixed in nicely. Boom, that way the supplements don’t get stuck to the bottom of the blender. So, next up, we got some almond butter which is high in fiber and healthy fat. Alright, so, when people hear
the word fat, they freak out, but healthy fat is
very, very good for you. It’s very important
actually for your system. So, make sure you put
some of that in there. It’s delicious. Oh, oh, my goodness! Next up, we’re gonna
put in some blueberries which are high in antioxidants
and high in fiber as well. I’m not gonna put all of them in there because you don’t wanna put too much, and then also it has
some sugar in there too. Natural sugar, but sugar nonetheless. Next up, we’re gonna put in some avocado. Yes, some avocado. People are like, “What are you doing? “Don’t put avocado in your
shake, that’s disgusting.” Let me tell you something,
have you tried it? I don’t think you have because if you had, you’d be like, “That’s delicious.” It’s natural fats, alright,
it’s good, it’s healthy fats. This is great for your brain function, for your cognitive function. Also, what’s really great
about this is it actually adds a beautiful consistency to the shake. Next up, we’re gonna put a few strawberries in there as well. This is mainly for flavor. We’re gonna put a little
bit of ice in there. Voila, ice, there you go. (laughs) Ladies and gentleman, I’ve never made something on camera before. I feel very vulnerable
right now, but here we are. Put this right here on the blender. (blender whirring) Cheers, guys, enjoy
your new healthy shake, and an ice cube, yeah, that too. (laughs) I should have blended
it a little bit longer! (laughs) Alright, guys, so for my
midmorning snack, alright, it’s all about keeping the energy. What I like to have here are
some, you know, apple slices, some celery, some carrots,
some almond butter to dip it in for that flavor, delicious. Also, one of my favorite snacks of all time, gotta be the almonds. One, because it’s filling but also they’re so good for energy. If I’m dancing and have a long day and I don’t have any breaks to eat, I’ll go like 10 hours without eating. I just have some almonds
between while I’m dancing and I have so much
energy, it’s incredible. One of the things I like to eat for lunch is a nice salad with some salmon, just something, anything green and light, and it’s gonna give me
all the nutrients I need, but also it’s very easy to digest, that’s not gonna take away energy but that’s gonna give me
energy throughout the day. One of the benefits of
making your own dressing is that you know what’s in it. You can control what goes in there, because in a lot of dressing premade, there’s a lot of sugar in there. I recommend just going in your fridge, checking out what kind
of ingredients you have, and start making a salad
dressing, like today. We’re gonna get some mustard like so here, boom, some Dijon, fancy, just a nice heaping teaspoon in there. I’m gonna put a little extra
’cause I like mine spicy. So, next up, we’re gonna put in some honey where it’s just gonna
make it a little sweet and it’s gonna balance out
the acidity with the lemon. Stir it a little bit. Then, next up, we’re gonna
put in some lemon in there, some fresh lemon, we’re just gonna squeeze some of that in there
like that, that’s right. Some salt in there,
like do a little pinch. Nice, and then we’re
gonna put the pepper in. Now it’s starting to
look like salad dressing. Here, I’m gonna put the olive
oil in, alright, so boom. Mix it in there like so, amazing. Now, next up, we got the salad. So, we have the leafy greens which, of course, we want greens, right? Greens, greens, greens,
greens, greens, greens. The more greens, the better. So, we’re gonna do this. I’m gonna use my own hands
since it’s my own salad, but if you’re cooking for somebody else, make sure you wash your hands. So, let’s add some tomatoes, or where I used to live in London, tomatoes. Pop those in there like so, and here we got some heirloom carrots. Now, here’s all you have to do. These look really fancy, really beautiful, and all you have to do is shave them and you all of a sudden,
you’re an absolute chef. You look like a professional. One of my favorites,
the avocados, alright. Avocados, high in fiber,
healthy fats, fantastic for you. They help with your cholesterol. They also have more
potassium than bananas, ladies and gentleman,
and a lot less sugar, so avocados, it’s your best friend. A lightly seared salmon beautifully placed on top of the
salad, healthy fats, again, high in omega-3s, wonderful protein, really fresh, very light which is great for the middle of the day. Again, you want sort of a light lunch that way you have energy
throughout the day, nothing that’s gonna weigh you down. If you don’t eat salmon, you can replace this with another protein. If you’re a vegetarian,
chickpeas or quinoa, that quinoa’s very high in protein. I’m actually putting my whole body into this pour as you can see. (laughs) Easy, fast, healthy, fresh, rock and roll. Alright, so what do I have
for my midafternoon boost? I have a green energy juice. Some celery, some cucumber, some kale, a little bit of apple to
sweeten it up, not too much, too much sugar, and also
a little bit of ginger to give me that kick, that spice. When people ask me like what’s my coffee, I’m like this, this is my
coffee, alright, green juice. This is what gives me that energy. This is what makes me feel alive. Really important though, alright, keep an eye out, be aware. Often times, you’ll look
at it and you’ll see that it’s like 30 grams of sugar. If you make your green
juice, you can control what goes in there and
you know what’s in there. I wanna go run a marathon after this. I think I just might. (snaps fingers) Alright, guys, so we are
gonna cook some dinner and we’re gonna start with
some roasted vegetables which, as you know, I’m
a big fan of vegetables because they’re healthy for you, they’re good for you,
and they taste delicious. We have asparagus, we have broccoli, we have sweet potatoes, and
we have Brussels sprouts. So, let’s make it, let’s stop talking. Let’s start making some food, shall we? By the way, love roasting vegetables because it’s super easy, very convenient. You just basically just
stick ’em on a tray, turn the oven on high, (snaps fingers) leave it, open it up,
bam, you’re ready to go. Broccoli, very high in calcium. Sweet potatoes, this
is my go-to right here. Look how beautiful they look? They just look delicious, just like that, but we’re not gonna eat ’em like that. We’re gonna roast ’em. We’re gonna put some olive
oil, we’re gonna drizzle that on top of it like so,
pinch some pepper, boom. My sister hates pepper. I like it, so I’m gonna
put some extra on there. You’re gonna take your thyme
now, add a little more flavor, and what’s great about
roasting your vegetables is it brings out the natural
sweetness of the vegetables which is always a good thing,
and, man, it smells delicious. I love it. You eat what you need to eat that night, but if there’s leftovers, fantastic! Package ’em up, put it in the fridge. It’s there ready to go for a
snack all throughout the week. Alright, so we’re gonna
put it in the oven now at 425 for about 15 to
20 minutes, alright? Okay, so now we’re gonna wait
for our vegetables to roast. We’re gonna start cooking our chicken. Alright, so we’re gonna turn
the stove to about a medium. You wanna make sure that
the pan gets nice and hot. Alright, it’s really important. Sometimes people put food onto a cold pan. Don’t do that, we wanna hear the sizzle when the meat hits the pan. Put some olive oil onto the chicken like so, just a little bit. I like some pepper. Delicious. Alright, the pan feels hot. Put it on the grill,
seasoned side down, like so. (chicken sizzling) That’s what you wanna hear. We’re gonna season the other side. We’re gonna put a little
salt on that side. Woo, why not, why not? Put a little pepper, boom. No, I’m not gonna do that,
that’s old, that’s old, right? So, we’re at like a medium-high right now. I wanna cook on this
side for about, you know, two to three minutes, then
we’re gonna flip it over on the other side for about
two to three minutes as well. So, yeah, so we’ll sit here and wait, do a little robot dance, ah,
let’s speed this part up. Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba, ba. Also, I highly recommend don’t dance around a cooking hot stove. It’s dangerous, but I’m a
professional so I can do it. Hey, hey, pah, ah. Okay. Let’s check out the side. (cheering) Look at that, glorious! Fantastic, we’re gonna put that there for about two or three minutes as well. As I’m getting older, one
thing I really am trying to do more and more of
is actually cook myself. I feel like there’s something
about cooking your own food. As I’m getting older, I definitely want to apply that more and more
in my life personally. So, I encourage you to do the same. Let’s do it together, shall we? I’m ready, I’m famished, I’m starving. I’m ready to eat, let’s get
this bad boy on the plate. Wow, yeah, look how good that looks. I’m gonna put some tricolor quinoa, high in protein, very good for you. Nice. Alright, the vegetables look done. Take those out of the oven. Ooh, nice and toasty. Chicken and quinoa, absolutely fantastic. Fun fact, people ask me
what I eat when I’m on tour and I’m doing shows night after night and actually, this is it,
it’s right here, boom! Chicken, quinoa, sweet
potatoes, some greens. It is my go-to, gives
me energy that I need. It’s light, it’s delicious,
it’s nutritious, it’s fantastic. Oh, my gosh, look at that, guys. That looks, that’s like
something you would eat! I love some sriracha,
alright, little dabble. I like spicy food, what can I say? Asparagus. (laughs) Alright, guys, if you guys
have any dinner recipes or any healthy tips, please comment below and don’t forget to subscribe,
and I’ll see you next time! Boom! (upbeat music)

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