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What I Eat In A Day To Stay Healthy | Vegan & Gluten Free

Hello and welcome back to my channel today I’m going to be showing you a little what I eat in a day Vegan and gluten free that is a new transition in my lifestyle I’ve been vegan for about three four years four years now Which has been going great for me since I have a dairy and egg allergy. That’s slowly starting to shift out However, now I’m developing a gluten allergy, which I hear is pretty normal for people that develop the dairy and egg allergy So with that being said there’s a lot of new foods that have been introduced to a lot of things that I’ve had to push Out although they were vegan. There’s still a lot of wheat and gluten in a lot of vegan stuff I have definitely had to pay a lot more attention To ingredients while I’m at grocery shop while I’m out eating I was doing a really great job with the whole gluten-free thing, but I was craving these eggs benedict from vegan Danish bakery So Gabriel and I went last week and I broke out like crazy I ended up doing this whole turmeric face mask to calm down my skin, which worked Amazingly I still have a little bit left that I’m going to be doing tonight I swear I’ve been using that like every single day and it’s worked so well with Redness. If you guys can’t see I have a lot going on right now, but I’m trying to make it work Which is why I’ve also gone back to celery juicing. So that’s the first thing we’re gonna do today I’ve pretty much broken apart my celery and I’m just gonna give it a good rinse and put it in the juicer I like to start my mornings with celery juice as often as I can It really cleanses and detoxes Everything from the inside and then it just makes your skin glow and just look like everything I want a need right now So now that I have my celery juice I like to throw a straw in here You can also throw an ice cube in here. I find that that makes it a lot easier I’m kind of used to the celery taste so for me, it’s not a big deal I know it’s not preferred to have it with an ice cube but it’s celery juice is something that you want to get into and if it helps to try it out and then Slowly push it away. So this is just today’s what I eat in a day. It’s different every single time Sometimes I wake up really craving pancakes Especially if my skin’s doing a lot better because like I mentioned before I’m really trying to target my skin as much as I can and then just fully Detox and get rid of everything bad that I’ve eaten That’s just not good for my body But usually on a weekend I’ll do some blueberry waffles, pancakes, a really hearty scrambled eggs with potatoes Avocado, hot sauce all over it, tortillas, beans. Yeah every day is different Like I mentioned with the waffles and stuff you do really need to switch out or for example me that has a sensitivity to gluten Now you really need to switch out your flour There’s a lot of different type of flours out there that you could mix around with Especially if you’re really good with baking if you want to make cookies, there’s like little substitutes for everything I find though that for me especially because I like to do waffles and cookies and a little bit of everything I like the all-purpose gluten-free flour The consistency of your batter is definitely different but don’t knock it till you try it. Once you bake it It’s actually not that bad. Gabriel and I were really surprised This is pretty much the only thing I have an issue with in the morning unless I’m having toast Which have you been following me for a while then You know that I’m a really big fan of silver hills bread, but being gluten free and everything now I switched over to Little northern bakehouse which is also a brand from Canada, love supporting. This brand is also sold at Costco where you could buy two For I can’t even remember but they come in bundles. I don’t eat this all the time But if I’m getting up in the morning and I’m rushed, have no time to eat anything Before going to work then while I’m getting ready I’ll put like two three sometimes four slices in the oven, put a little butter Sometimes even slice up some bananas put it on top and ready to head out That’s pretty much all for mornings that I ever really have And yes So I’m going to finish drinking my celery juice, clean up a little bit around the house and then when I have my snack in About a half hour to 45 minutes. I’ll show you guys little things that I’ve been snacking along the way so I’ll see you guys CHEERS! Alright guys, so it’s been I think about 50 minutes since I finished my celery juice and I’ve been munching on these blueberries I also cut up two mangoes that I put in the ziplock bag This ziplock bag that I have been reusing over and over and over again and then I just throw this in my freezer just because Instead of having the celery juice because sometimes we run out celery juice I like to have a smoothie so it could be either a banana mango. You can do it with either any plant-based milk I prefer almond you could also do it with water. And then I like to throw in some spinach, some kale, some spirulina So that’s also a different way how I like to start my mornings. I’ve also been snacking on these pineapples. Blueberry and pineapples great combo Yeah, these I think are great snacks to go to natural fresh great for your body Antioxidants and yeah, I’m getting a little hungry here So I’m just toasting two breads of it a slice of an avocado Eat that that’s kind of like my breakfast with the celery juice and my fruits I guess All right So I have my toast that I put a little bit of butter on I’m not going to put the avocado on top So I just have it on the side because of the raisins It’s just a weird mix and then on my avocado I’ll just put a little bit of Himalayan Pink sea salt. If you’re someone that likes a lot of sugar you could definitely put some peanut butter and jam on your toast I’m okay with it just like this Especially just because I had all that fruit then this has a little bit of sweet with the raisin. Cinnamon raisin So yeah, this is something I’m just gonna snack on until my lunch dinner. And yeah I’m glad that there’s alternatives. I’m glad that it’s actually helping me learn about my body and even with like the whole wheat thing I had no idea that wheat isn’t something that we’re supposed to be eating every day anyways So that was a really big eye-opener for me I wish this is something that they would teach in school because even when I found out I was like what? Like why didn’t anyone tell us it’s just like when what happened with milk and eggs with me like it’s something that naturally we’re not supposed to have so it’s just It’s wild that these things aren’t taught to us and then all these different allergies happen Then you gotta do the research yourself But I’m glad I’m learning something and I hope that you guys are along the way as well I’m just gonna finish this off and then I’ll see you guys So I’m about to film another video and it’s freezing at my place I’m just gonna have this organic chai tea that I love from stash. I Put in just a little bit of water I use my almond milk unsweetened I just put it in here, make sure that’s a little frother thing is in there. Just press the button once to turn it on put the lid on the case it splashes So, now that this is all done. Nice and frothy Bring it over here. This is pretty much done now It’s all steeped and then I throw my Almond milk in there. I’m obsessed with having this. It’s almost like a little treat and then to make it even more of a treat I add some cinnamon on top Just a little dash And that’s it. So pretty. So cute. So good Alright guys, so I just finished filming another video Sorry, lights on, sorry, but I’m getting a little hungry and I don’t want to just cook dinner right now so… Mmm a snack that I usually do Is, either rice cakes or Rice crackers or crisps. I had never tried these before going gluten-free. It is freezing in my home That’s why I put on the hoodie, but oh Just cuz if my hand is shaking I’m just really cold. These are unsalted. They’re really good actually I usually cut up some Daiya cheddar block cheese and put that on top but for today I’m gonna be using a little bit of hummus Gabriel just picked this one up. So when ever I want a little snack, especially when it comes closer to nighttime for some reason I always crave these crackers with cheese or the crackers with hummus is really good. Charlie get out of the garbage Another thing that’s actually really good is carrots with hummus carrots and hummus are the best I just love hummus, which is probably something I shouldn’t be doing today Just because this kind of cleanses me out and I already had the celery juice that might be a little trouble But I don’t think we’re leaving the house So that’s a good call. A little demo on how it is I do it grab my chip And I dunk it in. Grab a bunch and that’s it. So good! Actually, I would like some cheddar cheese if you’ve never tried these definitely give it a try It makes you feel really light like it gets rid of that salty crave like chips Especially because of the crunch I find that for myself. I love that crunch I don’t know what it is about it, but it just makes me feel good Almost like comfort food. Just in case you’re wondering What snacks you can have with like diet restrictions like this? This is perfect. I’m just gonna grab this whole row There you go. I didn’t want to have too much processed cheese just because I am doing the celery detox And I don’t want to congest my skin anymore. But this is perfect for new just like that the cheese on the cracker I’m just gonna catch up on some YouTube videos that I have been wanting to watch. And yeah, that’s all I’ll be doing for now So I’ve been cooking, Gabriel went to go take Charlie out food is pretty much done, but I wanted to show you guys how beautiful the moon looks Look at her she’s so pretty Every time I’m feeling some type of way like built up energy that I just need to Release, cry or whatever it is. And then I realize it’s a full moon. It’s insane But I was making some pasta I have the pasta draining right here, which is a quinoa pasta It’s actually from this brand right here that Gabriele just picked up. It’s a rice and quinoa pasta. It’s vegan gluten free It’s really good. Apparently they were on sale. So he ended up getting a second one, too We had it last night as well and it’s really good I also have in here my pan seared tofu, which I put some or made some tomato sauce as well I’m actually going to be adding in some spinach into that This is how Gabriel stores it and I swear it’s the only way where it doesn’t wilt because we don’t like buying it in those plastic containers I feel like there’s already so much plastic Like for example this bag that we already bought but anyways throw like a handful or two in there mix it all up I’m going to wait till it wilts a little bit and then I’ll serve it up. So Gabriel’s on his way up from walking Charlie. I figured I might as well just serve this Sorry, I’m like blocking the whole camera My bad! You can add some nutritional yeast on top. I like cleaning this stove while it’s still hot so nothing Sticks for too long and then it’s crazy to like get out. That’s our dinner for tonight Oh perfect timing Freezing out, huh? You ready to eat So we’re gonna continue eating while we watch some Netflix and then we’re actually getting out we’re gonna go to some mall That’s a little further away from where we are, but we’re gonna meet up with some friends the @beevegan_sisters So if we eat there, we’ll let you know. Oh, you’re filming already?? lol Alright, so we ended up coming to the Rec Room to meet up with a bunch of friends. I don’t know where to look. I’m drinking Pinot Grigio We had a tequila shot and now To not let it soak in my stomach I’m going to get fries. And we also won at pool. We’re the champs! You’re so silly And we’re about to get some fries. We’ll show you the fries when we get them. Oh my gosh. Just turn it off Where am I looking? Over there? On the left. Yeah! We got our fries They’re so good. Want some? They’re hot huh Yeah Ewww, you got slobber on me man! Sorry Alright guys, I’m home. It’s been one long long day, and it looks like that’s it for eating and drinking I’m just gonna wash my face and go to bed. I really hope that you guys enjoyed this video Don’t forget to Like, share and subscribe right over here. I’ll see you guys at the next one Bye!

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