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What I Eat While Camping|| High Raw & Vegan Junk Food

And I know she’ll be the death of me At least we’ll both be numb And she’ll always get the best of me The worst is yet to come But at least we’ll both be beautiful and stay forever young This I know… This I know… She told me don’t worry about it She told me don’t worry, no more We both know you can’t go without it She told me you’ll never Be alone I can’t feel my face when I’m with you But I love it Oh I love it I can’t feel my face when I’m with you But I love it Oh I love it My name is Monica welcome back to my channel So today I’m going to show you what I eat as a high raw vegan So not completely a hundred percent raw, but mostly raw while I go camping. So I’m going to show you everything from my meals To my snacks and also my drinks and I’m also gonna show you how I’m gonna prep food for my husband It’s gonna be like typical camping food like hamburgers hot dogs, but it’s gonna be vegan style some more on the cooked Vegan junk food side. So you also have an idea what vegans who aren’t raw eat while they’re camping So let’s go prep the food right now. Stay tuned. Okay First I’m going to show you guys what I’m going to eat for snacks that are raw I found these raw organic Goji berries, which I never had before but these are really good then for granola bars I have these Larabars and he’s in the chocolate chip cookie dough. They literally tastes just like cookie dough. And then when I had Another sweet tooth and I was looking for some cookies. I found these to go raw cocoa crunch sprouted cookies They don’t look like much here all I’ll show you. So this is what they look like They don’t look like much just like a little cracker or something with like a little bitty seeds and they’re so small But believe me when I say they are delicious They have all organic ingredients just coconuts sprouted sesame seeds dates and calcio Really really good So I got these dried organic mangoes. I haven’t tried this brand And I have a second one. I haven’t tried these either but both are organic and then I found these Turkish figs, which actually really like dried figs and then I also got Slackers these organic flax seed crackers. These are the savory garlic onion basil and red chili pepper And these are so good, especially with wrong wraps And this are fresh fruit. I have this small watermelon One avocado. I think I have about 12 small mandarin oranges Three bananas that I’ll probably grab some more One pair two apples and this is just my snacks. We’re gonna be camping for two days I am also bringing this nori season the seaweed it is so good it is kind of high in sodium but it is organic and also gluten free and Unfortunately, this is also not raw it’s toasted but I just like I cannot resist seaweed. I’m like Seriously addicted to it I eat this and we both me and my husband actually eat this every single day and we like practically pile At the store every single week. Oh and I forgot to show these Granola bars. I’m gonna be eating – these aren’t raw. But again, I’m not doing a hundred percent raw I do have some granola bars and sauces. That aren’t raw. This is the chocolate dipped coconut It’s also gluten free and then of course You can’t go camping without s’mores and there are vegan marshmallows out there that I used to roast when I go camping But this will work just fine – so I found this pack of strawberries I just bought when I went grocery shopping yesterday and totally forgot about it, but we’re gonna have these as well So that’s gonna add to my fruit for snacks during the day and here’s what we’re going to be drinking for breakfast Both of us are going to share this blue machine smoothie by Naked Juice. This one’s really good. It’s nice and sweet So that should be enough for both of us for breakfast for two days And I also bought some additional cold press naked juices This one’s beet carrot cucumber apple Lemon, orange and ginger and this one is carrot apple cucumber orange lemon and turmeric so I’ll be drinking these tomorrow and the next day I’m also obsessed with this kombucha right now. It is so good at this one. It’s the pineapple peach So we’ll have all have one in my husband. I’ll have one he likes this to you. I always have to have Lacroix Oh my goodness. I love Lacroix. So usually I have the berry which is my favorite But right now I am living for the coconut and my husband doesn’t like coconut so He will be drinking this mango one. So usually we have like a growler of beer or some kind of alcohol wine But lately we’ve just been on a health kick and not really craving alcohol. So we’re just going to have our water kombucha and juice Alright and here are my meals for the next two days for camping So here’s two salads that are just to be for me are there for lunch or dinner? And then I made One for my husband cause he requested it and then I put the leftover veggies and this container. So there’s different colored bell peppers tomatoes radishes now I also have carrots Broccoli more radishes in this one and then also the serve raw dressing kind of been experimenting on different tastes and this looks kind of like a Caesar eat cheesy kind of salad dressing to me and Then I’m also from my last meals I’m going to use these raw organic coconut wraps to make some wraps for either lunch or dinner and just interchange them with my salads And now for my husband’s breakfast, we’re gonna make overnight oats. I wanted to make them for two mornings We’re gonna do a two to one ratio. So we’re gonna do 1/2 a cup of oats Well, that was nice And then 1 cup of milk Which we’re just using the unsweetened original almond breeze then a little bit of cinnamon Mix that up and then I just added some frozen raspberries and some frozen blueberries And so this one is done and We just put this one in the fridge overnight and it will be ready to eat in the morning And then for my husband’s lunch and dinner for the next two days We have sandwiches. So we have these two a perky deli slices. This is the Italian style so he’s gonna have Bread, we like to put mayonnaise on ours. We have the vegenaise bread mayonnaise meats Cheese these diets Lices. I know a lot of people don’t like daya but I really like their improved Texture and flavor. I think it tastes way better than it did a few years ago when I started eating it. It’s amazing little pipette lettuce and tomato on that and then for Another meal. We have these tofurkey original sausage the beer brats. I’ve had these before they’re delicious and Then just Some burgers these are our favorite right now, dr. Prager, I’ve had this mushroom risotto as well and this is so so good It’s also gluten free which is nice. It’s just mushrooms rice peas parsley and truffle oil So that just a burger buns ketchup and mustard And that’s gonna be a few meals for him. I Don’t think I’ve mentioned it yet, but my husband did recently go vegan And so I’m gonna make him some snacks as well if he’s not doing the raw challenge But some of his snacks will be raw. So one thing he requested as I make my trail mix so for that I got walnuts cashews almonds pecans chocolate chips peanuts and raisins And then he’s also gonna have some pretzels. Usually we have chips, but we don’t have any in the house right now and then he also really likes Clif Bars of chocolate peanut butter protein bars and he’s not like a bodybuilder or worried about protein or anything He just likes the way that these tastes Here it is. The trail mix is all done I think it was cheaper for us to do it like this and bulk than to buy a premade one and it was pretty easy And fast to do as well And last but not least I had to pack the dog food because I just recently transitioned them to vegan food It’s basically red lentils, right? Chickpeas or garbanzo beans lettuce some berries and a few other things. So we’ll be taking their food with us for the dogs

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