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What is cholesterol?

Cholesterol is a fatty substance or
lipid that we need as a raw material for making important things we require to
keep our bodies healthy. Most of the cholesterol we need actually we make
ourselves about 80 percent or more and that then has to be distributed to where
it’s needed around the body through the bloodstream. Most people will not have
had a cholesterol test and they will only have been invited to have one with
their GP when they show up for an MOT as part of a national health check at the
age of 40 but for families where there’s early heart disease or known high
cholesterol and other family members they shouldn’t wait to the forty years
of age. High cholesterol has no symptom so we really have no way of knowing if we
have a high cholesterol except through a blood test. A full lipid profile
that’s measured on a blood test from your doctor surgery includes both
measurement of the good cholesterol and the bad cholesterol fractions. The bad
cholesterol known as the LDL is the only cholesterol that can get deposited on
the blood vessel linings and therefore can cause narrowing and damage to the
artery. It’s the bad cholesterol levels which seem to be most prone to change
with age and it rises steadily through adulthood and it may rise by as much as
50 percent or a half between the age of 20 and 50. The cause of the high
cholesterol is actually a gene alteration that’s not their fault. It’s
one that actually may explain why so many family members have a had an early
heart attack or stroke. It’s not to do with a bad diet or lifestyle in most
cases but it’s something that they couldn’t have known about their family
couldn’t have known about and there didn’t used to be effective diagnosis
and treatment. Not everybody with an unhealthy diet and
lifestyle will have high cholesterol. A lot depends on your genetic makeup, what you inherit from your family and it’s that combination of being predisposed to
high cholesterol and also having an unhealthy diet or lifestyle that will
mean that you actually end up having raised blood cholesterol. Exercise can
lower your cholesterol levels but it’s very much more about overall
cardiovascular health. In terms of cholesterol it’s about helping to
increase the level of good cholesterol, we call that HDL cholesterol and helping to lower the level of LDL cholesterol which we call bad cholesterol. If the diagnosis of FH is made and
the treatment started early ideally before eighteen years of age, it’s
possible to completely stop the build-up of cholesterol deposits in the arteries.
This is what we’d like to achieve in everybody who’s affected, but we can only
do this if we actually manage to find people and get them started on their
healthy diet and lifestyle, along with treated if needed. There’s nothing to
be scared of just get the test, if you got the problem
you get it sorted you might need your treatment adjusted every few years as
you get the age-related rise in cholesterol but you know other than that
you know piece of cake. Much better than you know getting to first-name terms
with cardiologists here in our wonderful institution.

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