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What is Sattu, chana sattu, jau sattu benefits | Kunal Kapur Summer Drink Recipes | सत्तू

Whenever the summers arrive,
you feel tired and sluggish, And to get rid of this summer, there are
so many methods that are natural, and there is one such magic ingredient,
a superfood, also known as-Sattu, Sattu is basically flour, a type of flour which is made from roasted chickpeas, these are black chickpeas, and when we roast it, it becomes something like this,
the one with the covering, this is our roasted chickpea; the one with the covering, And this is very healthy, and nutrient intense,
it has high protein, high fibre you can consume it in the form of a snack, When you grind it, you will get
either ‘Chickpeas flour’ or ‘Sattu’, If you may like, you can also roast this jau and grind it into a fine powder, when it becomes a fine powder,
it is also known as Jau ka Sattu, So when you go to the market, you can easily find chickpeas sattu,
jau sattu or a mixture of both, There are different ways in which you can consume this either you can add it to the water and consume it directly, which I will just show! Or, you may make litti out of it, you may add it as a stuffing to your bread,
you may even bake using that sattu, So I am using this sattu and using a simple method to quickly make
a sweet and a savoury drink with it, Sattu powder
Add 2 tablespoons of sattu powder, to each glass, This is roasted channa sattu, next, for sweet, I am going to add a tablespoon of sugar, And for the salted, we will dd a pinch of salt to another glass,
and some roasted cumin seeds as well, A few mint sprigs, some lemon in both, again., lemon is optional, next, we will add some chilled water to it, just give it a nice stir, this one is sweet and the other is savoury, so if you want to protect yourself from the heat, sattu is the way to go! Sweet savoury

52 thoughts on “What is Sattu, chana sattu, jau sattu benefits | Kunal Kapur Summer Drink Recipes | सत्तू

  1. Hello sir just need an advice from you. I have completed my 12 need to become a culinary chef like you but just as I am a Brahmin .. Unable to cook or touch non veg please help me what to choose science or becoming chef ASAP

  2. Hi kunal sir, i am ur big fan when u did master chef. Its one of ur healthy recipe. please need more recipes which are beneficial in the summer.. Love from pakistan 🇵🇰

  3. Waooo looks so refreshing drink ,thank u so much chef for this amazing recepi of sattu specialy in summer ,,🙂

  4. G8 sir i always watch ur videos n try will try this drink too thx for being so generous lots of love from Lahore

  5. It's super yum n very healthy to beat the heat my mom is give it us this way Chef….. thanks for sharing …it was nostalgic..

  6. Chef where we live we don’t have access to jau but it’s flour is available. So do I need to roast the jau flour ? Can we still use it to make jau drink?

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