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What is the diet like on the Amazing 12?

Hi guys, i’m Paul Cowland, personal
training here in Brighton and Hove and this is my blog of the amazing 12 body
transformation program and welcome to week five So welcome to my home gym this is where I train most my clients.
In the last two weeks I lost some weight, training has
become normal it’s really nice to have that hour set
aside every day just to do one thing almost like meditation so today we’re going to talk about
nutrition ok so and i’m not going to go into the complexities of food I’m not going to talk about micro nutrients, macro nutrients, glycemic load glycemic index but what I’m going to do
is tell you about what I eaten today and what I’m going to eat today so
that will give you an idea of what you eat and what is the diet on the amazing
12 so five times a day I’m eating.
I’m actually gaining muscle I’m actually losing weight. I am not
hungry at all and the food is tasty so it really shows that it is a
diet but it’s a really beneficial diet because it fills you up you don’t get hungry you know and that the difference in my energy levels now to
back on week one where had to adjust the sugar that I had in my diet, get rid
of that, is… well it’s a joy to eat and it’s a joy to be alive at the moment
whereas week one is a bit with this bit of a bind Now, that might not be the same for everyone
but for me it didn’t really affect me because i think it highlighted the
amount of sugar that I had in my diet that I really didn’t need there is no weighing. It’s a really simple
diet you don’t have to get the scales out it’s done on portion control which
is appropriate to that that client that, that individual ok So let’s make a smoothie! So what I’m going to do for the carbs,
I’ve cut up an apple Bang there’s your carbs. For protein I’m
going to use Sunwarrior Classic protein vanilla flavored, really nice so scoops
in I’m also going to stick some mixed seeds in they so you get some good fats in your body I’m gonna stick some ice in loads of
greens are going to use spinach today sometimes I use Kale, I use it a bit of both sometimes broccoli. A little bit of water
get top on away we go Let’s get it in a cup. That’s actually really nice with the vanilla, it does make what
doesn’t look like either Kermit blended or grass tastes very nice This is what I’ve eaten today. This
is not a reflection of everything you eat in the diet, this is a
reflection of what I’ve eaten today which falls in line with my phase of my nutrition at
the moment. For breakfast I had an egg white omelette for the protein I had ground rice with some mixed
vegetables in there, stir fried that in a pan with some spinach and some
asparagus, put some chili in it is really tasty and it filled me right up to when I
had my mid-morning shake which you saw me make and that was really good then for lunch I had sweet potato tuna
and shards which I stir fried with some chili and it was very tasty again. Then
that would keep me going until after my workout where I’m gonna have a post workout shake
and then this evening I’m gonna have another meal which is
going to be I think tonight cod with rice and kale That’s nutrition, well that’s my
nutrition that’s what I’ve eaten today I hope you realise that you can eat really well
on the a12 and it really does fill you up and it
really does boost your energy so please subscribe please come back in
two weeks and we’ll talk some more

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