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What Is the Difference Between Calcium Citrate and Calcium Carbonate

What is the difference between calcium citrate and calcium carbonate should I supplement with calcium citrate or calcium carbonate if you are reading this I assume that you have decided to start supplementing your diet with calcium and are wondering which form of calcium supplements you should choose calcium carbonate and calcium citrate are both common and mostly safe products for oral supplement a shun there are however some subtle differences which are not so obvious so what is the difference between calcium citrate and calcium carbonate when used as a dietary supplement let’s start by briefly discussing the properties of each form and then compare them with regard to Bio availability and digestive comfort what is calcium citrate calcium citrate is a form of calcium that is composed of calcium ions caught two plus and citrate I and switches and ionized version of citric acid the formula for citrate is see 685-0703 and the chemical formula of calcium citrate is caught three see 6H507 to 00 calcium citrate can be found in nature it is most often produced industrially by combining citric acid with calcium hydroxide which then precipitates to solid calcium citrate this calcium citrate is then pressed into pills or encapsulated as a dietary supplement when digested the citrate group reverts back to citric acid in the stomach leaving the calcium ions to be absorbed in the digestive tracts citric acid is a safe and harmless compound in suitable concentrations it is found in nature in all citrus fruits even in somewhat high concentrations a dry weight of lemons for example is about 8% citric acid and there are about 47 g slash Ellen the liquid juice citric acid is also an intermediary of the citric acid cycle and important biochemical mechanism which occurs in all organisms that require oxygen for life and growth what is calcium carbonate calcium carbonate is the most common naturally occurring form of calcium minerals the main component of limestone calcium carbonate is produced in massive quantities by mining limestone and then industrially extracting the calcium carbonate from the limestone this calcium carbonate is then pressed into pills or encapsulated as a dietary supplement calcium carbonate is composed of a calcium eye and caught two plus and a carbonate Diane Seo 32 when digested the carbonate group reacts with stomach acid turning into water and carbon dioxide leaving the calcium eye and behind to be absorbed in the digestive tracts calcium carbonate is also the most used calcium dietary supplement due to its ready availability and price comparing the Bio availability of calcium citrate and calcium carbonate the Bio availability of calcium carbonate and calcium citrate is about the same while calcium carbonate is a cheaper choice however Bio of ale ability is typically calculated from equal amounts of calcium digested since calcium citrate has a lower mass percentage of calcium then calcium carbonate you will need up to twice the weight of calcium citrate to get the same amount of calcium as opposed to calcium carbonate also calcium carbonate acts as a base in the acidic stomach fluids and can neutralize them to some extent while calcium citrate has no effect on the stomachs acidity levels this neutralization property of calcium carbonate can cause some acid reflux and discomfort as such people with delicate stomachs or problems with stomach acid could feel some discomfort if supplementing with calcium carbonate and between these two choices should choose to use calcium citrate however another form of calcium which is extracted from Ronald she has been shown scientifically to be secure ear to other forms of calcium minerals in regards to Bio availability and overall benefits unfortunately read algae calcium can have a similar effect on stomach acid as calcium carbonate but if read algae calcium is taken with food it should alleviate such discomfort to some extent is not altogether some final thoughts having explained the main differences of these mineral supplements you should also consider if you really need calcium supplement a shun large groups of people are supplementing with minerals without there being a true need for them and in some cases this can cause them health problems down the line now if you are suffering from osteoporosis or some form of chronic calcium deficiency then calcium supplement a shun is most likely both useful and necessary if therein is on the other hand no immediate medical reason to supplement with calcium it is probably best to simply eat more broccoli or some other vegetable which is rich in calcium or just drink milk in the end you should at least discuss it with your Dr. or some medical professional significant calcium supplement a shun has been shown to have some detrimental effects such as increased risk of heart attack to name something it is therefore reasonable to seek advice

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